School Poem

Poem About School Anxiety And Depression

I struggle every single day to go to school. I get really bad anxiety and depression. I feel so alone and have spent many of my recess and lunch times in a bathroom stall. Friends aren't really friends. No one in school is worth knowing afterwards, and it suffocates me. I am so sad.

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The System Of An Un-Natural Society


Published: July 2014

We wake up every morning
and somehow get ourselves out of bed.
Some teens receive a blessing
to get through the day ahead.

Blessing or not, we're all so confused,
Staring at the chalkboard and feeling misled.
We talk too much to keep ourselves amused.
The teacher looks us and says, "You're an airhead."

We sit alone the next period,
Watching the clock.
"Please make the bell go," I plead.
Tick tock, tick tock.

The anxiety we feel takes control of our bodies.
We don't feel real when we become so heavy.
It lies in the midst of our pain, and everything turns messy.
Our minds play a game called going insane.

A boy eats his apple in the bathroom stall.
Two girls spend lunch together, but friends,
Well, they wish they had more,
While a group of snobby teens acts like they have it all.

We step off the bus and mimic the girl in front.
We pretend judgment is harmless,
So we brush it off with a long grunt,
But actually we're just heartless.

When we walk through the doors we feel so distant.
There's either silence or too many questions.
It's like we can eat at the table and still be absent.
We've run out of patience and carry too many burdens.

I'm not sure if any of us can pinpoint the day it started.
We've become so restless and too broken-hearted.
Maybe it was the first day of high school
Where kids ridicule and we lose our identity.
It must be the system of an un-natural society.


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