Children Poem

Reasons To Wake Each Day And Smile

This poem is about 3 little life savers... My children. Without even trying, they saved me from the dark clouds of depression. Nothing the doctor prescribed could ever compare to the realization of the wonderful things I had already.

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Learning To Fly


Published: January 2009

All these feelings make it hard to breathe
I pray to just feel numb.
But no amount of praying
Will make the sunshine come.

The self pity seems to choke me
And I don't put up a fight
Because no amount of resistance
Could ever make things right.

I've fell so far I feel it,
The gravel on my knees.
I've lost my voice from shouting,
These constant, teary pleas.

I hide away to keep me safe
To avoid the reasons why
The feelings that with each new day,
Just won't seem to die.

Sleep is now my savior,
It hides me from the truth.
Shelters me away you see,
Saves my innocence, my youth.

Searching for the reasons,
To explain away the bad.
Saw me look so many times,
Past those I always had.

I see these three small faces
Concerned but frightened too.
The tears I tried so hard to hide,
But still they saw, I knew.

A simple word
A gentle smile
Dissolves my pain
The bitter bile.

All this time I searched in vain
I thought something was missing.
A thousand smiles I missed a day
A wasted lifetime wishing.

I have three beautiful reasons,
To wake each day and smile.
The smallest things that make me proud,
The list would stretch a mile.

I love how they are beautiful,
To look at and to know.
The beauty they have in their hearts,
I'm truly privileged to know.

They will never know they saved you,
Or how you owe them oh, so much.
They're sleeping when you thank God...
For these Angels, and their touch.


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