Cancer Poem by Teens

This poem was very enlightening for me, having read thousands of cases of cancer and stories about people's struggle, even some cases in my family makes it really close to my heart.

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She's A Survivor


Published: June 2018

She opens her eyes to a new day
A new beginning for some
But for her it's the same fight
The same battle in her mind
But today there's a change
Today she is determined
Today she has made up her mind
That she is going to rise over it
As she gets ready for the day
She puts a bandana on her bald head
As she moves out from the room
To her driveway
A school bus passes her by
As she wishes to ride it someday
But for now it's going to be her mom's car
That she enters with a sad smile
Her mother smiling back at her
As she drives her to the same place
Those pale walls which are now too familiar
She goes towards the ward
As a nurse seats her on the bed
Then she changes in those hospital scrubs
As the nurse prepares her drip
She inserts a needle in her hand
The nurse's hands handling the bag,
Are covered with thick gloves
The same bag,
From which the fluid flows into her bare veins
Her session ends as she wakes up from sleep
And changes back into her clothes
As she promises to come back the next day
She walks out of the hospital
And again that yellow bus passes her by
And now she doesn't wish but she knows
She'll be on it someday
And that gives her the hope
To survive another day...!


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