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Poems about Daring to Dream

There are two kinds of dreams. There are dreams that we have while asleep and dreams that we have while we are awake. What is the connection between the two types? Both kinds of dreams are about the yearnings that are held deep inside us. Some of these desires are so secret that we dare not share them even with our closest friends. Those of us that dare to put our dreams down on paper are showing the courage and faith that they will come true.

Poems about Dreams


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  1. Dreams

    • By Jane A Beresford
    • Published: April 2017
    The Power Of Sleep And Dreams

    We slip beneath the pillow's spell
    And drift from heaven and into hell
    To lose control of conscious mind
    The secrets of our soul to find.

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  3. Wishful Thinking

    • By Bodie James
    • Published: December 2016
    Wanting The World To Be A Better Place

    I wish for the day when a man is a man,
    when the flaws of another aren't gold in his hand.

    When the bread in his kitchen is ample for meals,

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    A very touching poem. It expresses what is expected from the men and what he is actually doing...

  4. Dreams

    Poem About The Magic Of Dreams

    There's a place where I go that no one else knows,
    Where mysteries abound and excitement grows.
    A place out of reach of any man's hands,
    Safely secluded in a far away land

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  6. Dreams

    Poem Encouraging You To Keep Dreaming

    The smallest, most simple dream
    Is worth being achieved.
    The smallest grain of faith
    Is actually all it takes.

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  7. Harlem

    What happens to a dream deferred?

    Does it dry up
    like a raisin in the sun?

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  8. The Insomniac

    • By Andreij Horn
    • Published: January 2016
    Poem About Not Being Able To Sleep

    Time check
    The world sleeps,

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  10. What If We Were Really True

    • By Leah
    • Published: May 2013
    Poem About Showing What We Think


    What if we were really true
    And said everything we thought
    Could we then stop feeling blue
    Feeling every day that we just fought...

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    Being truthful is the freedom of the heart. Indeed a world can be so happy if every second we are true to ourselves and true to those around us. Life would be easy and light.

  11. An Angel In Summer

    • By Aline
    • Published: June 2011

    One day on my way I found thee,
    Under the branches of a blooming tree
    White petals lay around thy head,
    "Why angel hadst thou from heaven fled?"...

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  12. A Sad Ending

    • By Siddharth Samantray
    • Published: May 2011
    Dream About Happy Oasis Ends In Death

    I was walking all alone,
    on a road of rocks and stone,
    never did I know where it would lead,
    sometimes I wondered, "was it because of my deeds?"...

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    Sad ending indeed. So touching

  13. American Dream

    • By Ophelia Flowers
    • Published: April 2011

    Living the American dream isn't always as it seems.
    Fancy cars, movie stars.
    Pain filled lives, filled with scars.
    "I've got it all. My life is good. ...

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    This is kind of weird to be on a website that you don't know about and love the first thing you see. This poem will touch you of how cruel America is now. So read it if you want to truly...

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