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I fell pregnant when I was 18. I was at University and didn't know what to do for the best. It wasn't an easy decision to make--in fact, it was the hardest one that I have ever made, and I regret it every single day. I've never been through so much pain. I didn't think that I would be able to carry on, but I found the strength because I keep telling myself that I live for my baby now. R.I.P angel.

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Dear hole in my heart, A beautiful heartbeat, I wish to see you smile. Every day I wonder if you felt a thing. I try to hang on to what people say, that you were too small to feel any...

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Dear Baby Unborn


Published by Family Friend Poems June 2014 with permission of the Author.

Dear baby unborn,
You came out of the blue.
I took a pregnancy test,
And then I knew,

My world turned upside down.
Inside I could feel you;
It made me smile,
But part of me knew I couldn't keep you.

You became my world.
I would talk to you hour on hour.
I grew to love you.
I wished the decision was out of my power.

See, I wanted to be your mum,
I wanted to keep you safe,
I wanted to hold you close,
I wanted to be the one you depended on.
For a second I thought I could do it.
I thought I could be the one,
I thought I was ready for it,
But in just two days you were gone.

You see, mummy loved you
With every part of her heart,
But Mummy knew that we were better off apart
Because Mummy couldn't give you the life that you deserved.

There isn't a single day
Where Mummy doesn't wish that she could reach up
And grab you back down to earth,
Place you safely back in Mummy's tummy,
And show you how much you're worth.

Smiling is hard without you.
I grieve for you every day,
But this was my decision,
I chose to let you fly away,

Fly away with the angels,
And look down on me from up above.
Understand my decision, baby,
Wasn't done through a lack of love.

I loved all that you were, with every part of me.
That will never change,
You will always be my first,
My baby unborn at 65 days.


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  • Cassandra Mostert by Cassandra Mostert
  • 4 years ago

This poem reflects how I feel. I had mine 2 months ago at 9 weeks. I spent the 4 weeks where knew I was pregnant doing research and contacting lawyers and begging the dad to reconsider adoption because I couldn't live with this choice. Every single second I regret that I allowed him to pressure me into this because he couldn't live with adoption and promised we would have a child when we were ready, but he left me not even a month after. For the rest of my life I will regret telling him and not being strong enough to do whatever it took to keep my little Storm! No woman should ever consider abortion, especially if you have been against it, because you will not be able to find peace within yourself.

  • Sharon Luanne by Sharon Luanne
  • 5 years ago

I had one many years ago. It was awful. I feel bad, but I know I couldn't have done any different. I didn't even think of it as a baby; I saw it as a prison, a trap...I didn't want it. I was young, maybe 16. It was still illegal back then, but we figured out a way. Afterward, I got infected but healed. Over 50 years later, I have four grown children. I sometimes think about my grown children, "I killed you a long time ago." I could have gone to jail. Take me; imprison me, I deserve it, but I couldn't have done any different back then.

  • Mosh by Mosh
  • 5 years ago

I could have been 8 months pregnant today. It is the worst mistake of my life. I was 19, scared, and alone. I made a rush decision without thinking. I was depriving my own baby life. Now everything in life seems pointless and empty. I wish I could take it all back and have her.

  • Ri Hanna by Ri Hanna
  • 5 years ago

Darling, God has your baby. And as hard as it is to forgive yourself, he is willing to forgive you. Seek him out in prayer and know that it is good that you are sorry, but you do have to forgive yourself. Sending you light and love.

  • Ms Jackson by Ms Jackson
  • 6 years ago

I had 2 young girls and was a single mom who was working and going to school. I ended up pregnant from the same guy. My kids hated me. I was alone and knew I couldn't afford or be able to have another. Was I just telling myself that? Was it really true? Deep down I knew it was the boy I wanted. I went through with the abortion. It didn't work, so they went again. It was a horrible thing. Ten years later I still cry, especially a few years ago when they ripped out my uterus and cervix. I will never have the chance to have another baby. Still in tears. Now I hold my 20 year old while she has hers only because medically it would kill her to keep it, but I know what she feels, what she cries. Life is precious.

  • Audrey by Audrey
  • 6 years ago

I am pregnant now. Very early I also thought of aborting, but after everything, I decided today this little baby was a gift. The dad was the mistake, but everything happens for a reason. I love this little dot of just 28 days so, so much. Can't wait till my angel is born. I honestly don't mind being a single mother, even if I'm only 17. I will love this angel till the end and forever after that. The only hard decision I wanna make is what to name this sweet little thing one day soon.

  • Iris M Eng by Iris M Eng
  • 6 years ago

Bless you dear for keeping your baby. It's heartbreaking when others make their baby's heart stop beating. I wonder if they ever truly get over that. I am glad you have made a decision for life. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it. If you need someone to talk to, I am here and always have an open door for those who need a listening ear and a warm heart. God bless YOU and your sweet baby.

  • Aboli by Aboli
  • 7 years ago

I feel the same. My abortion was on 20th July 2014. I miss my baby every single day. I just completed my 1st trimester. I know it was wrong, but I'm so sorry. It's really painful. I was at the door of death with my baby but from there we changed our path....mommy misses you so much...

  • Kelly Leonna by Kelly Leonna
  • 7 years ago

Dear hole in my heart,

A beautiful heartbeat, I wish to see you smile. Every day I wonder if you felt a thing. I try to hang on to what people say, that you were too small to feel any pain at all. But in my heart I feel that the world was wrong. Even if you didn't feel much pain, don't worry I feel it all.

From the moment the word abortion even came up, my heart has been broken. I'm not sure it will ever mend, which is partly okay with me because I don't want to let you go. I sat for hours talking to you, telling you how much I loved you and how hard this was for me. I wanted you to know, and then I think how could I have done this? It's been almost a year, and I still get to hold you in my dreams, but when I wake up it's nothing but heartbreak and pain. I never saw those tiny toes or held that tiny hand, but you live every night in my head. One day I'll hold you and tell you how truly sorry Mommy is for making the worst choice that exists.

  • Lisa Harrison by Lisa Harrison
  • 7 years ago

I feel exactly the same. July 1, 2016, we lost our little girl. Most days I cry and feel completely lonely. Worst decision of my life, and now all I want is her back. Every month I feel my mind thinking about her due date and my soul feeling blank. Everyone says the time wasn't right, but it doesn't take away any of the pain I feel.

  • By Helena, USA by By Helena, USA
  • 8 years ago

Twenty four years ago I had an abortion. I had just witnessed the pain of my parents finding out my little sister was pregnant. So when I found out a few months later I was also pregnant - for me at the time - It felt like a no-brainer. I couldn't hurt my parents. My sister was smart, brave she let her baby live but me I went all alone to "fix the problem" I thought it would be "done" and that would be that. I was wrong it was the worst decision I've ever made in my life (and I am 46 now). Even if you can't take care of your baby, be brave, find support find a way to let your baby live even if it means adoption.

I spent 10 years in emotional HELL, shame, guilt and grief! Today, with a whole lot of support, grace and prayer. I found my way back to emotional health.
Today, I have two wonderful boys and not a day goes by that I look at them and still miss the one I killed. I beg you if you are considering an abortion. Don't do it! Let your baby live even if its not with you!!

  • Daisy by Daisy
  • 11 months ago

Wow that's absolutely beautiful I am so proud of you. I went through ten whole years to the exact number of pain after mine. It was absolutely traumatic and there's no pain out there that can hurt your soul so bad. An emptiness by habit I still try and fill. I've accepted there's no way to do that and that's ok. We weren't meant to be in the same world. We were apart for a reason. I know deep down you'll meet your baby and I will again. I guess we are stronger than we think xxx

  • Lex by Lex, England
  • 8 years ago

I found out I was pregnant 2 weeks ago, sickness and pain. My partner was supportive, we could afford it, we already had a home together, we had transport, everything. But I knew my life would change, just 1 year left of uni left, would I be able to do it?
Everyone told me I was making the right decision, and something just made me think they were wrong
But I did it today. I took the tablet, and now I regret it. I look down and all I see is pain, regret. I could do it. Even if I was by myself. This poem was extremely beautiful and touched my heart.

Us women are not alone in our decisions

  • Chantel A by Chantel A, Canada
  • 9 years ago

I feel the exact same about my abortion. It was on August 15th 2014. I miss it every single day and loved it like no words could ever describe.

Thank you so much for sharing your poem.

  • Michelle by Michelle, South Africa
  • 9 years ago

:'( It was a mistake. I didn't think about it long enough to make an adequate decision.

Please forgive me my baby boy

  • Sam by Sam, NS
  • 10 years ago

Amazing poem , this is exactly how I feel. Thank you for your beautiful poem it brought me to tears.

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