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  1. A Child's Plight

    • By Shaina Nelson
    • Published: February 2006
    Poem About Mother Not Interested In Child's Struggles

    Where were you
    When I struggled to get home

    Where were you...

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    When reading this poem I felt full of tears in my eyes. It makes me think of my own past and how my parents and brothers left me all to myself to struggle in life. Nobody have ever been there...

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  3. Father Everlasting Love

    • By DMC
    • Published: December 2007
    Anger For Father

    Falling in my pit of darkness
    I sit upon the black rose of sadness
    Dreaming of day fill with happiness
    Only to end with loneliness...

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    I was only 3 years old when we left my dad because he had a mistress. I’ve been full of anger. My heart feels like a stone; it’s so hard. I grew up without a father. I never thought of it my...

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  4. Can You Hear Me?

    • By Nichole Kay Milgate
    • Published: February 2009

    Where were you when the tears fell?
    When the blood began to flow?
    Where were you when I was scared?
    When all my skies were gray

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  6. Learning My Lesson

    • By Kayla Schermer
    • Published: July 2010

    I gave you a chance, let you in and tried to be your friend,
    I should have known, you wouldn't be there in the end.

    I wanted you to love me, I waited for so very long,...

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  7. Daddy

    • By Shana M. Rusk
    • Published: February 2006
    Dad That's Never There Poem

    My dad is never there.
    My dad is always gone.
    My dad really cares,
    he just is never there.

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    I know exactly how you feel. It really touched me. I am a grown woman with a grown son. We both do not know what it is like to have a father around or even care for you. God is your real...

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