Hope Poem

The Friendship of a Man and a Teddy Bear

This poem is about the friendship of a man and a teddy bear.

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Paul Bear

© Wendy A. Darwin

Published on February 2006

Big brown eyes shine like polished wood
A button nose and red stitching offer a friendly smile
Little rounded ears listen to a little boy's words
Soft yellow fur makes a great pillow
Tiny arms hold a little boy's hand while stubby legs travel at the little boy's side
His stump of a tail becomes the new pull toy
With his presence a little boy's nightmares are kept at bay

One eye is dull and one eye is missing
A button nose hangs by a thread and the red stitching is gone
Little rounded ears still listen to the man's words
Dirty rough yellow fur has lost its softness
Tiny arms have been stretched thin and stubby legs have traveled many miles at the man's side
The stumpy tail is half gone thanks to tug-of-war games
His presence still keeps the man's nightmares at bay



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