Teen Pregnancy Poem

Please Make This One The Last

I wrote this poem after my sister had her third miscarriage. I really love her and I know she wants another baby but I just don't think she is ready for another. So I wrote this poem to her to let her know how I feel about her situation and hopefully she can just learn to live life happily with the one daughter that she does have.

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Why Another Miscarriage

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Published: May 2010

All you can do is just sit there and cry,
Why did you just let it die?
To you it's just another miscarriage,
just like the other times at your younger ages.

Did you ever think maybe,
that you could have really loved this baby?
You should have stopped all the bad stuff,
and shown the baby all your love.

I know that it really hurt you,
but it also hurt other people too.
We all know the pain you go through,
but we feel it too because we love you.

I know it's not the first,
and you feel like your heart might burst.
I know it all happens so fast,
But can you please make this one the last?

In your heart I find a big tear,
but I know how much you really care.
I really wish that I could be there,
so I can help you when life's not being fair.

So how does it feel,
does it seem fake, or all too real?
It could be possibly, maybe,
you're just not ready for another baby.

Well it's all real alright,
so love your daughter you have now, and hold her tight.
You never know when her life will end,
Too many times, its already happened.



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