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  1. Battered Woman

    • By Edelwina Asinas
    • Published: April 2009
    Finding The Courage To Leave An Abusive Relationship

    Battered woman,
    When are you going to learn?
    He doesn't love you.
    You're on your own.

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    I am so glad that this poem has touched your heart. This was my life, but I wanted to reach out to the ones who are living my nightmare, hopefully they will be able to take their lives back...

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  2. Whimper In The Darkness

    • By Dick Lange
    • Published: June 2016
    Poem About Children Crying Themselves To Sleep

    Within a darkened, quiet house, tucked in a lonely bed,
    Upon a dirty pillowcase, there lies a tiny head.
    A precious face that knows no love, in tattered rags she's sleeping,
    While high above, the angels who are watching her are weeping.

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  3. Never Give Up Hope

    My Journey To Recovery From Sexual Abuse

    Nine years ago, if you'd have said
    I would be where I am now,
    I would have laughed and thought you silly.
    How could I escape my living hell?

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    This from a broken little girl who screamed for her mom all the time but she never came to rescue her. Then I grew and I learned to live with all the bruises and cuts life had thrown at...

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  4. Running From The Bear

    Abuse And The Fear It Causes

    I've spent many years now
    Running from the bear.
    Just when I think you're gone,
    You once again are there.

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  5. Memory

    • By Cece Garcia
    • Published: October 2016
    Haunted By Memories Of Abuse

    Years have passed; I continue to grow,
    Yet I hold a secret not many seem to know.
    The pain and hurt is still all too real in my mind.
    You did bad things that weren't kind.

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  6. Survivor Of Molestation

    • By Brooke
    • Published: May 2008

    Being molested cut me deep inside,
    and all I really wanted to do was cry.

    The emotions it brought me, I can't deny,

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    When I was about 11years old I met a girl named Penny who had the most beautiful skin, who's father would keep her locked up inside their apartment all day during the summer. She was never...

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  7. The Mask

    • By Rudeenia
    • Published: July 2015
    Poem About Covering The Pain Of Abuse

    The mask I wear is the face you see.
    The mask is so happy, so full of life.
    The mask I wear has eyes that look like they have never seen any evil.
    The mask I wear has a smile so beautiful.

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  8. Trying To Mend A Broken Heart

    • By Rhiannon
    • Published: March 2008
    Abuse By Boyfriend Poem

    I talk to him,
    He talks to me.
    My heart, it swells
    And begs to be free.

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    I am in the same boat. I do love him and I want my children to have a dad in their life, but it rips me apart knowing they will either see their mother being hurt or not have a father in...

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  9. Till The Day I Die

    • By Miranda
    • Published: October 2009

    I told no lie,
    But he is still free,
    Walking and roaming the streets,
    What he did to me was not fair.

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    I am in foster care too. I have been abused by many foster parents your story touched my heart.
    Thank you,
    Sky'e Lynnette

  10. Eternal Sleep

    • By Raige
    • Published: October 2007

    A burning passion,
    An internal rage,
    A wounded animal
    Chained in a cage.

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    This poem reminds me of a little boy killed by his father and stepmother. His name was Arthur Labinjo-Hughes. RIP Arthur, you did not deserve what happened to you.

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