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The poem "The Door of Dreams" by Jessie Belle Rittenhouse explores the theme of missed opportunities and the transformative power of seizing the right moment. The narrator reflects on their past hesitations and missed chances to explore the possibilities presented by the Door of Dreams. The open door symbolizes opportunities and aspirations that the narrator has previously overlooked. However, on one fateful day, the narrator discovers that the door is open, and this time, they encounter someone, "You," standing there. This encounter signifies a turning point where the narrator decides to take a chance and step through the door. The poem uses vivid imagery to convey the allure of the Door of Dreams and the significance of encountering someone who inspires them to take action. The repetition of the open door motif emphasizes the recurring opportunities in life, urging readers not to miss their chance for personal growth and fulfillment

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Famous Poem

The Door Of Dreams

By more Jessie B. Rittenhouse

I often passed the Door of Dreams
    But never stepped inside,
Though sometimes, with surprise, I saw
    The door was open wide.

I might have gone forever by,
    As I had done before,
But one day, when I passed, I saw
    You standing in the door.


more Jessie B. Rittenhouse

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