Moving On Poems

Moving On Poems

Poems about Letting Go and Moving Forward

Love is a dynamic and changing emotion. Sometimes it grows and sometimes it fades. Moving on from a relationship or marriage, leaving behind a past love, or pursuing a new fling can be scary, uncertain, and difficult. However, the prospect of change and new experiences can also be exciting and a time for discovery. Focusing on the opportunities and experiences ahead rather than dwelling in past memories can help us to move forwards. Our lives are in flux in every experience and moment, and letting go, no matter how difficult, is an important part of that process.

45 Moving Forward Poems

  1. 1. Time For Me

    I wrote this poem about a long relationship that was always one-sided, and I finally realized that I was becoming a person I didn't recognize or like. Here, I'm telling him that it doesn't matter what he says or does, I know that it will never be enough, and he will never change, so I have to leave for myself.

    Finally Leaving A Toxic Relationship

    Today I will leave
    And without a fair trade.
    I don't care if this hurts you.
    It was your bed you made.

    I just have to walk.
    To talk just won't do.
    It was never enough
    To get through to you.

    So, always remember
    That you pushed me away.
    Now, you have no right
    To ask me to stay.

    No flowers, or diamonds,
    No declarations of heart,
    No begging, no pleading,
    And no fresh start.

    You have sealed your fate
    With your selfish demands.
    You will never change
    Or wash the blood off your hands.

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  3. 2. I Am Free

    Memories No Longer Rush Back

    Your name is just a name now.
    Memories no longer rush back,
    pouring through my body,
    flooding my mind, drowning my
    senses, when I hear your name.

    My heart no longer wants to
    jump out of my chest to escape
    the string. And it’s no longer
    hard to breathe.

    Your name is just a name now.

    And I am free.

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  5. 3. Let Them Miss You

    Let them miss you.
    Let them wonder what wild joy you’re chasing,
    why you didn’t think to invite them along.
    Let them hear your laughter from afar,
    watch as it pulls the sun from the sky,
    marvel at how easily you become that light.
    Let them yearn to be your moon,
    long for a chance to reflect the warmth you provide,
    admire how you can be so vibrant and alive
    without them beside you.

    Let them miss you.
    Let yourself learn how okay you are
    on your own.

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  6. 4. This Is My Strength

    When you left,
    I immediately deleted your number and pictures
    and pulled our memories from the wall.
    This is my strength.
    This is how I know I’ll survive.
    I cried as I erased you,
    but I erased you anyway.
    I wished you back,
    but I still opened my hands
    and let you go.

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  7. 5. When You Cross My Mind

    When you cross my mind,
    my stomach no longer crisscrosses itself.

    When that song comes on,
    my heart no longer beats to its rhythm.

    When I walk down our street,
    my hands no longer feel empty without yours in them.

    But you’re always on my mind,
    and I play that song on repeat,
    and my feet always seem to take me straight
    to that street.

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  8. 6. When You Left

    I thought it was your light
    that kept me,
    that guided me,
    but when you left and the darkness came,
    I found it was not you
    who glowed;

    It was me.

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  9. 7. I'm Busy Finding Me

    • By Lorelei
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 18, 2021

    I miss you in silence
    And every moment in between
    But I’m a little busy unfolding
    Those pieces of who I used to be
    I miss you at sunrise
    Until it’s time to greet the moon
    But darling,
    Don’t you see,
    I don’t miss you any less than yesterday
    I’m just a little busy
    Finding me.

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    Latest Shared Story

    One has to find themself, I agree, and not be totally reliant on somebody. I know because I was never allowed to live freely; now my independence I treasure dearly.

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  10. 8. Nothing Stays The Same

    I wrote this to help a friend who was going through a hard time. I hope you always find a few kind words to share with those you love who are grieving.

    Everything Changes With Time

    The earth spins like a rolling ball.
    Stars shine bright then fade away.
    Darkness melts and turns to light.
    The sunrise starts another day.
    The sun dips slowly into the sea.
    The moon will wax and wane.
    The sea will rise and fall with tides.
    And you will love again.

    Nothing ever stays the same.
    Mountains change with time.
    Rivers flow and lakes run dry.
    Salty tears will flood the eye.
    Healing follows after pain.
    A crush of grape becomes fine wine.
    And you will love again.
    Yes! You will love again.

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  11. 9. What Healing Is Meant To Look Like

    I’ve been holding on to little fragments of you for a long time, because I could never bring myself to let you go all at once.

    But deep down, I know I need to let go of these pieces. I can’t move on when I’m living next to these reminders of the people we were - the way we wrapped ourselves in each other. I don’t know what healing is meant to look like, but this feels like a good place to start.

    I don’t know
    what healing
    is meant
    to look like,
    but washing
    the smell of you
    from my hoodie
    feels like
    a good place
    to start

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    Latest Shared Story

    I'm very fond of short, powerful, poems, and this is one for sure. Recovery can be the hardest thing we do, but it's always, always, worth it. Good write/read.

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  12. 10. Moving On Was Never Meant To Be Easy

    • By Floribel
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2020

    Moving on was
    never meant to be easy.
    It will hurt, it will be painful,
    it will be exhausting,
    but it will always be
    worth it.

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  13. 11. The Girl Who Wished For A Time Machine

    Everyone has dated someone who couldn't let go of the past. This poem is about a previous love who could not put the past in the past.

    These teardrops beside me flow,
    From a quiet, happy, thankful soul.
    The years taking their expensive toll,
    Her beautiful smile a grand seed to sow.

    She lowers her head to try and sleep,
    But thoughts of the past run long and deep,
    Attempting to make its victim weak.
    Her memory only shows the harsh and bleak.

    She truly wants to clear her mind,
    However, she cannot erase the passing time.
    Wisdom would implore her to leave it behind.
    Therefore, she could enter a sleep so sublime.

    Alas, this poor lass is wide awake,
    Only regret plagues her mental state.
    She never learns from any prior mistake.
    Thus, the smile she forces is for her own sanity's sake.

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  14. 12. My Love

    • By Emily L. Webber
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2019

    My boyfriend split up with me because he thought I deserved better than him. My heart is broken, but I can't hate him for anything, so I decided to write him a goodbye poem.

    You'll Always Have My Heart

    You make me laugh and smile
    when I need a cry, even if it's only for a little while.

    You make me happy when I am sad,
    even when I'm really mad.

    You take the weight off my shoulders and the worry from my mind;
    you really are one of a kind.

    You came into my life and turned it around,
    and with that, our love was found.

    I'll always love you through the bad times and the good,
    even when you eat my food.

    You picked me up when I was down,
    when no one else was around.

    You helped me grow and find who I am,
    and for that, you are a better man.

    Now it's time for us to part ways,
    live our lives and welcome in the good days.

    I'll always miss you, and you'll always have my heart.
    With all my love, your sweetheart.

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    Latest Shared Story

    I relate to this poem so much. My boyfriend broke up with me in a similar manner. He said things were complicated and that he just wanted me to be happy and that I should find someone that...

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  15. 13. Ode To Love

    This poem's about the loss of romance, a love that was magically entranced,
    till fate stepped into the darkness of night and stole a woman's true love of her life.

    A Love That Had To Part

    To everything there's a time and season 
    Time to laugh and to weep for good reason.
    A season for living, to find true love
    And a time to dance with angels above...

    Holder of my heart, vision of my dreams,
    The way you walked, talked and those eyes that gleamed,
    Invading my thoughts by day and by night.
    Darling, you inspire my bleak soul to write.

    Let me compare thee to an April day.
    Showers of rain that bring forth buds of May,
    Shining like the sun beams down now and then
    Making earth become beautiful again.

    How do I love thee? I'll tell you the ways.
    Whispered sweet nothings that raised up my days,
    Being wrapped in your arms, magic we've shared.
    Each precious moment you handled with care.
    To heaven and back, a very long time.
    Time will never erase you from my mind.
    The memories made, I keep as a gift
    Tied up with ribbons and sealed with a kiss.

    Sweetheart, you'll always be my shining star.
    Bright light of my life, where're thou art?
    Tho' I go on with deep pain in my heart.
    Remember these words whilst we are apart.

    I miss you whilst you are out of my sight.
    I miss you now that you're out of my life.

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  16. 14. My Boat

    I think sometimes in love, there's somebody who gives far more than their partner does. This poem is about those who aren't appreciated for their devotion.

    Metaphor Poem For Unappreciated Love

    You were my boat, sleek by design.
    I was your jetty, one of a kind.
    We were deeply in love and made for each other,
    And I promised I'd never harbour another.
    We endured many storms, some big, and some small,
    And I stood firm for you through them all.
    And no matter how fierce those winter winds blew,
    I'd withstand the force and keep hold of you.
    Your delicate nudge when the weather was fine,
    Your smooth polished body, pressing up against mine.
    I was the happiest jetty in all of the sea,
    And I couldn't believe that you'd chosen me,
    But over the years I watched our rope fray,
    And I could see you were slowly slipping away.
    The knots that we'd fastened were no longer tight,
    But I tried to hold on with all of my might
    I couldn't survive without you by my side.
    I never gave up, oh how I tried.
    Then came an angry, tempestuous storm,
    And the minute it passed, you were suddenly gone.
    That day you left me was painfully bleak.
    I stood there, heartbroken and structurally weak.
    I had braved the conditions for so many years.
    Now my timber was heavy, sodden with tears,
    My pylons gave way, the wood didn't float,
    And slowly I drowned still in love with my boat.

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  17. 15. Weight Upon My Shoulders

    This poem reflects the common feeling of being torn between our heads and our hearts when it comes to relationships and opening up again. I wrote this after a failed eight year relationship and much heartache trying to move on from it.

    Learning To Love Again

    The little woman on the left
    the one upon my shoulder,
    tells me I should guard my heart.
    She wants me to make it colder.
    Don't give too much of yourself she says
    please remember all the pain,
    reminds me of the past mistakes.
    She warns it will end the same.
    Your independence will bring you safety
    you are the only one you can depend
    If you never allow anyone in,
    you will never again have to mend.

    There is a woman on my right
    that looks just like the other,
    but she screams at me to love.
    To give my heart to another.
    This time will be different, she says
    don't lose your hope and faith,
    the pain of the past is behind you.
    This fear you must erase.
    Don't keep yourself from feeling
    you will find yourself alone.
    Deep down you wish to give yourself
    and find a heart in turn to own.

    These two women on my shoulders
    both want the best for me.
    They only are trying to protect myself
    from a life of misery.
    But I don't know who to side with
    because they tell such different things.
    One says don't take the chance.
    The other wants what love brings.
    I listen for who's louder
    but their volumes match the same.
    I wonder how much longer
    in limbo I will remain.

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  18. 16. Emotions After Breakup

    • By Peery J Wambui
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2018

    This poem is about having to move on from a breakup but you can't stop wishing things were perfect and wanting your partner close to you again.

    I don't love you,
    But I also don't hate you.

    I don't want to think about you,
    But my mind finds its way to you.

    I don't want to talk to you,
    But I wait for your call.

    I don't want to cry,
    But the pain is intense.

    I want to forget and move on,
    But my being is craving for you.

    I don't want to see you,
    But your perfect shadow haunts me.

    I want to hold you close to me,
    But I remember you're gone.

    I can take it all,
    But I'm only human.

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  19. 17. Forgetting You

    Its time to move on and just let them go. It was fun while it lasted but it's time to close that chapter

    There is a time to love
    And a time to forget
    A time to get rid of
    And a time to close set

    Say goodbye but then say hello
    Forget but never regret
    Pick up the broken pieces but leave them unset
    Feel the pain but let it go
    Take a new step and a new path will grow

    I've loved
    I've lost
    I've hated
    And I've found

    My world goes round and round
    But I don't hold on to what has past
    It's better to just enjoy it while it lasts
    I just let the memories become unwound

    I know what I've done and who I've loved
    I know who I am and what I've become
    I'm glad I met you and all those moments we shared
    But they're memories now, that we both share.

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  20. 18. One Day

    This poem is one I wrote for my Aunt Brandy when she and her boyfriend broke up. It touched her and hit a spot in her heart, and that's why I wrote it.

    One Day He'll Miss You

    One day you're gonna see her,
    But she won't be looking at you.
    One day you'll feel like she did,
    And you won't know what to do.

    One day you're gonna love her,
    But she won't feel the same.
    One day you'll know how it feels
    To have your blue skies turn to rain.

    One day you'll dream of only her,
    But she'll be dreaming of someone else.
    One day she'll feel as if she's in heaven,
    And you'll be feeling as if you're in hell.

    One day you're gonna cry for her
    The way she did for you.
    One day you're going to miss her,
    But she'll be loving someone new.

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    I remember getting my heart broken by this boy. He was in 11th grade, and I was in 9th grade. We met over the summer. He went to my school, and he treated me like I was all he ever loved. In...

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  21. 19. Let Love Go

    • By Kerry P. Howland
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2017

    I wrote this poem with the intention of letting go of someone I love deeply who no longer claims to love me.

    Poem About Letting Go

    His love for you,
    he cannot show.
    For this alone,
    just let him go.

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    Latest Shared Story

    Very effective solution to mental peace has been given just in four lines. But it is easier said than done.

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  22. 20. I Used To Love You

    • By Avery Rose
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2016

    This poem is about how love, no matter how strong, will still fade if unrequited.

    The Stages Of Unrequited Love

    I used to love you,
    Gently, carefully...
    As I was afraid of falling too deep.

    I used to love you,
    Silently, hopelessly...
    Through endless tests of disappointments and jealousy.

    I used to love you,
    Sincerely, passionately...
    With all of my heart and all of my being.

    I used to love you,
    And I hope one day you'll find someone
    Who will love you as much as I used to.

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