Loving Poem about Family

Pain Of The World

How do I bear the pain of the world? How can I hold it all inside of me?

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Inside Of Me


Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006 with permission of the Author.

If you could see inside of me
I wonder what you'd think.
Would you ask the question,
Oh how can this be?
This Sister so confident
Whose opinions we seek as each day is spent
Whose mind you'd love to see inside - to understand the pain she hides
Everywhere you'd see a bag.
Her heart looks like a tattered rag.  Each one would hold a part of the past. I wonder how she managed to last
Last this long- I wonder how.
There's another one - I see it now.  Worn and torn and tattered rags.
Oh so many - so many bags.
There's one for her sisters, and one for her brothers.
And yes, there's even one for her mother.
She carries a bag for everyone
Bears the pain - no matter what they've done.
Takes it with her wherever she goes.  Her family - no ordinary Joes
This Black Woman
She loves too much
Everyone around looks for her touch
To be ready to hear her out
Explain what this life is all about.
Oh well- she loves them too much
They look to her to pick them up
They've got a problem
drop it in her cup
This Black Woman - so strong and bold
Give it to her - she's willing to hold
To hold your grief
Oh what a relief
To Hold your pain
With no disdain
She loves them to much to turn them away
So she carries it all for another day
If you could see Inside Of Me
I wonder what you'd think
Would you ask the question
Oh how can This Be?


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