Death Of Lover Poem

This poem is about the death of my Beloved Anne, who died suddenly from a spiked drink at a party. The drugs Anne consumed caused her to have major organ failure; Anne was in and out of a coma till she passed. After Anne's cremation I took her ashes to her favourite beach and had my last swim with my sweet heart who I loved so much. We were so close, and we shared so much, our love, our hearts, our bodies, I will miss Anne so much. Rest in peace my Love...

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Our Last Swim

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Published: November 2010

For my beloved Anne Mary Simon

An Image of you in a cloud rolls by
The sky opens up, somewhere in my mind
A vision of you in a pale blue dress
Tears falling down, you took my breath
Memories of you . . .

Rain will always hide these tears in my eyes
When the thunder laughs my soul will die
Will I hear your voice?
Will I touch your skin?
Will the ocean waves let me in?

The time is near, the time is nigh
To answer the call, to answer the cry
My head still spins, my body aches
The wind stings my eyes, my face
I look around, no one's there
Will anybody notice, will anyone care . . .

I sit on this beach, your beach
I see the waves roll in endlessly
I hold you tight against my bosom
Tears fill my eyes as I see you running into the ocean
You are laughing and so happy
Memories of you . . .

It's time to take our final swim
My eyes fill with tears
I can't move, but I must
You are waiting for me
My legs ache, my body is frozen
You are calling me, "come swim Renee' "
Memories of you...

I feel the warm ocean lapping at my feet
I slowly walk deeper, and deeper
Still holding you so tight
"Please don't leave me!"
I desperately cry
Stay with me a while longer
Don't leave me yet
I am holding you so tight

I feel you touch my face
I feel your loving embrace
I see your warm smile
"Please Anne, stay a while"
I see the last glitter of your eyes

Opening the urn, I see you leap and dive
I see you swimming around me
Why are you so pale and grey?
Then the reality strikes deep into my heart
This is our last swim together

Why are you smiling?
Why are so happy?
Why do you want to leave me so quickly?
Why? Why? Why?

Walking from the water
I turn to look for you
I catch a glimpse of you
You look so happy my love
Then my heart skips a beat
I see you wave then turn away
Swimming and having fun
Memories of you...

Sitting on the beach
Watching the ocean
Knowing that you'll always be happy now
I will visit you soon my beloved Anne
Soon we'll swim together again

Rest in Peace my sweet love
Rest in Peace



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