Break Up Poem

I wrote this poem when my girlfriend broke up with me. Not only did she ruin me, but she lied about why she broke up with me when it really was for another boy. Having you read this will help me get over her. Thanks!

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The Silent Fight


Published: May 2012

You had me believing that we hadn't fought,
But when I heard the truth, my heart was a knot.
I try to hide pain; I pretend it's all through,
But it comes flooding back when I see him with you.
Leaving me stranded was more than enough,
But to do what you did made it even more tough.
I fake a smile while I'm dying inside,
But you're all too happy with your heart open wide.

Now I know what it feels like to be an old toy,
To be thrown away for some other boy.
You tell us the reason but I know it's not true,
You're not hard to read, I see right through you.
You'll realize it was wrong to have quickly moved on,
But when you need me back I'll have been long gone.
All you get is a lover but your hearts don't belong.
While you breaking me built me up all the more strong.
You might deny now, but you'll realize I'm right,
Even though we don't talk, we still had a fight.


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