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  1. Beauty And Scars

    Poem About Caring About Others

    Close your eyes and picture beauty.
    What is it that you see?
    A baby, a mountain, a river?
    Or maybe an old oak tree?

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    I think words put together in a certain order can be amazing or sometimes hurtful. Scars are inside and out. Some don't think about the ones they don't see. Thank you for your poem. It helped...

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  3. Harmony

    The Need To Be More Tolerant

    Outside my window flowers bloom
    In a rampant disarray.
    They pay no heed to color schemes
    In their wonderful display.

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  4. Free Hugs

    • By Brittni Thomas
    • Published: May 2015
    Poem About The Power Of A Hug

    It's the touch that gives you comfort.
    It's the touch that makes you feel.
    It's something that no one else can ever steal.
    It's the sweetest human contact for the body and the mind.

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    Here's a virtual hug from me! It will get better, hang in there!

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  6. Take A Stand

    Caring For People

    Sometimes the light will shine through.
    It makes its way to the surafce to show you
    That within all this mess and chaos,
    There is still a spark to help us when we're at a loss.

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  7. An Admirable Woman

    • By Crystal Foy
    • Published: February 2006

    There is a woman who always keeps her head up high.
    Her eyes sparkle like a bright star in the sky.
    She has the stamina, beauty, and courage that one would admire,
    Even the love and happiness one inspires.

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    So glad to hear that you are a changed person now. My best wishes to you and your family


  8. A New Year Prayer

    New Year Wishes

    To those who partied around the world
    Or those that lay in bed and curled
    up to the one they hold so dear
    I wish you all Happy New year.

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  10. Cost Of A Smile

    Poem About The Power Of A Smile

    The cost of a smile isn't much,
    although many people act as such.
    We all have our problems of struggle and strife,
    but a smile will help in anyone's life.

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  11. Planting Seeds

    The Pain That Prejudice Brings

    I was in a room the other day
    Where seeds were being planted.
    I could only hope and pray
    Their growth would not be granted.

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  12. A Way To Give

    Giving And Sharing

    Focus on self only makes
    the world a dreary place to live.
    But you make it a brighter scene
    when you find a way to give.

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    "Leave a gift for someone
    who won't find out it's from you."
    That is hitting the bull's eye of generosity, and it's fun.

  13. Afterwards

    • By Wilton Parr
    • Published: January 2009
    How Will You Be Remembered

    When word comes that you are gone
    what will be said of you?
    Those who only knew you casually
    will say charitable platitudes.

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    This is such an interesting point of view, and honestly, I believe we should start having more in-depth speeches for those who have passed at funerals now. This poem has changed my thinking!

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