Wife Death Poem

To My Late Wife

The poem describes the day we met, our life together and our sad parting

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Prospect Tower


Published by Family Friend Poems March 29, 2024 with permission of the Author.

The moon wasn't full, the stars weren't bright
I held you close, but it wasn't at night
At the top of a tower, on a rainy day
I kissed you because I had no words to say.

On that day, in that place, in the wet and the cold
For the price of a bowl of soup and a roll
A lifetime of love and caring was set
When I fluttered gently into your net.

The years have been kind to your face and your figure
You are my Piglet and I am your Tigger
Off on the great adventure of life
Facing the world as husband and wife.

I loved every day that we spent together
Company, love, conversation and weather
Surely fate was in play on the day that we met
And one thing is sure. It's not over yet.

We made the best of the time that we had
Living and sharing the good and the bad
And now life is over let us not die in vain
Let's meet again at the top of that tower
And kiss, and hug
And do it all over again.


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