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  1. Winners

    • By Mariah B.
    • Published: May 2015
    Poem Showing Kindness Is Better Than Winning

    None of us can stop.
    We all want to get to the top.
    We want to finish in front of the line,
    But we're running out of time.

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    That is so true. So many people think life is just about having an education and getting a job and earning money, but you're right. Life is so much more. Most people fail to realize that...

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  3. Differences

    Accepting Differences

    We all come warmly from the womb,
    Unprinted pages to be filled.
    Brought forth upon the stage of life
    On which our character starts to build.

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    Wow! This is really good, and it's also really true. People are all born the same, but it's how they grow up that make them different. Nice job!

  4. How Often, If Only...

    The Essence Of Kindness

    If only
    We'd have helping hands that lead,
    Open arms accepting those in need,
    Not fingers pointing out misdeeds.

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  6. Nature's Way

    Poem About Smiling Makes The World A Better Place

    Is there anything as tranquil
    As a brightly glowing jonquil
    That stands in sweet serenity,
    A part of nature's tapestry?

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  7. What If

    Poem About Responsibility For Others

    If you have helped one single person
    To overcome a prejudicial mind,
    You have made an angel sing.

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  8. I Wish For Peace

    • By Sharifah Hanna
    • Published: September 2009

    When times of sorrow
    Come each day,
    I always feel sad
    And sigh away.

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    I am deeply touched by this poem. I am South Sudanese (23 years old) and living as a refugee in Egypt. My experience with war is that I was born in a worn-torn country. It left deep wounds of...

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  10. Caring

    • By June Atkinson
    • Published: April 10, 2020
    Caring And Kindness

    Be kind and caring in all that you do
    Because no one knows what another goes through.
    Be kind and caring in all that you say.
    If you can't be kind, sit down and pray.

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  11. Looking Out For Others

    Volunteer To Help Those In Need

    What does it take to be a volunteer?
    Must you travel afar, or is there someplace near
    Where there is a need that is evident--
    Where someone would think you were heaven sent

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  12. The Lost Soul

    Poem About A Homeless Man

    Seven AM and I sat at the light,
    Watching the train chugging by.
    A day like the rest, on the way to my job,
    Just routine with no feeling inside.

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    This is great! I love it! I'm officially a student in an international school. This really helps me a LOT. It didn't only help me for my poem performance, it also teaches people morals. It...

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  13. A World Of Caring

    Making A More Caring World Begins With Each Of Us

    Could there be a world of caring?
    Offering our goodwill and sharing
    Makes this world a finer place.
    Pitying the broken of our race

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