Depression Poem by Teens

The One Who Sees The Real Me

I just want to make this clear: this poem does NOT describe my life. I wrote this because I know people out there have this heavy, weakening weight on their shoulders, and they shouldn't have to deal with it alone.

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The Shell


Published: August 28, 2018

I know so many people,
But do they know me?
They recognize the face,
but that's all they ever see.

They see the shell they think is me,
but they don't see the stuff inside,
the things that are buried,
the things I try to hide.

There are things under the
makeup, clothes, and the style.
There are secrets hidden
under that big phony smile.

Inside, my heart
is thundering like a storm,
and if I were to break,
it'd come pouring like a swarm.

I dwell where it's dark,
wet, and cold,
and I think many thoughts
that nobody knows.

Then there's that one person
who in my soul can shine a light
and discover all sins
hidden in my eyes.

He comforts, he cautions,
and I say, "Don't tell."
He is the one who knows me,
the me under the Shell.

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