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  1. At Christmas

    A man is at his finest
    towards the finish of the year;
    He is almost what he should be
    when the Christmas season is here;

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  3. Mama's Christmas Miracle

    Mama told me a story a long, long time ago, not like any that I'd ever heard,
    all about a little girl mama used to know, how I remember every word.
    Seems like a lifetime ago, though I remember it so well.
    It was a Christmas Eve I'll never forget as far as I can tell.

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    I love this poem. It touched me in the heart. I read it and wept; I love this poem. This made me change my heart and perspective of Christmas and its true meaning. Thanks for making me change...

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  4. First Christmas Without You

    Poem About Missing Dad On Christmas


    The nights are long and cold; the sun is hardly around.
    Christmas time is approaching, and snow will soon cover the ground.
    Trees and lights are twinkling; stockings are being hung.
    The Christmas spirit is all around as carols are being sung.

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    I lost my Daddy July 1st of this year (2018). We, as a family, do not really know how to do Christmas this year. Do we stay with tradition or do we try something different? The thought of not...

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  6. What Christmas Means

    What Christmas Should Really Be About

    Christmas is a time when everyone gathers together
    To share love and bring hope of a light that will last forever.
    At a time like this, there's no such thing as being alone.
    When you're with the ones you love, you'll then learn to grow.

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  7. A Christmas Blessing

    This Is A Poem About Christmas Blessings

    May the grace of Christ bring you hope and joy,
    and may the peace of Christ be yours.
    May Jesus, the Lord, the miracle of God,
    fill your heart with Christmas love.

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  8. A King

    A Time Of Wonder And Joy

    Christmas, a time of wonder and joy,
    A time to celebrate the birth of a baby boy.

    A child innocent and true,

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  10. Ode To A Holiday

    • By Mark Weismantel
    • Published: December 22, 2018
    The Meaning Of A Holiday From Different Viewpoints

    Upon us now is that time of year again
    When we think a lot about our family and friends.

    The days are short and the nights are cold,

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  11. Christmas Lesson

    Poem About Thinking Of Others At Christmas


    Christmas is a special time
    To give, to serve, to love.
    It isn't just about yourself,
    But others that you think of.

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    I think I simply love this poem. Good job! The last stanza is very well written.

  12. What Christmas Means To Me

    • By Goshen Z. Rahming
    • Published: December 21, 2018
    Time With Family At Christmas

    Imagine waking up to that cool winter air
    to see snow drifting and falling into your hair.
    To build snowmen and snow angels and get into snowball fights,
    and to snuggle in front of the fire that cool Christmas Eve night.

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  13. Elfie

    A Story Of A Christmas Elf

    There was a voice in the wilderness,
    An eerie, heart-rending, dismal sound.
    'Twas Elfie the elf, and he'd gotten lost.
    All he could see was snow and frost.

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