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  1. If I Were King

    I often wish I were a King,
    And then I could do anything.

    If only I were King of Spain,

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  3. Who Am I?

    • By Chazz
    • Published: October 2011

    Who am I?
    I am a surprise
    I don't have eyes
    I'm wrapped in plastic

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    Oh, I hate guessing, but this poem made me could be a chocolate or maybe an ice cream!

  4. My Shadow

    I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me,
    And what can be the use of him is more than I can see.
    He is very, very like me from the heels up to the head;
    And I see him jump before me, when I jump into my bed.

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  6. Summer Camp Souvenirs

    A Humorous Tale Of Attending Summer Camp

    When I got home from camp today,
    My parents almost died.
    They asked me how I got this way,
    And here's what I replied:

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  7. Yucky Chucky Tucker

    Yucky Chucky Tucker was smelly as can be,
    he never took a bath and hardly ever brushed his teeth.
    Everywhere he went he left an odor in the air,
    and Yucky Chucky Tucker never combed his hair.

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  8. I Simply Can't Rhyme!

    • By Amaab
    • Published: August 2017
    I Can't Write A Poem

    I can't write a poem; I simply can't!
    I can't sing, rhyme, nor chant,
    All my words are fumbled.
    Last time I read something I mumbled.

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  10. Little Boy Blue

    • By Emmanuel Perez
    • Published: May 2014
    Funny Poem About Sneezing During A Read Aloud

    Please cover your nose.
    You sneezed on Miss Muffet
    and ruined her clothes.
    You sprayed Mother Hubbard

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  11. The Boy Who Didn't Like Ice Cream

    • By Rebecca Syx
    • Published: October 2015
    Funny Poem About Trying New Foods

    A boy who didn't like ice cream?
    That almost seems like a crime!
    This is the story of Logan
    And about trying foods more than one time.

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    I love this poem! I think this is so true- my niece used to hate broccoli, then tried it again and liked it. If you don't think you like something, try it again anyway: you might find your...

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  12. A Noble Quest

    Garden Through A Child's Eyes

    You go to your back garden, as you want something to do,
    And a world of wild adventure is staring back at you.
    It's not a place that mum and dad know sits behind your home,
    But you see things they can't see if you're prepared to comb.

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  13. Morning Prayer

    Now another day is breaking,
    Sleep was sweet and so is waking.
    Dear Lord, I promised you last night
    Never again to sulk or fight.

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    He did an amazing job on this poem.

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