Moving On Poems

Moving On Poems

Poems about Letting Go and Moving Forward

Love is a dynamic and changing emotion. Sometimes it grows and sometimes it fades. Moving on from a relationship or marriage, leaving behind a past love, or pursuing a new fling can be scary, uncertain, and difficult. However, the prospect of change and new experiences can also be exciting and a time for discovery. Focusing on the opportunities and experiences ahead rather than dwelling in past memories can help us to move forwards. Our lives are in flux in every experience and moment, and letting go, no matter how difficult, is an important part of that process.

45 Moving Forward Poems

  1. 1. Don't Look Back

    This poem is about looking for love but never really getting over who you loved before. You try to make it work, but the same old problems occur.

    Poem About Trying To Find Love In An Old Relationship

    Love doesn't happen overnight.
    Love doesn't argue about what's wrong
    or what's right.
    And don't expect to find a love that will last
    if the only place you're searching is in your past...

    Love is hard to find; it's even harder to let it go.
    Don't settle for something just because it's what you know...

    We tell ourselves this time will be different.
    What may work for a little while longer
    is irrelevant...

    You can't fix what's already been broken.
    You can't believe the new promises that have been spoken,
    because the pain you forgave once before
    will always linger in your mind each time they walk out that door.

    This time won't be the same,
    yet you find yourself playing the game,
    but in this game nobody will win,
    because every sinner is likely to sin again.

    Your heart is in a million pieces,
    Your life is full of hits and misses,
    but one thing that still remains
    is your ability to accept the things you can't change.
    We all make decisions that we regret,
    but it's our choice to forgive,
    just never forget.

    Always stay true to yourself and your values,
    'cause in the end that's all that matters,
    Don't waste time thinking you're not worth it,
    'cause no matter what anybody else thinks,
    there's somebody out there who might just think you're perfect.

    Love doesn't happen overnight.
    Love doesn't argue about what's wrong
    or what's right,
    and don't expect to find a love that will last
    if the only place you're searching is in your past.

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    I have liked this guy for nearly three years, and I cannot tell him how I feel because I am too scared. He is the sweetest, and seeing him with other girls breaks my heart, even though he is...

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  3. 2. This Is My Strength

    When you left,
    I immediately deleted your number and pictures
    and pulled our memories from the wall.
    This is my strength.
    This is how I know I’ll survive.
    I cried as I erased you,
    but I erased you anyway.
    I wished you back,
    but I still opened my hands
    and let you go.

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  5. 3. Carry On

    A break-up brings about many emotions.

    Poem About Coming To Terms With A Break-Up

    I don't hate you,
    Because I still love you.
    I can't look at you,
    Because it hurts to.
    We don't talk,
    Because there is nothing left to say.
    You apologized,
    But I just walked away.
    I'm leaving you and the thought of you behind,
    Because I just need to clear my mind.
    I'm angered because you wasted my time,
    Hurt because I believed you were mine,
    But I just didn't see the signs.
    I guess that's why they say love is blind,
    Because you got my heart caught in binds.
    Look me in my eyes,
    And listen as my heart cries,
    Cries out in pain.
    This feeling makes me feel like I'm covered in flames,
    Until ashes are all that remain.
    Thought you were different,
    But you're all the same.
    Thought this was real,
    But it was all a game.
    I gave you my love,
    And you gave it away.
    That's why my heart is blue
    And my skies are gray.
    Will I ever see the light of day?
    Will this dark cloud ever go away?
    Or will it follow me for my remaining days?
    Grasp all my joy and strip it away?
    NO! I am too bold.
    Way too bold to be stuck in the cold.
    I am way too strong not to carry on.

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    It all started at the end of summer. She was sad, and I was angry at the things she was sad about. I wanted to make her happy. I can't normally stand to see people sad. So after a long week...

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  6. 4. One Day

    This poem is one I wrote for my Aunt Brandy when she and her boyfriend broke up. It touched her and hit a spot in her heart, and that's why I wrote it.

    One Day He'll Miss You

    One day you're gonna see her,
    But she won't be looking at you.
    One day you'll feel like she did,
    And you won't know what to do.

    One day you're gonna love her,
    But she won't feel the same.
    One day you'll know how it feels
    To have your blue skies turn to rain.

    One day you'll dream of only her,
    But she'll be dreaming of someone else.
    One day she'll feel as if she's in heaven,
    And you'll be feeling as if you're in hell.

    One day you're gonna cry for her
    The way she did for you.
    One day you're going to miss her,
    But she'll be loving someone new.

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    I remember getting my heart broken by this boy. He was in 11th grade, and I was in 9th grade. We met over the summer. He went to my school, and he treated me like I was all he ever loved. In...

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  7. 5. A One-Sided Love

    • By Kiara W
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2016

    This poem is about and my best friend whom I fell in love with the first day I met him. My feelings got in the way, and it sucks to be in love with your 16 year old best friend when you're 13. I'm still not over him, and I don't know if I ever will be. He's the first boy I've ever loved, and my heart is broken and bleeding. I'm trying to move on from these feelings before it destroys my friendship. The feelings he doesn't know exist....

    Poem About Falling For Someone You Can't Have

    Once upon a time I opened up my heart to you.
    You did what you chose to do.
    You chose to keep my as a best friend.
    Little did you know I was dying to the very end.
    You killed me with every boyish look.
    My heart melted and my knees shook.
    I always wanted more than that,
    But I guess it wasn't meant to be.
    But you'll never truly know how much you meant to me.
    You were always there
    And wiped away every tear.
    I just wish you would've waited, stayed here.
    I still dream about you in this one-sided love.
    It's hard to breathe without you,
    Like a suffocating dove.
    I wish you loved me the way I loved you,
    But this is a lesson that helped me learn the truth.
    Guard your heart and soul and mind,
    Unless you want yourself in an unruly bind.
    This one-sided love has torn my apart.
    This one-sided love has broken my heart.
    Please be safe on this journey of life,
    And come back someday and make me your wife.
    This one-sided love is a dangerous game,
    But then again, that's the name of the game....

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    This poem reminded me of how much I fell in love with my friend from the same youth group back in college. We were really close that time that suddenly and unexpectedly my feelings towards...

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  8. 6. Weight Upon My Shoulders

    This poem reflects the common feeling of being torn between our heads and our hearts when it comes to relationships and opening up again. I wrote this after a failed eight year relationship and much heartache trying to move on from it.

    Learning To Love Again

    The little woman on the left
    the one upon my shoulder,
    tells me I should guard my heart.
    She wants me to make it colder.
    Don't give too much of yourself she says
    please remember all the pain,
    reminds me of the past mistakes.
    She warns it will end the same.
    Your independence will bring you safety
    you are the only one you can depend
    If you never allow anyone in,
    you will never again have to mend.

    There is a woman on my right
    that looks just like the other,
    but she screams at me to love.
    To give my heart to another.
    This time will be different, she says
    don't lose your hope and faith,
    the pain of the past is behind you.
    This fear you must erase.
    Don't keep yourself from feeling
    you will find yourself alone.
    Deep down you wish to give yourself
    and find a heart in turn to own.

    These two women on my shoulders
    both want the best for me.
    They only are trying to protect myself
    from a life of misery.
    But I don't know who to side with
    because they tell such different things.
    One says don't take the chance.
    The other wants what love brings.
    I listen for who's louder
    but their volumes match the same.
    I wonder how much longer
    in limbo I will remain.

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  9. 7. Ashes In My Eyes

    • By Aprille Ruth Sidro
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2011

    This poem is about letting go of someone you wish will love you back, but seeing him happy with someone is the reason I set him free.

    When the sun starts to fade
    No I won't give in, 'cause your
    face still remains
    and your soul is in beneath my skin.

    Your body is next to mine,
    yet your heart was
    never mine, it still belong to someone
    so you will remain ashes in my eyes.

    No, your hands could never be mine, but
    my heart is all yours all the time, how could you
    be mine, when you're
    not meant to be mine.

    Oh, I wish I was the one
    who's always with you all
    the time, never I mind the
    imperfections between you and
    I, but you will still remain ashes in my eyes.

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    My story is not finished. It won't be the end of my story until The Good Lord calls me home. It's been so much, so soon. Let me tell you how I want it to begin. March 31, 2006 I was in a...

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  10. 8. My Boat

    I think sometimes in love, there's somebody who gives far more than their partner does. This poem is about those who aren't appreciated for their devotion.

    Metaphor Poem For Unappreciated Love

    You were my boat, sleek by design.
    I was your jetty, one of a kind.
    We were deeply in love and made for each other,
    And I promised I'd never harbour another.
    We endured many storms, some big, and some small,
    And I stood firm for you through them all.
    And no matter how fierce those winter winds blew,
    I'd withstand the force and keep hold of you.
    Your delicate nudge when the weather was fine,
    Your smooth polished body, pressing up against mine.
    I was the happiest jetty in all of the sea,
    And I couldn't believe that you'd chosen me,
    But over the years I watched our rope fray,
    And I could see you were slowly slipping away.
    The knots that we'd fastened were no longer tight,
    But I tried to hold on with all of my might
    I couldn't survive without you by my side.
    I never gave up, oh how I tried.
    Then came an angry, tempestuous storm,
    And the minute it passed, you were suddenly gone.
    That day you left me was painfully bleak.
    I stood there, heartbroken and structurally weak.
    I had braved the conditions for so many years.
    Now my timber was heavy, sodden with tears,
    My pylons gave way, the wood didn't float,
    And slowly I drowned still in love with my boat.

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  11. 9. Nothing Stays The Same

    I wrote this to help a friend who was going through a hard time. I hope you always find a few kind words to share with those you love who are grieving.

    Everything Changes With Time

    The earth spins like a rolling ball.
    Stars shine bright then fade away.
    Darkness melts and turns to light.
    The sunrise starts another day.
    The sun dips slowly into the sea.
    The moon will wax and wane.
    The sea will rise and fall with tides.
    And you will love again.

    Nothing ever stays the same.
    Mountains change with time.
    Rivers flow and lakes run dry.
    Salty tears will flood the eye.
    Healing follows after pain.
    A crush of grape becomes fine wine.
    And you will love again.
    Yes! You will love again.

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  12. 10. You Taught Me To Let Go...

    I wrote this poem because everybody gets hurt, but it's not the end of the world.
    Just take it for what it is and move on; he didn't deserve you, anyway. Someday you'll look back and wonder why you even cared about why he left because, in all reality, he did you a favor. It's not about you getting hurt; it's about what you get out of it.

    Poem About Deserving Better

    Used to listen when you said you would always be there.
    I sit and think about all the times we had together,
    and how I thought I used to love you, when you used to care.
    I'd last through any weather,
    but when the our storm came you left at the first sight of rain,
    leaving me here
    to deal with all this pain.
    I sat there crying, thinking what did I do wrong,
    I looked to my mother who said, "Baby stay strong,"
    so I wiped my tears and begin anew,
    new me, new life, and happiness without you.
    Someday you'll miss me, but it will be too late for us to be.
    You didn't know what you were missing,
    but now you do, calling me crying saying, "Baby, I love you."
    I love you too; that's why I'm letting you go.
    I'm a hell of a good woman.
    It's too bad it took you this long to know.
    What we had is in the past, it's a reason we didn't last,
    but whenever you get discouraged about why we're through,
    just look in the mirror
    because it's all on you...
    I hope next time you learn from your mistakes,
    and when that girl needs you do whatever it takes.
    always remember this, I love you, but I love me more.
    I had to learn that when you walked out the door...

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    Latest Shared Story

    I loved this poem. It absolutely spoke to my life right now. A lot of heartbreak and pain, but this poem helped immensely.

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  13. 11. Time For Me

    I wrote this poem about a long relationship that was always one-sided, and I finally realized that I was becoming a person I didn't recognize or like. Here, I'm telling him that it doesn't matter what he says or does, I know that it will never be enough, and he will never change, so I have to leave for myself.

    Finally Leaving A Toxic Relationship

    Today I will leave
    And without a fair trade.
    I don't care if this hurts you.
    It was your bed you made.

    I just have to walk.
    To talk just won't do.
    It was never enough
    To get through to you.

    So, always remember
    That you pushed me away.
    Now, you have no right
    To ask me to stay.

    No flowers, or diamonds,
    No declarations of heart,
    No begging, no pleading,
    And no fresh start.

    You have sealed your fate
    With your selfish demands.
    You will never change
    Or wash the blood off your hands.

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  14. 12. Broken Hearts And Prayers

    • By Alexis Daniels
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2013

    This is for the man who broke my heart. I gave him all I had and more and he took everything I did for granted. We are still together, but I'm still praying for a change in him. I love you baby please realize that.

    When your heart chooses a path, and you walk so far,
    nothing can turn you back from where you are.
    No pain, no scars can make you turn away,
    there's nothing that anyone can do nor say.

    You're scared, your hurting and the tears seem to never end,
    but you think in your mind "I would do it all again".
    For the little moments, that get you through the bad,
    For the few happy moments that get you through the sad.

    For the few laughs and smile, and the jokes and the care,
    that you wish so wholeheartedly would always be there.
    You'd try to make them happy in every possible way,
    but it seems to worsen with every passing day.

    All you want is for them to hold you and let you know that they care,
    but know matter how hard you try, they don't, and it doesn't seem fair.
    Your whole heart now broken, you hope for a change,
    but you know somehow even through your prayers they will always be the same.
    Your love won't let you leave, and you continue to hope for the best,
    and pray every night that God will take care of the rest.

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    Latest Shared Story

    Hi, that poem is right about my love life. So sad! We don't deserve to be treated wrong. I'm so sad, but God is with us, and I keep praying He will help my guy change. My guy is a narcissist....

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  15. 13. Why It Has To Be You?

    When you fall in love, you must be ready to get hurt and expect that your relationship will fall out of love so that when time comes that you realize you're not really meant to be, it won't hurt you that much.

    Poem About A Developing Relationship

    Sitting alone and silently
    I recall a special part of my life
    That part came unexpectedly
    And lasted only for a while.

    My life has been quiet and peaceful
    Until that unforgettable moment
    You came like a silhouette of my soul
    Then you walked right through my heart.

    Every day is a picture of happiness
    There's no hint of loneliness
    Everything is wonderful
    Because I spend it with you.

    But then, as time goes by
    Feelings begin to fade away
    Tears fall down one by one
    And it kills me to say goodbye.

    Every time my mind says move on
    my heart says hold on
    So many questions inside my head
    But the answers are all up to you.

    Loving someone like you
    Without boundaries
    Makes me think deeply again,
    Why, why it has to be you?

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    Latest Shared Story

    This poem has really touched me. It was an experience I had with my first love who cheated on me with her ex-boyfriend and I decided to quit it all.

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  16. 14. What Healing Is Meant To Look Like

    I’ve been holding on to little fragments of you for a long time, because I could never bring myself to let you go all at once.

    But deep down, I know I need to let go of these pieces. I can’t move on when I’m living next to these reminders of the people we were - the way we wrapped ourselves in each other. I don’t know what healing is meant to look like, but this feels like a good place to start.

    I don’t know
    what healing
    is meant
    to look like,
    but washing
    the smell of you
    from my hoodie
    feels like
    a good place
    to start

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    Latest Shared Story

    I'm very fond of short, powerful, poems, and this is one for sure. Recovery can be the hardest thing we do, but it's always, always, worth it. Good write/read.

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  17. 15. Blessing In Disguise

    I met a boy, and he left his girlfriend for me at the end of the school year, and we fell in love during the summer. When we went back to school in the fall, he cheated on me with his ex. I continuously went back to him every time he cheated on me with the hope that things would be better. He used me, and I was distracted by the love I truly felt for him. My first love ended up leaving me for another girl exactly how he left his ex before me. He left without a word after a year and a half of dating.

    Poem About Moving On From Your First Love

    I still remember the moment we met
    The time we shared, I'll never regret
    That summer in the sun we spent together
    I can only hope you'll always remember
    In spite of our love, I am painfully aware
    That you're far gone and no longer there
    Often I don't know what to do
    So many nights I cried over you
    To me it may not feel right
    But at the end of the tunnel there is no light
    You pushed and guided me to achieve
    But in the end you'd just leave
    I sit there and wonder, what went wrong
    But I've got my friends to keep me strong
    If you ever wonder why we're through
    Just look in the mirror, because it's all on you
    What a blessing to have my mind back
    But honesty, you'll always lack
    So with that, I'll forget the pain
    You go ahead and watch me make myself a name
    I spend most of my time thinking of you
    Reminiscing of the things we said we'd do
    The future we planned had so much in store
    Now the thought of it rots me to the core
    I gave you everything and now I can see
    The best I can give you is freedom from me
    It seems now I'll change my fate
    For you, I'll no longer wait
    Why should I hang on to the one who doesn't care
    I now have my own life to spare
    I'll use all the strength I have left within
    I'll push myself to move forward to the new life I must begin
    All the stress you put me through
    I would still never wish on you
    You always walked on me like a rug on the floor
    Maybe I should be grateful you walked out that door
    That door that will be closed, will be locked, will be open no more
    Memories engraved in my heart
    I wish you luck with your brand new start

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  18. 16. My Love

    • By Emily L. Webber
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2019

    My boyfriend split up with me because he thought I deserved better than him. My heart is broken, but I can't hate him for anything, so I decided to write him a goodbye poem.

    You'll Always Have My Heart

    You make me laugh and smile
    when I need a cry, even if it's only for a little while.

    You make me happy when I am sad,
    even when I'm really mad.

    You take the weight off my shoulders and the worry from my mind;
    you really are one of a kind.

    You came into my life and turned it around,
    and with that, our love was found.

    I'll always love you through the bad times and the good,
    even when you eat my food.

    You picked me up when I was down,
    when no one else was around.

    You helped me grow and find who I am,
    and for that, you are a better man.

    Now it's time for us to part ways,
    live our lives and welcome in the good days.

    I'll always miss you, and you'll always have my heart.
    With all my love, your sweetheart.

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    Latest Shared Story

    I relate to this poem so much. My boyfriend broke up with me in a similar manner. He said things were complicated and that he just wanted me to be happy and that I should find someone that...

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  19. 17. Let Go

    • By Shelby T. Parsons
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2015

    I fell in love with my best friend, but the feelings weren't returned.

    Poem About Falling In Love And Letting Go

    What do I do,
    When I'm still in love with you?
    You walked away,
    'Cause you didn't want to stay.
    You broke my heart, you tore me apart.
    Every day I wait for you,
    Telling myself our love was true.
    But when you don't show, more tears start to flow.
    That's when I know
    I have to let go.

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    Latest Shared Story

    This has blessed me. I am very happy reading it but also sad because it’s a sad poem. Another comment said it made my heart leap. It touches me right in my heart. It is now my lock screen and...

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  20. 18. Trust

    • By Kieno
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2011

    This poem came to me from my heart, after my relationship kept falling apart.

    Poem About Broken Trust

    Your words begin to mean nothing to me,
    You continue to lie under your breath.
    Had me convinced that you were different,
    Yet here I am, with a broken trust.

    My heart torn out from the center of my chest,
    Ripped into a million pieces.
    You promised me over and over
    That you would change for the better.

    But I soon came to realize
    That you're no different than the first time we met.
    Each event replayed itself,
    And each time you betrayed me.

    Again I am standing here in this empty hole,
    Listening to the echoes of your promises fade away.
    I really thought you would change for me,
    I really believed that you cared for me.

    Oh, how wrong I was
    To put my trust in the likes of you.
    The pain I am feeling now
    Is the pain I'll forever retain.

    Over and over again,
    I am left with nothing.
    No matter what I do,
    I always get the blunt end of the stick.

    Normally I would say I'm to blame,
    But sadly I do not deserve this claim.
    My eyes have reopened
    To never again let you gain my trust.

    In the world we live in now
    Has very little, if any,
    Able bodies that I can trust,
    Is it so that only I can earn this trust?

    I don't believe I'll ever truly understand the meaning of trust.
    I won't live by this word,
    For its meaning is far too easily broken,
    And very difficult to fix.

    No longer will I allow trust to govern my life,
    No longer will I allow your love in my life.
    I stand here alone,
    With a broken trust.

    My last words to whom it may concern,
    My trust in you was a privilege.
    You continued to break the very string
    That held my trust for you.

    In the end,
    You betrayed me with more than I can say,
    Left me
    With a broken trust and a broken heart.

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    Latest Shared Story

    I can relate to this one. I'm in the middle of going through it now. This poem has opened up my eyes even more to what I need and have to do. I thank you from the deepest part of my heart.

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  21. 19. The One-Sided Affair

    • By Devon
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2014

    I loved a girl that did not feel the same, and now I can't look into her eyes without feeling shame, so I try to distant myself from her, which hurts as much as loving her.

    Poem About Love Not Being Returned

    I loved her eyes, I loved her hair,
    I loved her looks, I loved her stare.
    I loved her attitude so full of delight.
    I loved her mind so quick and so bright.

    I loved her look when she got mad,
    I loved her with all I had.
    Although I loved her with my all,
    She did not love me, not at all.

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    Latest Shared Story

    I understand your pain, I once had a friend whom I helped unconditionally. Gave her financial support, food on the table, place to stay and paid her study fees, cause her family could not...

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  22. 20. You In 8.2

    It is proven that the amount of time that it takes to fall in love with someone is about 8.2 seconds. What inspired me to write this poem was how fast it all goes by. And then one day, you could be sitting on your bed, crying for another chance when they've already left. All in a matter of well, seconds.

    Poem About How Fast Love Can Happen

    Only seconds
    to fall in love,
    to be immersed,
    to want someone.

    Only seconds
    to hold a hand,
    to be taken away
    to an exhilarating land.

    Only seconds
    to kiss their lips,
    to be elated,
    to be in bliss.

    Only seconds
    to fall for a friend...

    But only seconds
    for it all to end.

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