Halloween Poem

A Spooky Night Near Halloween

This was written as an introduction to a spooky streetcar ride through a dark woods.

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Witches' Moon


Published by Family Friend Poems October 2020 with permission of the Author.

On 'Tober nights ere Witches' Moon,
spirits sway and creatures croon.
As darkness falls and shadows grow,
haints and haunters fain to show.

Dry bones rise up to join the fun,
clink and clacking as they run.
A straggly scarecrow 'stride a broom.
rides beside her ghastly groom.

And long before faint daylight comes
banshees beat upon their drums.
Well shivers creep along your spine,
wolves and wildies woof the time.

Then ghosties in the woods do soar,
shrieking loudly with a roar.
A caterwauling in the gloom,
wailing at the Witches' Moon.

With all the ghoulish guests now here,
time to dine, since dawn is near.
Please pass the wildroot, pass the cake.
Plates begin to levitate.

Now pale light creeps across the sky.
Morning's nigh, 'tis time to fly.
So with a whimper, not a bang,
vampyre bares his single fang.

Pale zombies pass the graveyard gate
with their clumsy, stumbly gait.
And with a quiver and a moan
howling dogs slink home alone.

Your heart slows down within your chest.
Beastie souls lie down to rest.   
As spirits sway and creatures croon,
bid goodnight, wan Witches' Moon.


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