Fear Poem by Teens

Verbal And Emotional Abuse From Dad

I wrote this poem because my dad is hard to live with and I have so much anger bottled up inside of me. I wish I didn´t have these feelings because he is still my dad and I love him regardless of how he treats me. Once in a while I do hear nice things from him, but mostly he has harsh words for me.

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The Dark Man At The Door


Published: March 2017

The man at the door,
I fear his every word,
For they pierce my heart
Like he stabbed it with a sword.

Staying calm
Is such a joke.
Staying quiet
Will make me choke.

The hate and screams
Come with a price.
The words that fly
Have never been nice.

I cry and cry,
For my heart has been shattered.
I feel broken and bruised,
Beaten and battered.

Wishing I could hear
That I've done a good job.
Instead I get told
That I am a snob.

A horrible child
That gets put down.
Each day ends with his
Face in a frown.

I´ll never be good enough
To please him, I see.
He will never stop
Being so mean to me.

I am scared and alone
My spirit is poor,
For I am always fearing
The dark man at the door.


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