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Poem About Remembering A Lover

I am 15 years old and love poetry just like my mom. I wrote this poem for my aunt/my mother and her first true love. She was head over heels for this guy and cried over him for years! One night, as I sat and watched her cry, I wrote her this poem, while I was dying inside.

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There was this new guy in class. Me being the shy and reserved girl, I didn’t try to speak to him, though I had a huge crush on him. One day he came up to me, asking for my notes. After that,...

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Once Upon A Love


Published by Family Friend Poems August 2010 with permission of the author.

What we have is something new,
Our love for each other has always been true.
We met in a very uncertain way,
but if it wasn't for that,
I wouldn't know you today.

You're my life, my world, my everything indeed
Our love just keeps growing like a sunflower seed.
What we had, I cannot explain,
but you never argued and never complained.

We laughed, we cried, we put so much in store.
We'll hold our memories in our hearts forevermore.

Over the years, we fell apart,
but I'm hoping one day,
we'll have a new start.

So as time goes by and others come through,
I still remember our love
and everything about you.


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  • Varsha by Varsha
  • 1 year ago

There was this new guy in class. Me being the shy and reserved girl, I didn’t try to speak to him, though I had a huge crush on him. One day he came up to me, asking for my notes. After that, we hung around together, talking about random stuff. I don’t know how my crush turned into love. I thought he liked me too. Guess I misread him. The school prom was nearing. I was excited. I thought he would ask me. Five days to go, but still not confirmation from him. I thought maybe he was nervous, like me, so I asked him, “Who are you taking to prom?” Guess what he said. “I am not. I have stuff to do.” He sounded odd. I was disappointed, but he was busy. Days after the prom he stops hanging out with me. I see him with this girl, holding hands. I asked a friend of his. She was his date to the prom. He asked her out that night after they won the prom king and queen. He lied. That was the last time I spoke to him in high school.

  • Ellie by Ellie
  • 7 years ago

This is so amazing! I'm 12, and I'm in love with this guy who lives in the state rival to mine (football) and he loves me back. Our relationship has been rocky, and I love him for always being there for me. He broke up with me to date another girl, and the feeling is unholy, to put it plainly. He then broke up with her and got back together with me. I can never forgive him for what pain he caused me, but I won't let him go a second time. This poem is lovely, thanks for sharing it!!!

  • Keara by Keara
  • 8 years ago

I love my boyfriend and he is always there when I need him in my life. When I cried he would hold me in his arms and when he says he will never leave me or hurt because he cares about me. When I start having a nightmare he said I'm not going to leave you I promise you that no matter what and I'm here for you baby. I'm not going to let nobody hurt you and I told him that I love him no matter what happens we would always be together forever and ever.

  • Kim by Kim
  • 8 years ago

hi, I'm 16 years old. when I was 12 I fell in love with this boy. and our love grew stronger by the minute. We would spend every single evening together and he made me happy even when I am trying to ignore him. We lived happily with struggles of course. I lived with my grandma at that time and so I was considered "spoiled". I loved this guy to death only to know that he had a girlfriend. I was so devastated but I kept up with the challenge we have broken up so many times and still kept on. Now I am 16 and we broke up a few days ago. Because he got this girl pregnant, I really love him and he does too but he keeps messing up so I give up.
sad ending.

  • April Jeannette by April Jeannette
  • 8 years ago

I had my first love when I was 16 and he tore my heart out and now we don't speak anymore. I still see him sometimes but he doesn't speak to me anymore. I cry when I see him.

  • Stephanieww by Stephanieww
  • 9 years ago

Hi am 17 years old and am already engaged to my dream boy <3 were turning 2 years in May 2014 . It's kind of funny how we met. We met through Facebook lol but I don't regret nothing, he's the guy that's been with me through thick and thin he makes me smile when am sad he's there when I need a shoulder to cry on, he's just my fiancé and bestfriend. We may have our down but we makeup and move on. I just cant thank god enough for putting him in my life. I love him with all my heart and soul<3

  • Jacob Yorres by Jacob Yorres, Clifton Park
  • 11 years ago

Hey I'm 16 and all I can say is this is a great poem sounds just like my relationship. I've been dating the same girl for a year now and I could not imagine dating someone else. I love her a lot. All I can say is when you get that one person don't let them go cause you'll never get that chance ever again. Hold them close and love them unconditionally until you can't anymore. Love is a connection that binds two people together and if there is no connection then it was not meant to be, but don't worry it takes time to find that one person and when you do tell them what they mean or how you feel about them and protect them and provide guidance and love. Thanks for this poem it made me realize some things.

  • Angela Myers by Angela Myers, WV
  • 12 years ago

I'm 13 years old now turning fourteen years old. I love it the way it flows together ,and at the end it's tied in to a nice bow tie at the end.

  • Sabree by Sabree, Oklahoma City OK
  • 12 years ago

I'm 16 years old. I had my first love when I was very young, around the age 12, me and this guy were friends, like best friends. He was awesome he always knew how to make me smile. Well we had a lot of ups and downs. He cheated a few times and I always swore to myself I would never take him back for the pain he had caused me. A few years passed and we weren't speaking, the only problem was I had no choice. His parents didn't care about him so he came and lived with me and my aunt, so I'm sure plenty of you know it was very hard not to speak to him. Plus the fact he always makes me laugh when I'm mad or sad. Anyways now I'm 16 and we are back together. He was my first love and I couldn't resist but to give him another chance. He swore he wouldn't ever hurt me again. I kept his word and so far he has done very good. We are back together and living together. I love this boy with every thing in me. 2-14-10 Is when we got back together I love this boy and I know he loves me too.

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