Grandfather Death Poem

Grandfather Who Had Passed

This poem is about my granddad, who has recently passed away due to cancer.

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To Heaven You Go


Published by Family Friend Poems February 2018 with permission of the Author.

Although your dying wish
Was to see me spread my wings,
I'll make my 18th great for you.
Let's see what that day brings.

Your eyes were so tired,
Your mind was so lost,
We weren't ready to lose you.
It felt such a huge loss.

But we soon had to realize
You had it worse than us.
We had to let you go.
We knew it was a must.

We love you, Granddad
And want to let you know
You mean the world to us,
And we never wanted to let you go.

We think of you every night
Before we go to bed.
You gave a good fight
But you had to rest your head.

Although you may have lost,
You did try your best.
No one can say you didn't.
But now it's time for you to rest.

Your wife and daughters love you dearly,
Their knight in shining armor.
Your heart was golden, clearly...
You weren't like any other.

You're our shooting star.
Like scattered moondust in the sky,
Our hearts had never been so broken
Until we had to say goodbye.

Your passing was so sudden.
We had no time at all.
We have our memories to look back on.
They were all a ball.

Although we cannot hear your voice
Or see your smiling face,
We feel you watch and call us.
It helps us set a base.

This isn't goodbye,
Nor a time to be low.
Your journey starts now.
To heaven you go.


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