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As a post abortive woman, I realize that the shame of my abortion kept me from revealing to others how an abortion really affected my life. It is our fear of admitting what we have done that separates us from God. If more women would come forward, we could reveal the truth about abortion and the lifelong pain it causes.

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Serena, I am so sorry that you're sad. I can hear it in your words. The pain you feel is valid and very real. You're so brave to express it. I'm praying for you right now. God is not mad at...

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The Gift Of Life


Published by Family Friend Poems August 2009 with permission of the Author.

I received a gift from a stranger,
A stranger I did not know.
I had heard his name before,
But just in passing, so I let it go.

I did not think it was a gift,
But rather a terrible burden.
They said it was nothing I wanted.
Of this they were certain.

I was told it was something bad
And more than I could bear.
No one mentioned it was precious.
It was as if they didn't care.

I sent the gift back to the stranger,
Where it came from up above.
If only I had met him sooner,
I would have seen the gift was made with love.

Instead, I treated the gift like it was nothing.
I quickly sent it back.
They told me I did the right thing,
But they left out an important fact.

See, the gift was made just for me by a stranger,
And God was his name.
I had never even noticed him,
Yet he loved me just the same.

He had created that precious gift.
Each piece he made by hand to my surprise,
And yet I didn't even see it.
My life was based on lies.

When I found out what the gift contained
And realized I had thrown it away,
I believed I would always suffer
And be punished every day.

But to my disbelief, that stranger,
Who I had ignored and turned away,
Created three more gifts for me
And sent them all my way.

I begged for his forgiveness.
I prayed and felt his love.
I wondered what had become of the first gift
Sent from above.

I later learned the gift would remain
With our loving God and then
I would meet my baby in heaven
And receive the gift again.

I have no fear that I will not know
Which gift was meant for me.
So many have been thrown away,
But mine I will surely see.

For I have dreamed of my little boy
Whose eyes were big and bright.
I will run right over to him,
And know him at first sight.

I will say, "Mommy loves you!"
I know that is how I'll start.
Then I will thank God for taking care of my baby
While we were so far apart.

If I could just help one person
See their gift contains such love
And that the life inside that little gift
Came from God above,

It would honor my precious baby,
Whose life was lost to a lie.
It would stop the suffering of another child
And a mother who would otherwise be too scared to try.


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  • Violet V by Violet V
  • 2 years ago

Oh, how beautiful! Thank you for sharing this with us. I'm so sorry you went through this and so glad you've experienced God's love and mercy. What a beautiful expression of your journey!

  • Cindy Gillette by Cindy Gillette
  • 5 years ago

My son's girlfriend is having a abortion not because she wants to but the baby is very deformed and don't have a chance of making it. I am having such a hard time going through this. I would like to know if any other grandmothers went through this and if there are any poems or words of wisdom to help me though. This is breaking my heart not only for me but my son and daughter-in-law also. Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

  • Simran by Simran
  • 6 years ago

I'm a college student. Last year in the blindness of love, I made a mistake and ended up pregnant. After a month and a half of pregnancy, I aborted my baby because I trusted my partner. After 7 months of the incident, I got pregnant again. Twenty-eight days later I lost my baby again. I love babies so much, and I'm feeling so much shame and guilt over what I did. I've been thinking about the pain that baby experienced, and my heart cries.

  • Thembeka Mzinyane by Thembeka Mzinyane
  • 6 years ago

My boyfriend forced me to have an abortion because he wasn't ready to be a father or to raise a kid, but the pain I'm feeling is terrible. Wish I could take it back, but I can't.

  • Heartless by Heartless
  • 6 years ago

I killed my baby twice. It wasn't easy for me. I had to kill myself from inside before killing you. Every day I live with the guilt that I couldn't save you. A mother's womb is the safest place in the world, but it wasn't for you. Please understand I was bound with the responsibilities that I had with me. Love you a lot...

  • Rose by Rose
  • 7 years ago

We already have 3 beautiful healthy living children who we raise happily, but they are so young and their father said we can't manage another one. He yelled, argued, and pushed me. His family even agreed abortion is the right option. At the time I didn't think about it- I just did it, but now months later I feel remorse, I feel deep pain. Abortion makes us lose our humanity, our soul. It's the devil's work. I will miss you every day.

  • Serena by Serena
  • 7 years ago

I had an abortion this very Monday and I went through a lot. I feel guilt and sadness. I cry, too, because I know I have committed a sin against God and humanity. I wish I got to know the sex of my child. I wish for so much. God forgive me, please. Mummy loves you, baby. I am so sorry.

  • Lydia by Lydia
  • 7 years ago

I am so sorry that you're sad. I can hear it in your words. The pain you feel is valid and very real. You're so brave to express it. I'm praying for you right now. God is not mad at you. He just wants to love you and know that He accepts you. Sins and all...and all sins. That's Who He is. The way you feel about your baby is so strong and so real. I feel it in your words. That same strong and real love is how God feels about you...and He wants only to love you and heal your little heart...I know it hurts because you want to express your love to your baby- I'm so sorry for you.

You asked God for forgiveness...and He did- at that very moment. He will not hold it over your head or punish you for it. He is love. He understands why you made the choice and now all He's concerned with is healing your heart from that loss.
In Jesus,

  • Mila_mj by Mila_mj, São Carlos, sP
  • 8 years ago

One of the most beautiful poems I've ever seen! Thanks for sharing your words and talent with us.

  • Brian by Brian
  • 8 years ago

Your poem touched me and brought me to tears. We had a down's syndrome child and I wanted my wife to carry it to term and give it up for adoption as the two other choices (abortion or keeping) would be unbearable. I've never asked so much of another person in my life! Thank God she went through with it and we found the most wonderful family who is taking care of our little girl and sharing an open adoption.

Of course it is still very difficult but she such a brave and wonderful woman. I respect and try to sympathize with her but I know she is suffering on a more visceral level than I could possibly imagine. Readers, please pray for couples like us who are strong enough to make the choice to adopt that our marriage will remain strong.

  • Nathalie by Nathalie, Northridge
  • 10 years ago

I deeply feel this way with my abortion. I deeply regret I can't believe I did such a thing ):

  • Nunik by Nunik, Ok
  • 10 years ago

I had an abortion twenty five years ago. Today my spirits are very low. I was 22, with my boyfriend for three years and we were not ready to have family. He suggested I have an abortion. When you love and care for someone, you should be unselfish and give them what they want. He said we were going to be together forever and we needed a second chance. After I had abortion he disappeared, vanished, without even saying goodbye. I was very upset and lost. What did I do wrong? I lost my baby and I lost my boyfriend. I have regretted this all my life. Pain and sorrow haunts me wherever I go.

  • Evelyn by Evelyn
  • 6 years ago

I know the pain of regret following an abortion. It is very hard to bear. There is help available and I found it so healing to contact www.rachelsvineyard.org. You will be surrounded by people who have had the same experience and who know your pain and have come through it. It's never too late to find the help you need. I did, over twenty years after my abortion. I still regret my decision, but the healing I received from Rachel's Vineyard helped me enormously. I wish you well and I pray for you and for all those hurt by abortion. Thank you for sharing your story.

  • Tricia Schield by Tricia Schield
  • 7 years ago

You have carried this sorrow so long! I hope you find redemption. I'm reading a book called A Grace Revealed (how God redeems the story of your life) by Jerry Sittser.
Two quotes from this book I would like to share with you:
"God loves you so much that he sent Jesus to die for you," and "It's not too late to become the woman that God designed you to be." These words were spoken by a women visiting the jail cell of the man who killed her brother some 25 years after her brother was killed. She had forgiven the man and felt God tell her to go visit him and speak these words. I think the same words are for you. I hope you find peace and a way to move forward to be all God intends for you. We are so hard on ourselves when we've fallen captive to sin. God wants you to be free.

  • Betsy by Betsy, Denver
  • 10 years ago

I'm 21 I was about 5 weeks pregnant I made my choice not to keep it. At that moment I felt relief, I thought of my career how important it was to me I could keep going with no extra stress. A day later I felt the pain I felt empty. I don't regret my choice for my career. I regret the choices I made as a person as a mom. I wonder if that makes sense to anyone else, but I will never forget this baby.

My little one mommy Loves you Please Forgive me for my choice it wasn't your fault, mommy is young, mommy was scared but you're Loved Forever

  • Brittnay by Brittnay
  • 11 years ago

I killed my baby at two months because a guy told me it was a good idea. Now everyday I regret my decision and wish I could take it back but I can't.

  • Anon. Ire. by Anon. Ire.
  • 12 years ago

I am not religious at all, I don't believe in a god or heaven but your poem is truely touching. I have been through a similar experience and live with grief nothing makes the pain go away but knowing that there are people like me out there makes me feel not so alone.

  • Comala666 by Comala666
  • 12 years ago

I had an abortion and it was a relief. I do not regret my decision and will fight for other women to have the opportunity to make THEIR own decisions about their body. Your grief is very valid. My joy at being able to abort and my relief are also valid.

  • Mariah by Mariah, AZ
  • 8 years ago

God you're sick-_-. That was a precious life you destroyed. That life was not given to YOU but given to the body you were carrying. Just because you are carrying life doesn't give you the right to take it away. That's not your choice. I can't stand pro-choice nut jobs.

  • Emma Watkiss by Emma Watkiss
  • 12 years ago

My Two lost Souls
I held your life in my hands
Your tiny hearts never knowing you fate
The choice I made was not with haste
But with sadness remorse a choice I hate
The guilt and pain will never go away I think of my angels on every date
Taking your life's ripped me apart and I will forever have a hole in my heart
If I could turn back time I would in an instance
But that's a choice I can not make
For me I got the gift I deserve the pain the guilt
My broken heart
For my babies I will never meet
mummy xxxx

  • Dorry Peter by Dorry Peter
  • 7 years ago

I had an abortion last week, and I regret it. We agreed to abort the baby because I was still stuck with school for 2 years and we were not allowed to be pregnant in the country I was studying. I really wanted to keep my baby and see him/her grow but we made a terrible mistake, God please forgive us. I can't sleep anymore, my boyfriend finished and went back home now and I am all alone. There is no one to talk to about it. I keep imagining my baby grown old and calling me mommy, we both regret it in our life and we are so sorry baby, may you please forgive us, we are so glad that God is looking after you and one day we will reunite in Heaven. We love you very much more than anything, God please forgive us and grant us other children to take care of. We will never do this again.
To every woman going thru this, just keep praying to God, he is a loving God and he will forgive you, those who are planning to abort your child, don't do it. No matter what the consequences.

  • Cathern by Cathern, Denver Colorado
  • 13 years ago

That was a beautiful poem I have had many friends that have had abortion after abortion and I have asked them not to but they just wouldn't listen to me because they are only 16 and 17. They still want to continue school and I even told them that they have many choices to choose for their baby. They could keep the baby or they could put it up for adoption. But that abortion should be only a last resort... I'm glad that you was able to come out and say what you have said in you beautiful poem. If you don't mind I'm going to use your poem to show them about how that a baby isn't only a human it is also a gift as you had said, and that they should cherish it.

  • Leeka by Leeka, Brisbane
  • 13 years ago

Hey there.
I am 21 years old, and found out I was pregnant about 2 weeks ago.
Sadly for me, I have been freaking out, the father is not with me, although he knows.
So I have been of mixed mind, not sure what to do.
I came on here to see other peoples stories, and when I found yours I began to cry.
So although I am not sure I will keep my child, I am now 100% sure that I will give it a life.
I realise there are 100's of people wanting children that can't have them, so maybe they will also find a gift in my child.

Thank you again.

  • Julie by Julie, PA
  • 13 years ago

I was so touched by this poem. I had an abortion October of 1996. I have never healed from my pain of having an abortion. My life has been built around the guilt and heartache of an abortion. No one told me the pain would never go away or hurt so bad. I also was told " I made the right choice". This poem is a reminder to me of God's love and I am not alone.

My little Angel was a gift from God and a gift from the love of two soul's great love for each other. But like the author of the poem our life was also based on lies. My life was so unstable and I was to scared and confused to give a child a life. Looking back now there is nothing in your life's struggles that could ever compare to the heartache and pain of an abortion.

To anyone who is considering abortion please try with every breath in you to give God's blessing of a child the gift of life.
Our sweet little angel we will one day hold you in our arms.
Mommy and Daddy love you......

  • Patty Laabs by Patty Laabs, Henderson Minnesota
  • 13 years ago

Thank you for sharing your story, I absolutely loved it, I became pregnant at 18 and kept my daughter. Now my daughter 34 years later had her first daughter, you are very brave to share your story. thank you again it gave me Goosebumps!!!
grandma of 4

  • Narayani by Narayani, Hyderabad
  • 13 years ago

I Like this poem very much. It really touched my heart. Every body must read this poem.
Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

  • Shella Marie by Shella Marie, Philippines
  • 13 years ago

What a lovely poem! I admire you for being so brave in admitting that you abort your baby and that you are so sorry for what you did. I hope women out there who are planning to do the same thing of aborting her precious baby will be able to read your poem. God bless you and your three other gifts from God. ^_^

  • Gisele Vincent-Page by Gisele Vincent-Page
  • 13 years ago

This poem brought back many memories of my friends who have had abortions. I remember sharing the pain of their decision. But it's important to remember, as you do do well in your poem, that forgiveness is a profound gift from God as well. Good writing

  • Monica by Monica, Houston
  • 13 years ago

I admire your courage to come forth at the risk of being judged. I know the Lord has forgiven you, all of us for our sins. We have to learn to forgive ourselves. Thank you for sharing your story, just remember you are not alone.

  • Cyndi by Cyndi, Nigeria
  • 13 years ago

This poem is so lovely, thanks for sharing and letting us know that God loves us so much and forgives us no matter the sins we commit.
I wish people would help us by telling the truth that babies are to be cherish no matter how they came,
thanks for such a lovely poems of hope

  • Phillip by Phillip, United States
  • 14 years ago

I loved this poem from the moment I read it. We have a presentation called Fine Arts at my school and I thought I would let you know I picked your poem to present.

  • Sheila by Sheila, Florida
  • 14 years ago

This story really touched me. Thanks for sharing this with the world.

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