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  1. 41. When I Told My Childhood Good-Bye

    • By Allie Peters
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2009

    For 12 years my sisters and I were victims of sexual abuse by our father. I was very good at keeping it a secret. Eventually it ate at me so much that I turned to drugs. In getting help with my addictions I also received help for my depression and everything came out. I am in the process of prosecuting my father for all the wrong he did to me.

    So small and innocent was I when I told my childhood good-bye
    Why did this happen to me, Only four years old, it scared me
    He made me go to his bed, Rubbing and touching, "I love You" is all he said
    I cried and begged him to stop, Harder and harder, the pain was so sharp.
    How could he hurt and leave me this way
    All I could do was pray!
    Tell, he said, and your sisters will be next
    I kept my mouth shut to protect
    Twenty-two years later, I see it was a lie
    For he hurt my sisters and I don't know why?
    I turned to drugs and let myself go
    Scared and alone, I felt so cold.
    He will never hurt another child again
    Because I will do all I can.
    I will stand up for myself for the very first time
    Look him in the eye and make him pay for his crime
    I am a survivor and I know it's true
    Hopefully someday I'll forgive my father for what he put me through!

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    I went through almost the same with my biological father. Only he never actually managed to do anything to me. He got my step sister pregnant at age 10 and he raped my step brother. When I...

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  2. 42. He's Gone Now!

    • By Penny
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2008

    This poem helped me express my feelings about my situation.

    Even though it was wrong,
    He thought it was right.

    I had been told to keep it quiet,
    Which caused me to fright.

    I was a vulnerable child,
    That couldn't speak out.

    No matter how much i tried,
    I just couldn't shout.

    I never refused him,
    I always ask, why?

    He is an adult,
    So why should I?

    I was always a princess,
    Beautiful and sweet.

    If i was getting attention,
    Why would i speak!

    I then told my family,
    This caused trouble.

    Although it was the truth,
    I began to bubble.

    The police came knocking,
    I started to shake.

    I answered their questions,
    I new it wasn't fake.

    They looked at me,
    It will all be fine.

    He will be out now,
    Doing his time.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my poem it really came from the bottom of my heart and i hope it helps other people to tell people about their abuse issues. xx

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    Hi I know how you feel the same thing happened to me but the man did not get caught he still lives next door to me I see him everyday, no one really now how I feel but I blame myself I suppose x

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  3. 43. Just Your Child

    • By Daphney Martin
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2011

    I was sexually abused for 12yrs of my life. One of the healing aspects, I believed was the anger I had to address, and sadly, it was really hard for me and my mother . My stepfather admitted to all of it. The church had convinced my mother that it was her duty to stick with my stepfather and to adopt me out, So here came my anger and abandonment issues with my mother. My mother and I are very close and understanding now.

    I'm standing in the dark and into the light,
    Can't you see me?
    I am standing in your sight.
    You don't want me,
    You don't need me,
    I'm just a child.

    You just stood on by,
    watched him make me cry,
    He betrayed me every night,
    But to you...I am just a little child.

    Inside, he left me black and blue,
    Yes, Mommy, he "Promised" you!
    But did you ever think what he'd do?

    You were just a passer by,
    Claiming to have no sight,
    Walk on in "I'm sorry" walk on out.
    What was that all about?

    You left me out in the cold,
    I felt so alone,
    The betrayal of your trust,
    I don't think I can let it go.

    Just because....I was your child.

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  4. 44. When He Was Born

    It can never be easy to overcome a painful past, it is always on ongoing journey.

    Child Adopted Raised By Abusive Parents

    When he was born,
    Away he was given.
    With the promises of a better life,
    That he would be liven.

    His real mom just wanted
    More for her baby
    She hoped when he was grown,
    His forgiveness she would have... maybe.

    For the child so innocent, life then began
    Promises made, had turned to a dream,
    His real mom was lied to,
    So it would seem.

    For the second mom was cruel,
    And the child just paid
    She was an alcoholic,
    and for that child, misery was made.

    The new dad tried,
    but an alcoholic he was too,
    His strength to fight the mom,
    he just could not find or do.

    By the time he was two,
    he was running the street
    The fact he survived,
    Was an amazing feat.

    With the parents passed out,
    And no real direction
    How could this child learn,
    His actions needed correction.

    To hide her weakness,
    When school started
    The cruel mother told tales
    But her words were fainthearted.

    She lied to them all
    Said it was developmental
    She had him locked up
    But really... it was parental.

    With no nurturing,
    real love or guidance,
    The years gave way
    to absolute defiance.

    Soon he was a teen,
    His actions were reckless
    For him thoughts of consequences
    Were completely pointless.

    As time passed
    the child turned to man,
    But with his actions
    Others just didn't understand.

    He still continued
    With feelings of defiance
    He couldn't explain
    Why there wasn't compliance.

    What was his problem?
    Even he didn't know.
    But the problems had started
    A long time ago.

    The problem went back to
    When they were drinking
    God only knows
    What his parents were thinking.

    They failed to teach him
    How to cope with life
    Which led him to deal with
    Enormous strife.

    People in his life
    All came and went
    Leaving him with feelings
    Of anger... and discontent.

    Shut them all out
    This was his answer
    To ignore his problems
    Would be his anticancer.

    With this thought
    A wall he would build
    To protect himself was the plan
    Still he was unfulfilled.

    He buried his head
    And focused on racing.
    One glory of winning
    Was what he was chasing

    Then finally in his life
    A special woman entered
    With patience and kindness
    His life became centered.

    She helped with his problems
    And led by example
    Life was better
    The improvements were ample

    Years passed so quickly
    He made her his Mrs.
    She filled his life
    With hugs...and kisses.

    Some problems remain
    That still need correction
    But with time they'll be dealt
    With love...and affection.

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  5. 45. My Home Is Not Safe

    • By Christina
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2007

    There is a predator lurking in this home and too afraid to seek out help. But in the end help is found.

    Get Help With Sexual Abuse

    It's 2:00 PM time to go home,
    He's waiting for me at home,
    I don't want to go home,
    I walk through the drive way to the side door,
    I get this cool feeling,
    I want to turn back, but no where to turn,
    He sees me through the window,
    He is waiting for me in the kitchen,
    He starts chatting to me to make me feel comfortable,
    I feel out of place, uncomfortable,
    I decide to go to my room where I hope it is safe,
    He stops me in the hall way,
    I get scared,
    He grabs my hand and pushes me to the wall,
    I wish it is a nightmare I'm having, it's not,
    He grabs my ass, talking sexual to me,
    I can't get away, I try to push him off
    I can't,
    He finally lets me go, I run to my room and shut the door,
    He follows me,
    He walks out of my room, satisfied,
    I on the bed bleeding and in pain,
    I feel dirty and ashamed,
    I was used as a toy,
    He is 65 I'm only 12
    What am I'm suppose to do, he's my stepfather,
    Do I tell?, too scared,
    I'm scared shit of my mind,
    I feel that it is my fault,
    I tried to stop him, he wouldn't listen,
    After 4 years I finally told a friend,
    The first step,
    That day, she got me to talk to police,
    I was taken out of his home,
    I am safe now,
    Please don't be scared to tell someone
    It will save you

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  6. 46. Sexual Abuse By Mothers Boyfriend

    • By Eleena-Jayde
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2009

    I'm a 17 year old female who was once sexually abused by my mothers long term boyfriend being raped everyday for 3 months makes you feel so dirty and ashamed.

    The day you said it was okay
    to do the things you did
    was the day I closed my heart
    then ran away and hid.

    You said it was ok
    you said it was alright
    but then I grew up
    and then I knew you lied.

    Mother please help mother I need you here
    if only I could tell you
    but there is no need to share
    for if I did I'd fear you wouldn't care.

    Now I know it's over
    now I know its done
    all I fear now
    is what he could have done.

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    I feel very sorry for what you went through, I was sexually abused by my step-dad and I was only brave enough to tell my mother when they had split up, but she didn't believe me and married...

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  7. 47. The Battle Rages On

    • By Cara
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2009

    My teacher asked me to do a research paper on child abuse and then to write a poem about it. So this is my poem, and the story to millions of people who live around the world. Day after day they have to face the same things but know that if they stay strong they can make it through. I will never quite understand this topic like them but I can try to. That is what I have done here. I hope you like it.

    I suffer day and night
    To her twisted delight
    10 years of my life
    Since this man took a new wife
    She pretends she doesn't know
    Even though the bruises show
    I suffer day and night

    Night and day
    Dad sits at bay
    Watching as she walks my way
    Whistling a happy tune
    As I assume
    My position in the corner of my room
    Trying to hide
    From her blow like the force of the tide
    And that's when I wonder
    As I blunder
    Whose side Dad's on
    Because night and day
    He sits at bay
    Watching her saunter my way

    When I lose my pride
    Then I will confide
    But until then the fight goes on
    I will not tell until hope is gone
    I will wear a smile
    For awhile
    But when the light dims
    That's when she wins
    Sometimes I wish
    That I were a fish
    Or maybe a bird
    Who's loud and heard
    But that's when I remember
    That I cannot render
    Because my light
    Still burns bright
    But when it dies
    Then I can cry
    And let my sorrows
    Fill my tomorrows

    Night and day
    Black and gray
    I watch as he sits at bay
    And as this woman walk my way
    Whistling her song
    As she comes along
    But I will not hide
    And I will not confide
    Because I still have the power
    To fight a few more hours
    But when the light does go out
    That's when I will shout
    At this man who sat by
    And let me slowly die
    When all I needed was him
    To finally help me win

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  8. 48. I Thought I Was Daddy's Girl

    • By Christine
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2008

    I live with foster parents because my parents are drug addicts. Writing poems help me think about how others suffer in there oun world just like I have. I think about how I did not get it as bad as others. I want to help others just like I have helped myself.

    Abused By Foster Parents

    why did it happen to me
    why did it have to be
    Know all I see is blood running down my feet
    marks all over me
    crawling for air as if there is something to spare
    doesn't anyone care
    crying out for help no one can hear
    screaming and shouting like a lost soul in the air
    o please o please daddy don't heart me I'm scared
    hold my blanky with my bloody tears but my daddy doesn't care
    I'm only five years old and only get told
    my wrist heart and my ankles burn
    I rather die then to be cained in fear
    daddy don't you care

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  9. 49. I Was Just A Baby

    I was molested by my papaw many times starting at age 3 up until I was 9. I never told until I was sent to a mental institution because I overdosed and was cutting myself because I couldn't cope with it anymore.

    The road I have been down is really scary,
    I'm making it... barely.
    I stay so ashamed of my life because of it's past,
    the memories are still here and I want them gone fast.
    All of the abuse and molestation,
    has caused me so much confusion and frustration.
    The beatings and the cussings has scarred my heart,
    so let me tell it all to you from the start.
    The first time I was only three,
    I was just a baby can't you see?
    It went on until I was nine,
    I thought I would be able to leave it all behind.
    He took me to a broken down bridge,
    he threatened me as he dragged me down the ridge.
    He said if I told he would turn me inside out,
    so I just lay there wanting to scream and shout.
    I remember the way it hurt,
    as blood started pouring out onto the dirt.
    I wanted my mommy so badly,
    while he was enjoying it gladly.
    He covered my mouth and whispered in my ear,
    "It happens to all the bad girls my dear".
    He then forced me to get on top and was making me ride,
    he said "isn't this fun?" as he squeezed my sides.
    I hurt so much and it was to much to bare,
    the sad thing is, he was my papaw and he didn't even care.
    The day was getting darker and was getting cold,
    the "routine" was tiresome and was getting old.
    After I felt something squishy inside of me,
    he zipped his pants and said "that wasn't so bad, see".
    As he headed back to the truck,
    he said "tomorrow will be better when again we fuck".
    He never even helped me put my clothes back on,
    instead he crank the truck and he was gone.
    I spent the night all alone,
    wanting my mommy, wanting to go home.
    He left me naked lying on the ground,
    mommy thought I was safe and sound.
    Morning came, I heard him coming,
    I even heard his humming.
    He looked at me and said "you're nothing but a whore,
    you're the kind of girl I really adore".
    It happened many more times and mommy still never knew,
    she never even had a clue.
    My papaw molested and raped me,
    and no one ever knew they thought he loved me.

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    I feel sorry for you, words are not enough to express how much I appreciated your poem coz it was driven from life. I don't know what do you feel right now but I just wish for you to continue...

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  10. 50. Daddy And His Girl

    • By Aelfin
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2008

    This is a memory I have from when I was a little girl. I don't know if this happened word for word, what I do know is this- My Daddy stole my childhood, my daddy sexually abused me.

    Trapped in a box, eating up the oxygen.
    Breath fast, fast, faster
    Fight to swallow all of my chances.
    Before he comes with the rise of the sun.
    I dread the moment when the light filters in,
    Avert my eyes. I play dead, dead, dead all day.
    He takes his time. I hear him rise.
    And feel the room swell with his bigness as he enters.
    Lifts the lid and laughs. His breath is stronger
    than my little cardboard world. Hands slip down
    Around my waist. I curse my size, I curse my gender.
    He moves in silence, baring his ferocious yellow teeth.
    Our wide, wide eyes. I see myself inside his face.
    lie me down. I don't fight. Because I lost that will when I lost
    myself, to him. Out of control. His warm flesh
    Pressing against my own cold bones.
    Soft safe fabrics pulled down. Power, covering me whole.
    His jaw slides into my collarbone, licking at my childhood.
    And his eyes are closed as he steals another piece
    of his little girl. He almost looks fragile, in that moment.
    I focus on his familiar features, and his long, long eyelashes,
    Tickling my neck. Pressure builds and I bite my tongue
    Hard, hard harder. I make my own pain. Taste the blood.
    And in a final strike it will all be over. Slicing me,
    Scarring me. I feel his sweat and his warmth all over me.
    Short, sharp movement and he moves away from me.
    Cleans me quickly. Arms briefly hold me, lift me.
    Down, down, down into my cardboard world.
    Wipes his stained hands and I know I'm always filthy.
    He doesn't make a sound, as he turns, he goes, he leaves me.

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    I feel your pain. For years my stepfather raped me but it was not until I had my own girls that I could admit it to anyone. My mother stood by me 100% & she is still my rock. I became a nurse...

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  11. 51. The Little Girl Lay So Still

    • By Angielogie
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2011

    I was abused at an early age of 5. When I was 5 I found out my sister was abused too she was 12 at the time. The day I wrote this poem I gave it to my husband to read. He cried as he said that he never really understood the pain of the victim until that moment. This seemed to help me deal with the pain in a new way. I could finally talk about it freely with him.

    The little girl lay so still
    While you crept into her bed
    She pretended not to notice you
    While she sang into her head

    She sang about the sun
    She sang about the bees
    She sang about her mummy
    While you parted her little knees

    You promised her a puppy
    Some sweeties and a doll
    You promised her the world
    You promised her it all

    You told her she was daddy's girl
    Yet you treated her so bad
    You took away her smile
    And the childhood she never had

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  12. 52. Stronger

    I wrote this poem to the guy that molested me. I read it to him in court

    Victim Of Sexual Abuse

    Bottled up inside are the words I've never said
    The feelings that I hide
    You can see it in my face
    You can see it in my eyes
    Trapped inside are the lies I can't replace
    With memories that linger
    Won't seem to go away
    Seeing your face today the same one I blocked from my mind
    Finally giving me closure so I can move on with my life
    I was seven years old and at a friends birthday party
    I didn't know what sex was but you forced it upon me.
    I blame myself for what you did and I couldn't talk about it because I thought I would be in the same place you are today
    I was seven and all I wanted to do was play
    You took all of my innocence away
    Do you know how bad it feels to be scared to stay in the same room as you papa!
    When you were his little angel?
    And not knowing what to say at work to a guy that reminds me of you.
    Or having night terrors all my life because of what you did
    I have been scared of guys
    I've been scared of everything
    I've always had to stay on the safe side so I wouldn't get hurt
    I wasn't allowed to stay the night at my friends house because heaven forbid you might be there.
    I wasn't allowed to trust anyone because everyone was like you
    You can say sorry for what you did
    And I will most likely forgive you
    But you cannot say sorry to that seven year old girl at her friends birthday party
    Because as of today that scared little girl no longer exists.

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    Thank you for sharing your story. I'm praying for you to know real, true love in your life and find some way to have the peace of forgiveness, because you know that you are so much stronger...

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  13. 53. Stolen Innocence

    • By Kristelle Taylor
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2009

    From a dysfunctional family, a young girl found a father figure in a family friend... The rest you'll read for yourself. My wisdom to parents out there - love your children so they don't feel the need to go looking for it in the frightening world out there. K

    I sat alone . . .
    Unwanted, unloved,
    Crying for little more than
    A fragment of love.

    Darkness embraced
    The world I lived in,
    Consuming each breath
    Of light within.

    Broke THROUGH you did,
    Through darkness and chains,
    Freeing me so, from the
    Sadness and pain.

    Awakening MY heart was,
    From its deep sleep.
    Yearning to soar and
    Feel complete.

    Loved and valued;
    Tears in my eyes.
    God heard my prayer,
    Answered my cries.

    YOU gave me wings,
    And will, to fly . . . .

    BUT that was then,
    And what became,
    Was another story
    Or was it a game?

    I WANTED TO DIE . . . .

    Love and trust
    I had so come to know,
    Meant nothing anymore

    Let me escape
    This world of pain;
    Draw my life's essence
    From every vein.

    Take me to a world
    Beyond the veil,
    Where I can be loved;
    AND TRUTH prevails.

    A young girl's innocence,
    Had long time gone.
    Afraid to now live,
    To carry on.

    At age 18
    It was all too much,
    Alone and abused
    I'd had enough.

    Many the questions
    I asked in my head;
    Why would you do this?
    What right did you have?

    31 years I am today.
    As I reminisces
    my life away.

    I also write to tell you of this
    Of how I suffered, the wrongs you did.

    Times heals all
    Is what they say.
    But remain, THIS WILL with me
    Till my dying day. . . .
    Of how someone I loved . . . .

    Stole my innocence away . . . .

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  14. 54. The Monster That Stole My Heart

    • By Christina Knight
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2008

    This poem is about a girl who was sexually abused by a family member and although she is hurt she still lives on and aspires for better things.

    The world is a new place for me
    But why as soon as I entered
    My life was stolen from me!
    Like a thief in the night
    The silence was broken by the
    Break of glass
    Don't have long to live
    For the monster they
    All speak of
    Has taken me
    Stripped me naked
    Left me defenseless from the cold world.
    My soul is bare,
    Of what is to come;
    The monster that haunts my dreams
    At night.
    Will he come?
    Will I have to stay up from fright?
    I pray for the day,
    When I will no longer be scared
    A day when all my wounds
    Will be healed.
    My Lord is the only one who will be
    There when that day comes.
    When I can go home
    And dry my tears,
    And look forward to
    The sunny days
    Starry nights.

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  15. 55. Through A Childs Mind

    This is a poem about raising awareness I wrote it one night when I took a look at my own life and how no one helped me. I hope you like it

    Have you ever wandered what goes through a childs mind..?
    All the abuse and neglect just pushed aside.
    no one knows how he or she feels
    and that no one understands that this pain is real
    when you pass that child on the street
    you don't see that they can't stand on their own two feet
    battered and bruised on the outside
    emotionally wrecked and from others hide
    abused and neglected and all alone
    someday soon she will reach that right hand throne
    no one sees what the childs going through
    all the child wants is help from you
    no one to talk to not even her mum
    nowhere to hide, she wants to be free to run and run
    the teachers see but don't get involves
    sometimes this could get it solved
    don't let this child be sad no more,
    just remember her little heart has tore
    so next time you see this child on the street
    make sure she can stand on her own two feet
    this little child just needs a friend
    before her parents to the grave do send

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    Latest Shared Story

    when I wake up I put on a fake smile
    no one knows how hard it is when they haven't experienced my life style
    it is hard being ignored but worse to be let down and I hate it more than I...

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  16. 56. Was Never Yours

    • By Nouha Awick
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2015

    I'm 28 years of age now and was sexually abused when I was 14 by someone I didn't know. I have been able to move on with life now, but it still haunts me each and every day, but if I let it rule my life that means they win.

    Poem On Refusing To Be A Prisoner Of Abuse

    I never knew you,
    we never spoke,
    but you thought you could take
    what was never yours...

    Your eyes, your breath
    I still feel on my skin,
    your ruthless power
    still kills me within...

    What made you do it
    I will never know
    but I refuse to be a prisoner
    within my own soul...

    My heart still bleeds,
    my soul stone cold...
    if only I could take back
    what you stole.

    I never knew you,
    we never spoke,
    but forever you will have
    something that was never yours.

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  17. 57. Black And Blue

    • By J.D
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2011

    It shouldn't hurt to be a child. 7 simple words that mean more than anyone can ever imagine unless they have personally felt the heartache and pain that child abuse brings. Myself, I cannot imagine because I have not felt it, but I have witnessed it. I've seen the tears, the pain, the anger, the betrayal...everything...it's something I'll never forget. I wrote this poem so more people will realize that abuse is there, even if they can't see it.

    Sitting alone under the night sky so black,
    Nobody knows what she's holding back,
    Pulling her sleeves past the black and blue,
    Once these bruises fade they'll come back anew.

    Looking up at the stars so high,
    Sometimes she wishes she could melt into the sky,
    Out of her eye drops a single tear,
    As she realizes she has to face her worst fear.

    At the thought of home she shutters,
    And a prayer for help she mutters,
    Her angry father's face shakes in her head,
    And her broken heart fills with dread.

    The front door creaks as she steps inside,
    Jumping over beer bottles she runs to hide,
    Sliding under her bed she tries not to make a sound,
    Too late: the floor creaks as she touches the ground.

    She tries to hold back the tears, he hits her harder when she cries,
    But they slip out as the heavy steps get closer, she's terrified,
    The door slams open, the pain is about to come,
    Her dad's clothes smell like smoke and rum.

    He lifts her up by a chunk of her hair,
    Taking the first punch he begins to swear,
    She cries for help, but it's to late,
    He won't stop till he's got out all the hate.

    A daily routine, but tonight it's not the same,
    Tonight the end of the beating never came,
    A few hours later the ambulance arrives,
    Her life is over at the age of 5.

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    That poem very much ought to be published. Very heart wrenching. I am 53 yrs old. A man from a very abusive father. But I have 2 daughters and never ever laid a hand on either of them. ...

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  18. 58. Surviving You

    • By Rebecca
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2009

    I am now 18 and trying to get my head around what was done to me. I suffered abuse at the hands of my cousin who scared me into silence even to this day.

    Tell me what I did to make you treat me so cheaply,
    What did I do to make you so angry and make you beat me,
    You could see I was broken up inside and you just threw me around,
    You left me lying dazed on the ground,
    I did not dare to meet your eyes but prayed you would see what you had done,
    You picked me up and told me we'd have some fun,
    A lump lodged uneasily in my throat my eyes glistening with tears,
    My tiny body exhausted yet knowing the worst was near,
    I wanted to scream and fight you and run for the door,
    You broke me you wore me down but still wanted more,
    Same routine making me incapable of movement that part done hastily,
    Bit by bit ripping my dignity,
    You left me on the bed shaking and broken,
    I'd prayed someone would come please let someone have woken,
    I would lay and go to a place where when I gave a cry for help someone would come,
    And where people don't hurt people who love them for fun,
    I'd talk to my friends who'd come and rescue me from the pain,
    Who'd put their arm around me and take me to places where I have smiles that I do not feign,
    In my dreams they would hold me when I cried,
    They would be there to take me to a place where the angels sang lullabies ,
    They'd take me to a place little girls didn't feel fear,
    Where I would never have to cry or even shed a tear,
    I was sad because I could never stay,
    They promised I'd be with them there one day,
    My friends have always been apart of me and always will,
    They gave me hope that I can climb this painful everlasting hill,
    My friends were my imagination I know that now,
    And how they helped me survive I don't know how,
    You killed my spirit you damaged my soul,
    My foundations my very childhood you trampled on and stole,
    I wanted to mean something and but I know I'm not worth much,
    I wanted a loving role model not your painful touch,
    Everything that happened and seeing your face all the time
    I can pretend I can get over and that I don't care,
    But surviving all this is just the beginning of a long and endless nightmare...

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    I was also abused and raped from 10-14. I got out to another home and was raped again. I tried to tell, but no one believed me, so I just kept quiet. I'm now 52. It still haunts me. my niece...

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  19. 59. To My Kids

    • By Brandy
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2010

    It takes great courage to grab our kids and run.. But that's what I done years ago from abuse. It was really hard but sometimes we have to do it for our kids not ourselves

    My little angels
    I want you to know
    that I love you more
    then words can show
    and oh how I enjoyed
    watching you grow
    but there is one thing
    I want you to know
    just in case
    it's my time to go
    I never meant to hurt you
    if I ever did
    I never meant to yell
    when you was throwing a fit
    I'm sorry you don't know your daddy
    because he liked to hit
    he hit me
    and tried to hit you
    that's why he is gone
    far away from you
    please don't be mad
    it's not my fault
    I had to be strong
    and take you and run
    and start our lives over
    I just want you to know that
    so I hope you see
    you my precious angels
    mean the world to me.

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  20. 60. I Have A Secret

    • By Ciara Coper
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2007

    A Daughter shares her story of abuse at the hands of her Mother

    Mother is there when I get home from school,
    I'm happy there, hyper and playing the fool.
    But as I pull on the handle and turn the key,
    I feel a sense of dread and fear fill me.
    I have a secret, a dark one,
    A secret I've never told anyone.
    Everyday when I come home,
    Mother waits till I'm alone,
    Then she'll hit me with a spoon or shoe,
    Till I bleed, till I'm black and blue.
    Dad left us when I was three,
    Since then all she's done is blame it on me.
    I'm ugly, stupid, tarty, and fat,
    It was my fault he left us, "You hear that you brat?!",
    With a duck and a dive, I sometimes manage to swerve,
    But I know in the end I'm going to, "Get what I deserve".
    Hospital a few times, "I was playing with my brother",
    It's one lame excuse after another.
    One of these days, I'm going to break free,
    One of these days, I'll be truly happy.

    But until then I tell no one,
    I have a secret,
    I'm not telling anyone.

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    I can relate. My mother has done horrible things that made me end up in the hospital, but my dad never left, but he didn't know until I told, so now I'm living with him. Safe, I guess, but I...

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