Moving On Poems

Moving On Poems

Poems about Letting Go and Moving Forward

Love is a dynamic and changing emotion. Sometimes it grows and sometimes it fades. Moving on from a relationship or marriage, leaving behind a past love, or pursuing a new fling can be scary, uncertain, and difficult. However, the prospect of change and new experiences can also be exciting and a time for discovery. Focusing on the opportunities and experiences ahead rather than dwelling in past memories can help us to move forwards. Our lives are in flux in every experience and moment, and letting go, no matter how difficult, is an important part of that process.

Moving Forward Poems

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  1. Time For Me

    Finally Leaving A Toxic Relationship

    Today I will leave
    And without a fair trade.
    I don't care if this hurts you.
    It was your bed you made.

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  3. I Am Free

    Memories No Longer Rush Back

    Your name is just a name now.
    Memories no longer rush back,
    pouring through my body,
    flooding my mind, drowning my

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  4. Let Them Miss You

    Let them miss you.
    Let them wonder what wild joy you’re chasing,
    why you didn’t think to invite them along.
    Let them hear your laughter from afar,

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  6. This Is My Strength

    When you left,
    I immediately deleted your number and pictures
    and pulled our memories from the wall.
    This is my strength.

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  7. When You Cross My Mind

    When you cross my mind,
    my stomach no longer crisscrosses itself.

    When that song comes on,

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  8. When You Left

    I thought it was your light
    that kept me,
    that guided me,
    but when you left and the darkness came,

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  10. I'm Busy Finding Me

    I miss you in silence
    And every moment in between
    But I’m a little busy unfolding
    Those pieces of who I used to be

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    One has to find themself, I agree, and not be totally reliant on somebody. I know because I was never allowed to live freely; now my independence I treasure dearly.

  11. Nothing Stays The Same

    Everything Changes With Time

    The earth spins like a rolling ball.
    Stars shine bright then fade away.
    Darkness melts and turns to light.
    The sunrise starts another day.

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  12. What Healing Is Meant To Look Like

    I don’t know
    what healing
    is meant
    to look like,

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    I'm very fond of short, powerful, poems, and this is one for sure. Recovery can be the hardest thing we do, but it's always, always, worth it. Good write/read.

  13. Moving On Was Never Meant To Be Easy

    Moving on was
    never meant to be easy.
    It will hurt, it will be painful,
    it will be exhausting,

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