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  1. Forget

    • By Kristine B. Magdaraog
    • Published: November 2016
    Accepting The End Of A Relationship

    The stars above keep reminding me
    Of the times that we spent,
    But the memories that we share
    Have come to an end.

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  3. Carry On

    Poem About Coming To Terms With A Break-Up

    I don't hate you,
    Because I still love you.
    I can't look at you,
    Because it hurts to.

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    It all started at the end of summer. She was sad, and I was angry at the things she was sad about. I wanted to make her happy. I can't normally stand to see people sad. So after a long week...

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  4. You're Better Off Being Happy

    Goodbye Message To Someone You Still Love

    I'm glad you're happy.
    I guess it's what I deserve.
    I can't change the fact
    You make my heart swerve.

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    Your love feels so warm and good. Your love never lets me down. Your love is the light to my forever darkness. Your love keeps me alive when we are watching together the beautiful sky filled...

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  6. A One-Sided Love

    • By Kiara W
    • Published: July 2016
    Poem About Falling For Someone You Can't Have

    Once upon a time I opened up my heart to you.
    You did what you chose to do.
    You chose to keep my as a best friend.
    Little did you know I was dying to the very end.

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    This poem reminded me of how much I fell in love with my friend from the same youth group back in college. We were really close that time that suddenly and unexpectedly my feelings towards...

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  7. Blessing In Disguise

    Poem About Moving On From Your First Love

    I still remember the moment we met
    The time we shared, I'll never regret
    That summer in the sun we spent together
    I can only hope you'll always remember

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  8. Don't Look Back

    Poem About Trying To Find Love In An Old Relationship

    Love doesn't happen overnight.
    Love doesn't argue about what's wrong
    or what's right.
    And don't expect to find a love that will last

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    I have liked this guy for nearly three years, and I cannot tell him how I feel because I am too scared. He is the sweetest, and seeing him with other girls breaks my heart, even though he is...

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  10. Let Go

    • By Shelby T. Parsons
    • Published: December 2015
    Poem About Falling In Love And Letting Go

    What do I do,
    When I'm still in love with you?
    You walked away,
    'Cause you didn't want to stay.

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    This has blessed me. I am very happy reading it but also sad because it’s a sad poem. Another comment said it made my heart leap. It touches me right in my heart. It is now my lock screen and...

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  11. You In 8.2

    Poem About How Fast Love Can Happen

    Only seconds
    to fall in love,
    to be immersed,
    to want someone.

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  12. Same Song

    • By Leonna Alcaraz
    • Published: July 2015
    Love Is Like Listening To A Song

    Loving you when you're gone is like listening to my favorite song.
    I've just been listening to this one for far too long.

    It's hard to stop listening when the birds sing it too.

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    How true is this!? I often use music to aid in my writing. Lyrics have a way of embracing our own lives.

  13. The Mysteries Of Love

    • By Tia Poindexter
    • Published: March 2015
    Poem About The Hope Of Finding Someone

    Love is a mystery
    never to be solved
    when two people have history
    and are so involved

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