Dream Poem

Dreaming Of A Better World

Our world can be harsh and cruel at times with all its trials and tribulations. I often dream of a better world; this is my interpretation.

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Only A Dream

John P. Read © more by John P. Read

Published: July 3, 2020

I'm living in my own little world.
I'm happy there, it's okay.
It's much more fun than the real one,
For the sun shines every day.

It's a world with no hate or sorrow.
In my world there is no pain.
There's no rich, no poor, no kings or queens.
In my world only our Lord reigns.

It's a world of many colours,
A world where everyone's free.
It's a world of love and harmony,
A world of compassion and tranquility.

I know my world's not the real one.
It's only my world of make-believe.
But it's a world I often visit,
If it's only in my dreams.


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