Heartbreak Poem by Teens

Poem About Your Crush Liking Someone Else

Teenagers often get heartbroken...and some of them want to tell it to that person, but they can't...so they express it with a poem. This poem is for everyone out there whose heart is breaking today...

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This poem hit so hard that I was in tears by the end of it because it hurts so much. I'm in love with my ex, and we dated 2 and a half years ago when we were really dumb and immature. We...

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Smiling But Dying


Published by Family Friend Poems September 2013 with permission of the Author.

Today as I went home,
even if I'm with my friends, I feel so alone.
Thinking of you made me feel so blue,
for you love her, and I'm in love with you.

This heartache makes me want to cry,
but instead of tears, I express it with a sigh,
for I don't want them to see
that I'm crying, because I'm falling for you badly.

"It's just a little crush," that's what I say,
but it's making a big hole when I see you every day,
for when I follow your stare, it leads to her,
and sometimes, I feel like tears are going to make my vision blur.

I know it's pathetic, but when you talk to me
I feel so pleased and happy,
but still, I know that you're not going to love me
'cause your heart belongs to her completely.

You're just a fantasy,
and you'll never love me in reality.
I know that someday you're just going to be a memory
that I will remember when I'm lonely.

But someday is not yet today.
It still is far, far away,
but I wish you'll notice anyway
that my heart is breaking,
and even though I'm smiling,
just look in my eyes,
and you'll see that I'm dying.


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  • Mason Rose by Mason Rose
  • 1 month ago

I feel alone when I'm with my friends, even if they included me in everything, they don't know I'm heartbroken or that I cry myself to sleep or that I cut myself, that's why I wear my sweater 24/7 even when it's 90° outside. Because they don't see the real me, they see the fake smile that I put on over the dying inside face, but I don't wanna tell you guys, 'cause then you'll say that I'm faking it for attention but that's not true, you say that just because I lied about one thing meanwhile you lie about a bunch of stuff, but do you hear me complaining? no, no you don't, 'cause i say quiet as a mouse, so that's why I feel alone, and you still wonder why.

  • Tendai Ray by Tendai Ray
  • 3 years ago

This poem hit so hard that I was in tears by the end of it because it hurts so much. I'm in love with my ex, and we dated 2 and a half years ago when we were really dumb and immature. We continued to be friends after that, and it was only when he started seeing another girl when I realized I still loved him. No, our relationship or friendship was not toxic and we cared for each other a lot. By the time I realized my true feelings for him, it was far too late to tell him. It's been 2 months now and they're so happy together that I would never try and break that apart. I just want him to be happy. :)

  • Good Guy by Good Guy
  • 4 years ago

I have a crush on this girl. She always knew it. I talked with her and made jokes, but after a few months on Valentine's Day, she goes with this guy who she's never talked to before. My friends try to avoid me seeing her with her new boyfriend and they tell me I should get over her. But every day and night I think of her. I dream of her and she's the only one who makes me feel free and happy. My friends always say there are more fish in the sea or more girls out there. What they don't know is that there is only one her. Most girls hurt guys feeling without knowing it. It's like I always tell them, "Good guys finish last."

  • Heart Mix by Heart Mix
  • 4 years ago

I like a senior in my high school, and I'm a freshman in that school. Every time I see him, my heart starts pounding hard, but I know that this love is wrong because he's older than me and my family would just disapprove of it. Another problem is that my parents know him because he plays lacrosse with my brother, and his sister is my friend. It's just that I'm scared that if I tell him he will laugh at me and our friendship is gonna be over.

  • Brianna Myers by Brianna Myers
  • 4 years ago

I have a crush on my brother's friend, but he has a girlfriend. I see him every day at school, and I just want to cry.

  • Cassandra West by Cassandra West
  • 5 years ago

My crush plays with my feelings. He refuses to talk to me in front of others but talks to me when he's by himself. He went to a party with other girls, and I am scared that he might choose them over me. I don't know why he's ashamed of me. It hurts so much I wish I could be with him as I'm graduating college soon and he won't see me anymore. I have to tell him before it's too late. I'm dying inside.

  • Jordan by Jordan
  • 6 years ago

I have a crush on this girl and she said she loved me. We dated for a day, but then she broke it off because she didn't want to break my heart. But then one month later she dates someone she was trying to get over and who lives an hour away, and I just don't know what to do because it hurts me every time I see her, but it makes me so happy inside talking to her. I want to tell her how I feel (that I'm heartbroken) but I don't want to make her feel bad about it.

  • David by David
  • 6 years ago

I have a crush on her. I have for like 6 months, and when I finally talk to her, she says she has a boyfriend and keeps talking about him. It kills me!

  • Dan Skinner by Dan Skinner
  • 7 years ago

I was perusing various topics of various poems, looking with increasing anxiety for one I could use for my English paper, when I stumbled across this one. My teacher "strongly" suggests we choose a topic we care strongly about, and I'd say I'm fairly chill on most things and don't particularly care to the extreme on many things, but recently a girl I liked ended up falling for another guy... and it just hurt a lot. So here we are. This poem hits the feelings. I hate and love it.

  • Precious Nadia by Precious Nadia
  • 9 years ago

You really wrote my mind. But now I am trying to forget him. Only if guys knew how we felt

  • That Guy by That Guy
  • 8 years ago

Guys know how you girls feel, I'm a guy, and that poem, just described me. Before I read this poem, my thought was "Only if girls knew how we felt."

  • Tutu by Tutu
  • 9 years ago

Wow, you took everything that I was feeling and wrote it down on paper:) I have a crush on this guy, just a tiny little crush, but I wish I didn't, I have never really been one to be asked out or be recognized by guys and so like usual got my heart broken again, without him realizing. I just wish I was much more outgoing and could step out of my shell, then maybe I will be noticed by guys and will not feel so alone.

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