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  1. Coronavirus - Have You Seen

    Poem Thanking Doctors And Nurses

    Have you seen the doctors who hardly get to sleep?
    From sad weary eyes, silent tears they weep.
    They're battling to save hundreds of lives,
    Yet see so many dying right before their eyes.

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  3. Going Forward

    Teach me patience, when there is anger,
    Teach me strength, when there is injustice,
    Teach me compassion, when there is need,
    Teach me empathy, when there is sadness,

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  4. Looking Out For Others

    Volunteer To Help Those In Need

    What does it take to be a volunteer?
    Must you travel afar, or is there someplace near
    Where there is a need that is evident--
    Where someone would think you were heaven sent

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  6. A World Of Caring

    Making A More Caring World Begins With Each Of Us

    Could there be a world of caring?
    Offering our goodwill and sharing
    Makes this world a finer place.
    Pitying the broken of our race

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  7. Beauty And Scars

    Poem About Caring About Others

    Close your eyes and picture beauty.
    What is it that you see?
    A baby, a mountain, a river?
    Or maybe an old oak tree?

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    There's beauty all around you in what we see with the human eye. But there is a beauty that exceeds further that we can imagine. It's the beauty within yourself that shows the world a beauty...

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  8. Free Hugs

    • By Brittni Thomas
    • Published: May 2015
    Poem About The Power Of A Hug

    It's the touch that gives you comfort.
    It's the touch that makes you feel.
    It's something that no one else can ever steal.
    It's the sweetest human contact for the body and the mind.

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    Here's a virtual hug from me! It will get better, hang in there!

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  10. The Lost Soul

    Poem About A Homeless Man

    Seven AM and I sat at the light,
    Watching the train chugging by.
    A day like the rest, on the way to my job,
    Just routine with no feeling inside.

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    This is great! I love it! I'm officially a student in an international school. This really helps me a LOT. It didn't only help me for my poem performance, it also teaches people morals. It...

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  11. A New Year Prayer

    New Year Wishes

    To those who partied around the world
    Or those that lay in bed and curled
    up to the one they hold so dear
    I wish you all Happy New year.

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  12. Harmony

    The Need To Be More Tolerant

    Outside my window flowers bloom
    In a rampant disarray.
    They pay no heed to color schemes
    In their wonderful display.

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  13. Take A Stand

    Caring For People

    Sometimes the light will shine through.
    It makes its way to the surafce to show you
    That within all this mess and chaos,
    There is still a spark to help us when we're at a loss.

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