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My name is Aly. I am 15 years old. I grew up severely abused by my father and am still neglected by my mother. I sometimes find it hard to keep hope, especially when the tears come at night. But if there is one thing I know, no matter how many nightmares I have, the sun will always come up in the morning. Do not lose your hope. It is like the gas pedal on a car. It is the only thing that keeps you going, and the more weight you put on it, the faster you will go.

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I was physically and mentally abused from the age of 10 all the way to 17. I tried to tell people what was going on, the beatings, the screaming, and neglect, but no one would listen. After a...

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I Am Sorry


Published by Family Friend Poems March 2011 with permission of the Author.

You wanted me to be your little girl
You wanted me to see you as my world
You wanted me to be all I could be
I wanted you to open your eyes and see

The bruises on my arms were not love
The pain in my eyes was not relief
Blood stained the white feathers of the dove
And she did not mourn, but she grieved

My childhood was dust in the wind
By the time I was four
It was over with
The moment you shoved me into that door

But Daddy, I am sorry
I am sorry I wasn't everything you wanted
I am sorry I made you mad
I am sorry for being so bad

I took the beatings for my brother
because you didn't see he had already given up
I carried the burden of pain for my mother
because you didn't see she was already shriveled up

Please God, set me free
Take these bruises from me
Please take away the breath of life
Oh, God, let me drop this knife

Heaven cannot set me free
It is not ready for me
I have suffered much in this life
but help does not come in the form of a knife

I will live
I will breathe
I will stand tall
And for myself, I will not fall

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  • Chiyo Higurashi by Chiyo Higurashi
  • 7 years ago

I was physically and mentally abused from the age of 10 all the way to 17. I tried to tell people what was going on, the beatings, the screaming, and neglect, but no one would listen. After a while I started getting abused at school too. My grades dropped and I lost the will to live. I began lashing out at everyone. I ran away from my father. My mother took me in but the abuse started there to. She was the one to finally break me. She said, "This is not your home and we are not your family, so don't get comfortable!" That was the night I overdosed. I had no one in the world who cared for me. I woke up in the hospital, and DHS took me away from my mother. I have flashbacks of the things they have done to me. The doctors said I have anxiety disorder, PTSD, and some depression disorder. I was terrified of the dark and people and crowds and honestly was the happiest when I was all alone (still am today). I'm never really going to heal from these wounds. I still hide behind fake smiles.

  • Theresa Maria Sosa by Theresa Maria Sosa
  • 7 years ago

I can relate. I am 13 and have been getting everything except for sexual abuse but am scared to go near any adults. My sibling and parents are doing it to me, but cps doesn't believe me. Nobody does. I am stuck and all alone.

  • Frisk Dreemurr by Frisk Dreemurr
  • 7 years ago

Hi! I sleep on the bare floor, nearly get murdered daily, and get insulted. I also have autism...

  • Mylee by Mylee, Oklahoma
  • 10 years ago

When I started 4th grade, I met an awesome girl on the bus who was also in my class. We became friends. Soon after we met she told me her mom hits her. I was scared out of my mind. She warned me not to tell because she was scared she would end up in the same foster home as her brother. I kept quiet for awhile, but eventually I couldn't take it. Another friend and I told the school guidance counselor but she didn't believe us! She said she'd take care of it if anything was going on at all and to go back to class.
One day the abused girls mom pulled her out of school and told her they were moving but wouldn't say where. I haven't seen my friend since.

  • Annalisa by Annalisa
  • 11 years ago

My mother was always sick. She got to the point where she was falling over in pain. I had never known my father and so I found him online. I was hoping that he would take care of me since my mother could not. When I got to his house he treated me so nice. As the months go by he started to be mean to me and hit me even harder. He didn't know and probably wouldn't care that I was suffering from cancer and bipolar disorder. Soon his girlfriend would hit me when I walked by. I started to hide in my room more often and began cutting myself and hiding from people at school. I was always scared and tried to tell some one but my mom would never hear it. I felt scared and alone. I started getting in fights at school, cussing out my teachers, cutting on my wrists at school. I soon began smoking and drinking at the age of ten. After two whole years I finally got my mom to take me back. I felt that next time I got a studded belt across my face I would kill myself. My mom didn't ever tell my dad she was keeping me until it was already done. Soon with help from my mother I quit drinking cutting and smoking. What I learned was to never give up, and in bad times just pray.

  • Sammi by Sammi, Las Vegas
  • 11 years ago

When I was 8 I lived in Florida with my dad. He took a metal bat to my back and made me sleep on metal bars. My little brother was only 5 and every day I would hide the tears so that he wouldn't see how bad it hurt me. Today he told me that when I got beat he cried his heart out because he saw the pain in my eyes. It breaks my heart knowing that my little brother would be so sad. I wish I could change the past but I can't so I will forever have this mark on my back until it's time for me to leave this earth. I love my brothers and they made my life brighter by telling me that I can make it through anything. If it wasn't for my little brother calling 911 we would still be living with my dad and I would still get beat.

  • Tabatha Noble by Tabatha Noble
  • 11 years ago

Hi I'm tabby when I was a young girl my mother would physically and mentally abuse me, she had got involved with drugs. She forgot about her kids that she once loved and started to abuse them. One of them being me... One time I was going on a visit with my dad and when I got back I got picked up by my throat and held up on a wall.

  • Charlene by Charlene, New Hamburg
  • 12 years ago

When I was younger I was abused as well and this story fits what happened to me exactly, this touched me in such a way that it empowered me. Thank-you to Aly, for writing this poem, and I'm glad that you did not take your life, to be honest, I was thinking of taking my own life and then I read this. You are a true blessing.... God Bless You!!!<3

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