School Poem

Poem About The Chapter In Life Called High School

This poem is about the painful years of my high school career. This poem just shows that you never know what someone is going through. You never know what they go home to, if they even have a home to go to. You don't know the story behind someone else's attitude. Instead of judging people and thinking that they're bad people, talk to them. Read the story before you judge the title.

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That Sidewalk


Published: June 2014

When you look at that sidewalk
What do you see?

I see
A chapter in my life story.

You may see danger.
I see my reflection
Filled with so much anger.

When I see that sidewalk
I see
An item of which I have stared
As I've walked so many times, as the pain I had to bear.

I see
That sad freshman girl
Who is as pretty as a pearl

With a mind so sick and rare
She screams out for help
But no one's there.

She's made out to be a person so bad
But little do they know
She goes home to a terminally ill dad
And a mother who's driven mad.

When I see that sidewalk
I see
The concrete and bricks
Of which I've tripped
And fell.

I see some secrets
That I'll never tell.

When I look at that sidewalk
This is what I see.

When you look at that sidewalk
What do you see?



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