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  1. Today The Teacher Farted

    • By Emma Briody
    • Published: May 2014
    Poem About Teachers Being Human

    Today the teacher farted.
    It was an awful smell.
    It was just like a rotting egg,
    Straight from the depths of hell!

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    Haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Was researching poems about families for children to teach this term when I somehow came across this poem.
    Thank you so much!

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  3. I Hate Peanut Butter

    A Distaste For Peanut Butter

    These words I say without a stutter:
    I hate the taste of peanut butter!
    In Reese's chocolate it may stay
    But keep the butter far away.

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    My 11-year-old son recited this poem at his classical school, The Classical Academy, this past month. He has peanut allergies, so it was fitting that he chose your poem to recite. He recited...

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  4. Grandad Can't See His Feet

    Funny Poem About Grandad Getting Fat

    Granddad's got new glasses,
    But he still can't see his feet.
    No, his eyes are not the problem.
    It's the amount of food he eats.

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    Grandma may be splittin hairs
    to call Grandpa rotund,
    but I believe she's got it right
    as he weighs in at a quarter ton!

    And just between you and me
    and the lamppost on the...

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  6. My Kitty

    Watching A Kitten Hunt

    I once had a kitty
    who had stripes in her fur.
    I could pet her and brush her,
    and boy could she purr.

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    Thank you, Brittany, for taking the time to comment on my poem. You were to kind with your words. I hope this poem brought a smile to your heart. -God Bless-

  7. Sweet Treat Dream

    • By Gillian M. Ward
    • Published: May 2019
    Dreaming Of A Chocolate World

    If my world were made of chocolate,
    I know what I would do.
    I'd make a chocolate mountain
    And share it all with you.

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    This lovely poem is very enjoyable and resembles one I made about candy land.

  8. The Sugar-Plum Tree

    Have you ever heard of the Sugar-Plum Tree?
    'Tis a marvel of great renown!
    It blooms on the shore of the Lollypop sea
    In the garden of Shut-Eye Town;

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  10. My Shadow

    Thoughts About Shadows

    I quite often look at my shadow.
    I like how it follows me round
    And does all the same things that I do
    Without ever making a sound.

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  11. My Brother Can Eat

    • By Ray S. Gordon Jr
    • Published: February 2020
    Funny Poem About Eating A Lot

    My brother can eat.
    Hide your fruits,
    Hide your snacks,
    Hide all your treats.

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  12. Who Nose?

    Some are as long as hoses
    You buy at a garden store.
    Mine can be used to smell roses
    From a couple of miles or more.

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    I think children will like the poem. It's funny. You must have a lot of imagination to write such a poem. I like it!

  13. The Thing!

    How To Make A Monster

    I once set out to make a fiend,
    A gruesome thing that no one's seen.
    A massive gore of teeth and claws
    With sixteen eyes and monster paws.

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    It's like the story of Frankenstein. The rhyme is very fantastic and word choice is pleasing to the atmosphere of the poem. The ending is very dramatic; that seems to me the best part of...

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