Abuse Poems

Abuse Poems

Sad Poems on Abuse

The trauma of abuse is never fully gone from a person's consciousness. Its filthy stain leaves its residue on the soul forever. However, like all bad experiences, it is possible to turn this experience into good by developing compassion and empathy for others who have been through this experience. Many people feel that bringing meaning to a traumatic experience is a path to healing. When I turn a negative experience into a tool that brings meaning into my life and others, I am taking the best kind of revenge on my abuser.

127 Thank You to the Victims who have shared their stories

  1. 1. No Way Out From Sexual Abuse

    • By Louise
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2008

    I'm 17 and have been sexually abused for 8 years. It's still not over it completely, and the future doesn't seem too good. So for anyone in my position, please don't feel alone because I know what it feels like. I hope that for every abused child out there everything will be okay. Just don't ever give up the fight because you've done nothing wrong. I just wish someone, somewhere, would try and understand. I know it's hard to be happy...it's the hardest thing in the world. So I wrote this poem to express how I feel. I hope you like it.

    He came into my life
    when I was just a little girl.
    I was happy and young,
    And then he changed my world.

    One night I was in bed,
    And he came to say goodnight,
    except he took a little longer
    before he turned out the light.

    He really hurt me that night,
    and I didn't know what to do.
    I thought it happened to most,
    to every little boy and girl.

    I lay in bed that night
    hurting inside and out.
    Tears streaming down my face,
    I tried hard not to shout out.

    I put that tragic night
    to the back of my head,
    playing games at school;
    there was nothing to be said.

    A year had passed along,
    and then it happened again.
    My mum was out at work;
    it was him and me again.

    I was sat next to him
    just watching the TV
    when he pulled me close to him
    and again molested me.

    I thought it only happened once
    when I had done something bad,
    but now I knew I was wrong.
    I felt alone and sad.

    And 8 years on I got
    the courage to tell someone.
    The police got involved and stuff.
    I was hated by my mum.

    She kicked me out that day
    and stuck right by his side,
    saying I was attention-seeking
    and that it was all lies.

    So in the end it got too much,
    and I told the police I lied.
    Everything went back to normal
    I swear I wish I'd died.

    Everything was going well
    until he sent me those texts
    saying he would kill himself;
    it was all my fault instead.

    So I went back to the police
    and told them it all again.
    He's moved out for now.
    It's investigating time again.

    But my mum still hates me
    and thinks it's all a lie.
    I feel so alone right now.
    I wish I would just die.

    I've told a couple of friends,
    but it's hard for them, you see,
    to put up with something as stupid
    as a teenager like me.

    All I do is mope and cry
    because no one understands
    what I feel inside each day.
    Please, someone take my hand.

    I cut myself sometimes
    when the pain gets too much.
    I hate him for what he did
    and where he used to touch.

    I often think I'll run away
    or step into the road.
    My future seems so black and dim.
    I'm only 17 years old.

    And if the case is dropped,
    he will come back home again,
    and I'll be back to where I began...
    in a world of sadness and pain.

    I hope someone hears my cry
    and says they understand.
    I just don't know what to do anymore.
    I'm scared and on my own.

    So you see, I'm stuck forever.
    I just want to scream and shout,
    but there's something you have to know.
    That for me, there's no way out.

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    So many stories, and yet only one story repeated over and over again in different contexts perhaps, but we all share the crushing sadness of having someone we love betray us and leave us...

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  2. 2. Hush Little Sister

    • By Yerzinia
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2009

    I was abused from the age of four by my family, as was my older sister, who died from the abuse. I am now twenty-one, and this poem is what I sometimes wondered about - if she was looking down on me and helping me survive. When I was rescued at the age of twelve, I was encouraged to write down my feelings, and this poem was something I created back then. This is the first time I've shown it to anyone, and I dedicate this poem to my sister, whom I hope is at peace.

    Hush, little sister
    Please don't cry
    I wish I could be there
    To sing you a lullaby

    I can see your arms
    Bloodied and bruised
    That's strange, little sister
    Mine were like that too

    I know you scream
    When Daddy's there
    Hush, little sister
    I know you're scared

    I can see the way
    He's hurting you
    I'm sorry, little sister
    He did that to me too

    I know that people
    Ignore what's going on at home
    That makes me angry, little sister
    You shouldn't have to be alone

    Hey, little sister
    You want to know why I'm not there?
    It's a sad story, little sister
    But people should care

    You see, little sister
    One day Daddy got high
    You were asleep in your crib
    So you didn't hear my cry

    He screamed at me
    And smashed my head against the door
    While you slept, little sister
    I died on the floor

    You know, little sister
    I don't think that I would have died
    If someone had only bothered
    To listen to my cries

    But hush, little sister
    Daddy's coming home
    Quick, get into bed
    You don't want him to find you alone

    I'm sorry little sister
    He's in a bad mood
    Run while you can

    Uh oh little sister
    He's lifting his belt
    Scream while you can, little sister
    Call for help

    Hush little sister
    You don't need to cry
    No one can hurt you
    You're in my arms tonight.

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    I was abused from age 9-11 by my father. He'd abused other family members before me, like my siblings, all of whom had left him, leaving only me and my little sister still seeing him. He...

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  3. 3. Speechless

    • By Kyra Lee
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2007

    I made this because of personal reasons.
    But I love this poem and would like to touch many people's hearts.
    I fight against child abuse!

    Child Abuse Ends In Death

    My name is Sasha.
    My sister is Leigh.
    I am six,
    And she is three.

    Our dad's always mad.
    He screams and he yells.
    I don't think he likes us.
    It's easy to tell.

    Mum's only kind
    When dad's not around,
    And when he is home,
    She hardly makes a sound.

    Mum's always out,
    Never home.
    Dad's always drunk
    And always alone.

    As soon as we hear
    Those jingly keys,
    We run and hide.
    We run and plea.

    We find a place
    And curl up tight.
    I hold her hand
    And she holds mine.

    And soon enough,
    Dad then walks in.
    Don't make a sound; don't say a word.
    I pray inside, deep within.

    But Leigh, she cannot help herself
    For the pain is just too much.
    "Oh God," she yells,
    "Why are you so mean?"

    He doesn't like what she has said
    And beats her even more,
    And with one last hit,
    Hard and strong, he pulls away and watches.

    She takes one last gasp of air,
    Our hands still holding,
    Then falls to the ground where I sat
    And doesn't move a muscle.

    I stare at him ,
    My eyes so blue.
    He looks at me
    And yells, "O you!"

    "How dare you.
    Make me so mad.
    This is all your fault
    Go cry be sad!"

    My name is Sasha.
    My sister is Leigh.
    I am six,
    And my beautiful sister was only three

    That day my Daddy
    Murdered her.
    My best friend,
    She was my world.

    We stuck together
    Through thick and thin,
    But now she's gone.
    I'm lost within.

    When I was six, my sister three.
    My Daddy murdered Leigh.
    Since that day I have not spoke,
    For it's speaking that made her die.

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    Hi...this poem is so heartfelt to me. I'm currently living with my foster parents from an abusive home. My past is full of rape, physical and mental abuse. I was also used for drugs by my...

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  4. 4. Survivor Of Molestation

    • By Brooke
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2008

    Hello, my name is Brooke Ashlee Finelli and I'm a survivor of molestation. My poems show the feelings I have each and every day. The poems I write aren't just rhyming words, they're the emotions I go through throughout my lifetime. So, I hope you enjoy them.

    Being molested cut me deep inside,
    and all I really wanted to do was cry.

    The emotions it brought me, I can't deny,
    that it left me a horrible feeling inside.

    The pain it brought me, I felt alone,
    and soon I started getting out of control.

    This feeling it was killing me inside.
    That I could not tell my secret that was forever haunting my mind.

    This so called "uncle" was my family and made me do things that I would never want to do,
    and after he finished he'd say nothing but, "I love you."

    What I found so repulsive and vile to me, but I was full of fear not wanting to tell,
    because I knew it would bring me hell.

    Life gets harder day by day,
    but now I don't have to worry about him wanting to play.

    What he wanted to play was not a game;
    it was disgusting and sickening to my brain.

    I lay by my bed, sit on the floor, cross my hands and begin to pray
    because I'm finally happy now that the doors shut and he has gone away.

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    When I was about 11years old I met a girl named Penny who had the most beautiful skin, who's father would keep her locked up inside their apartment all day during the summer. She was never...

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  5. 5. Listen

    This poem is dedicated to all of the young girls who are crying out for help. Maybe someone doesn't believe you now. But keep trying to speak up and get help. Don't end up like the young lady in this poem. A similar thing happened to me. At first nobody believed me but I kept trying to reach out and get help. Eventually a very special person who I explained my story to, helped me before it was too late. The man who hurt me is now behind bars where he should be and he can never hurt another girl for the rest of his life. so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't give up hope. Reach out and get help. No girl deserves to go through what I went through...

    Don't Give Up Hope Get Help

    There is a reflection of pain in her eyes, as she fights back tears.
    Trying to figure out why she has put up with it all of these years.
    Innocence gone.
    Just taken away.
    Struggling to deal with it and be free someday.
    Tries to tell someone but no one believes her cries.
    Just another young girl getting some attention through lies.
    Suicide has crossed her mind but she will not go out that way.
    Thinking well maybe if he can't find me, he just won't rape me today.
    Perfect smile.
    Broken soul.
    Living in this situation that she just can't control.
    Things get worse and he beats her more.
    Loses all self respect for herself when he comes through that door.
    Fed up and full of hope she tried to fight back.
    He pulled out a knife, all she saw was black.
    Out of her misery and out of her pain.
    Put her in such a place that she can't even explain.
    But she tried to tell someone although they didn't believe her cries.
    Just maybe if someone would have listened...this young girl would still be alive.

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    This brought tears to my eyes. I went through something like this a few years ago. But this certainty touched me.

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  6. 6. Sexual Abuse Victim

    • By Tiasha Anderson
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2008

    My name is Tiasha and I'm here to tell others my story! I was sexually abused by my mother's ex-boyfriend! I used to be scared to say anything about the rape, but I knew it was best for me to start talking about it! Although I'm scared to be around any male alone, I've decided to let the world know my story!

    Tears are always running down my face.
    I hang my head low thinking, "What a disgrace?"
    The tears are coming from all the damage you caused.
    What do you want now, a round of applause?

    I've watched you rape and molest me right before my eyes
    Now the only thing left to do is cry
    You stole my virginity without my consent
    PLEASE tell me why this is the way it went

    All I wanted was for you to get off of me
    But getting you off of me just wasn't that easy
    You hit me in my face then ripped my shirt
    Then you pushed it in to the point where it hurt

    I remember it like it was yesterday
    Answer this, will I ever forget about this and be okay?
    The thoughts are crucial & all I can do is cry
    Sometimes I just think then ask myself "why didn't I die?"

    The bastard didn't care if I lived or if I died
    All he cared about was being satisfied
    I feel dirty, I feel low, I feel used
    I'll always know that I'm a victim of sexual abuse!

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    I don't even know where to start. When I was 4 years old i came into foster care with my little sister (she was 2 years old). One day our case worker came to our house to tell us that a...

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  7. 7. Inner Child

    • By Kate
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2008

    To the hurting child in each of us who've suffered the horrors of abuse.

    Hello Dear Jesus,
    It's been a long, long time.
    I hope that you still know me,
    I've been hiding quite awhile.
    I know that you know all things
    Still, I think I should explain,
    The reason I've been hiding
    Is because of all the shame.
    I know that I don't look so great
    For meeting up with you
    But I hope you understand
    I've been alone since I was eight.
    You probably see the dirt marks
    And smudges on my face
    But it seems no matter how I try
    Some things can't be erased.
    They say that eyes are windows
    That peer into the soul.
    I'm afraid that if you look there,
    You'll find it dark and cold.
    I'm not sure why it is, Lord,
    But you won't see any tears.
    I guess they've just been locked up
    Inside me all these years.
    I know that limp and lifeless
    Is my unruly hair.
    I guess that's just what happens
    When no one really cares.
    And if you ask a question
    I won't have much to say.
    I've found that no one really wants
    To hear me anyway.
    And if you care to listen,
    Sit quiet and you'll hear
    How hard my heart is pounding.
    That's because of all the fear.
    You'll notice that I wrap my arms
    Around me all the time.
    I do that for protection
    Of the things that should be mine.
    See, not so very long ago,
    Without an ounce of care,
    Someone took away from me
    Things I never meant to share.
    And if you find I tremble
    When you come close to me,
    It's because of all the dreadful things
    That someone did to me.
    Jesus I'm so sorry
    If these things have saddened you.
    But when I cried out to you
    You never told me what to do.
    I know that in my mother's womb
    You created me
    And I can't help but wonder
    Is this what I was meant be?
    They say that you are everywhere,
    With each and every one,
    But it seems that on those dark nights
    You left me all alone.
    They tell me that you love me
    And I suppose it's true,
    But Jesus, please remember
    That he said he loved me too.

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    What a beautiful poem .. I'm almost 21 and I got molested when I was in 7th grade until my freshman year by my mother's husband. Forced to do things no angel should.. And all he said was that...

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  8. 8. Living In My World

    • By Tiffany L. Holic
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A heartbreaking story of abuse and neglect.

    Poem From A Child Abused Physically And Emotionally

    Late on the dishes, food still on the plate.
    Mommy is mad; Daddy's home late.
    I'm in the corner crying all alone,
    Wishing to myself get me out of this home.
    I'm always getting beaten, never treated well.
    I'm the one child's whose life's a living hell.
    Thrashes on my back, bruises on my face,
    All because I didn't clean up this place.
    I don't have a bed; cement floor is all I've got
    Cold walls, no blankets, not even a cozy cot.
    Laundry not completed, so no dinner for tonight.
    My family all eating, plainly in sight.
    Raggedy clothes, cold feet I must add.
    I know what you're thinking - you must have been bad.
    But that's not the case, honest to God.
    I'm just a misfit, the odd pea from the pod.
    I was cute in the beginning, a mistake in the end.
    Not allowed to socialize, not allowed to have one friend.
    Daddy doesn't like me; he's mean - it's true.
    He yells mean things at me for anything I do.
    He tells me he'll kill me, that I'm going to hell.
    If anyone asks, he'll tell them I just fell.
    Mommy doesn't say much, well nothing at all.
    I'm not allowed to do anything; I have to lay there when I fall.
    Looking all depressed is what I do best,
    But trying to survive is definitely a big test.
    No child should live the life I have to go by.
    Every child should smile and have no reason to cry.
    Living in my world is definitely not fun
    I guess I'm that *lucky* child, that very *special* one.

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    My whole life, my father abused me. For as long as I can remember, he'd hit me, touch me, and say terrible things to me. I always thought I was alone. I felt like no one felt my pain. I felt...

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  9. 9. Abuse

    • By Adri
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2008

    From the mouth of a woman being abused by her spouse, "I wonder if this is how my life will be from now until I die."

    Domestic Violence Poem

    He pulls my hair.
    He slaps my face.
    He kicks me on the floor.

    I love him so much,
    So I don't have the strength
    To walk right out the door.

    There's blood on my face.
    Everything hurts,
    And all I can do is cry.

    I made him mad,
    So this is what he does.
    I wish I knew his reason why.

    My heart won't let me leave him,
    And it hurts too much to try.

    I wonder if this is how my life will be
    From now until I die.

    He says he's sorry.
    He takes me in his arms.
    He even starts to cry.

    I tell him I forgive him
    And that everything is fine.

    For now at least because I know
    It will happen again in time.

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    I can completely relate to your experience. Mine was exactly the same and my thoughts were equal to yours. I was beat 54 separate times and I never could bring myself to call the cops on him....

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  10. 10. While I Was Bleeding

    • By Tania
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2008

    I have lived to tell a story that is not always told. There is so much more that happened prior to the poem. I was abused for one year and nearly died until one person, "a stranger," helped me escape from this man. I almost lost my life while I was being beat. I wish to write a story about this so that people understand that it's not okay and not safe to stay in an abusive relationship. I went through being homeless to no food, to nothing. I am now an owner of a well-known business and have a five-year-old son whom I love dearly, and he has made me forget my past. Whoever reads this, please leave if you're in a abusive relationship. God bless.

    Don't Stay In An Abusive Relationship

    Where do I begin to explain the beating?
    You watched as I sat there bleeding,
    You never cared about my feelings.
    My hurt had no healing.
    Rape after rape, I knew I had to escape,
    never allowed to look up,
    never allowed to talk.
    You beat me so I couldn't walk.
    I remember the day I almost died.
    You laughed, while I cried.
    You beat me so bad while you cursed out my dad!
    I could never withstand the pain, you are insane!
    You played me like a game..
    This time I win, and you; you have committed a sin.
    When you burn in hell, which time will only tell,
    God will ask you, "Why, why the beating of this woman whom you took to love?
    Did you forget who was watching from above?"
    Remember when I hid under the bed from you, what was I suppose to do?
    You kicked me in my tummy.
    I lost our baby and you thought it was funny.
    You degraded me and put me in dirt.
    You loved to see me hurt.
    Now that I have gotten away through my planned escape,
    I have no more tears or any fears, but the memory will last for years.
    God has blessed me, and now I'm not afraid to see.
    I am brave, brave enough to have a child now,
    brave enough to have found marriage,
    and brave enough to believe in love
    thanks to God above...

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    I was abused sexually by an older cousin. He'd put a pillow over my face, tell me to take my nickers off, and then inflict pain on my private areas. He told me he'd kill my brothers, mam, and...

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  11. 11. Daddy's Doll

    I wrote this poem by putting myself in the place of a young lady who shared being a victim of sexual abuse by her own father in a meeting.

    The frigerator is full of beer,
    And the couch is full of crumbs.
    I go to bed and in my head,
    I just know he's going to come.

    For my dear old Dad, has made me sad,
    By playing house with me,
    And you can bet, I can't forget,
    All the things he's done to me.

    For he's robbed me of my purity,
    And he's stripped me of my pride,
    He took from me my virginity,
    And he ruined me inside.

    It makes no sense my innocence,
    Was forced to take a tragic fall.
    I don't know why but I know that I,
    Have become my Daddy's Doll.

    I'm so confused for I've been abused,
    And I don't think he will stop.
    It sounds absurd but If I say a word,
    I know I'll get a pop.

    And I'll have to lie about my eye,
    When it is black and blue.
    I slipped and fell, I hurt like hell,
    But what am I to do?

    It will do more harm if I tell my Mom,
    Because she'll think it's a lie.
    And for a fact, she'll tell me that,
    "Daddy's not that type of guy".

    And because I'm young, I bite my tongue,
    And my tears begin to fall.
    I wonder why I have to cry,
    And be my Daddy' Doll.

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    I used to be my brother's doll. It was just a game to him. He hurt me and would say he loved me. I covered for him for years, both because I didn't want to remember and because I knew no one...

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  12. 12. Sorry Daddy

    • By Keri L. Exsterstein
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    This poem tells a sad story of a little girl who is abused by her father but is convinced it is because she has done wrong. When the doctor's ask her where she got the bruises she tells them she did it to herself.

    Poem About Physical Abuse From Father

    You call me names,
    You curse me out,
    When I make you mad,
    You scream and shout,
    I know you love me,
    and I know you care,
    there's times when you show it,
    but those times are rare,
    I hardly get to see you,
    but the times that I do,
    You're either drunk or high,
    but Daddy.. I still love you,
    You hit me a lot,
    but it's because I do you wrong,
    I must do you wrong plenty,
    since these bruises stay for so long
    I keep my feelings
    locked up inside,
    the bruises and scars,
    I try to hide,
    When the doctor asked,
    who gave these bruises to me
    I didn't tell them it was you Daddy
    I told them it was me,
    I don't know if they believed me,
    but they put this needle in my arm, Daddy I pray that when I'm gone they will do you no harm,
    Daddy I'm getting scared,
    I look around
    and you're no where to be found
    as I take my very last breath,
    I go peacefully, without you, to my death.

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    I’m so sorry you were hurt at 4 and you’re still in pain at 15. I am 55, and I have been where you are, abused, broken, tossed aside, unloved, and unwanted. I found help through a Christian...

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  13. 13. Stronger

    I wrote this poem to the guy that molested me. I read it to him in court

    Victim Of Sexual Abuse

    Bottled up inside are the words I've never said
    The feelings that I hide
    You can see it in my face
    You can see it in my eyes
    Trapped inside are the lies I can't replace
    With memories that linger
    Won't seem to go away
    Seeing your face today the same one I blocked from my mind
    Finally giving me closure so I can move on with my life
    I was seven years old and at a friends birthday party
    I didn't know what sex was but you forced it upon me.
    I blame myself for what you did and I couldn't talk about it because I thought I would be in the same place you are today
    I was seven and all I wanted to do was play
    You took all of my innocence away
    Do you know how bad it feels to be scared to stay in the same room as you papa!
    When you were his little angel?
    And not knowing what to say at work to a guy that reminds me of you.
    Or having night terrors all my life because of what you did
    I have been scared of guys
    I've been scared of everything
    I've always had to stay on the safe side so I wouldn't get hurt
    I wasn't allowed to stay the night at my friends house because heaven forbid you might be there.
    I wasn't allowed to trust anyone because everyone was like you
    You can say sorry for what you did
    And I will most likely forgive you
    But you cannot say sorry to that seven year old girl at her friends birthday party
    Because as of today that scared little girl no longer exists.

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    Latest Shared Story

    Thank you for sharing your story. I'm praying for you to know real, true love in your life and find some way to have the peace of forgiveness, because you know that you are so much stronger...

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  14. 14. Please Don't Hurt Me

    This little girl is...me. I am now 27 and I have a beautiful daughter and son. I couldn't imagine anything like this happening to my children. Because it hurts so bad and scars you forever. I have had 2 step-dads that have done wrong to me. No matter how much time passes it always stays with you.

    Poem About Stepdad Abuse Scars Forever

    Scared and alone a sad little girl cries herself to sleep,
    No hand to hold, no one to tell so alone at night she'd weep.

    Tears falling down her nine year old face,
    she felt so unloved, she felt out of place,
    She told all her secrets to her pillowcase.

    See there was a man much older than she,
    He was suppose to be in love and married to her mommy.

    But her mom would leave and while she was out of the house,
    He would sneak around quiet as a mouse.

    He would find that lonely little girl,
    And ruin her entire world.

    And when he was through he'd look her in the eye,
    And say "if you say a word your brothers and mom will die."

    So she kept that secret through all of the years,
    She spent her time crying all of the tears.

    That man got away with all that he did,
    Trying to make a woman out of a little kid.

    She never told her mom but one day,
    Her mom read it in a journal she had, had hidden away.

    She talked to her mom and they tried to make him pay,
    For all of the years he had taken away.

    So that little girl answered questions day after day,
    Of all the things he would do and say.

    One thing after another, time after time,
    She had to relive all of this in her mind.

    But there wasn't enough hard evidence to make the case last,
    After all of the years that had come and passed.

    So the man had to register as a sex offender for a couple of years,
    For making that little girl cry all of those tears.

    She paid more than he did and still does to this day,
    For now she has a daughter she can hardly let play.

    Because what that man did scarred her like a knife,
    She feels like less of a woman, and feels like he stole her life.

    Every once in awhile she swears she sees his face,
    At a store, a station, just any place.

    And it is enough to send a chill to the bone,
    Will he hurt me again, will he follow me home?

    After you went through misery like that,
    You can never have your normal life back.

    You think about it sometimes, you know he's still there,
    You wonder if he will come and get you, you have to live with that fear.

    Once you have been violated in such a way,
    You can't help but think he'll still get you one day.

    No matter how safe you are, or what anyone has said,
    He could be gone from this earth, but he's forever in your head.


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    Latest Shared Story

    Thank you for sharing your story. I was sexually, physically, and emotionally abused by my step-father from the time I was 7 until I was 20. I know the pain you feel or the anger you might...

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  15. 15. Never Forget

    • By Stacy Brown
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2008

    A poem about a mother facing the fact that her children are emotionally and physically scarred by the abuse from their father.

    Poem From Mom To Abusive Father

    The hate that I feel inside for you
    For all the crappy things you have put them through
    With all of your abuse and all of your lies
    For every tear that left their eyes
    This anger has completely taken over me
    Like a fire burning through a tree
    Like the waves crashing in the sea
    No more will I continue to let this be
    I will not let you hurt them anymore
    I made that promise to them, I swore
    You have done enough to lose their trust
    They now look at you with hate and disgust
    You have scarred my children for the rest of their lives
    I can see just how much every time I look into their eyes
    Tell me how it is that you live each and everyday
    Knowing that you did that and made them this way
    Always scared, hurt, sad, and mad
    How could you ever call yourself a dad

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    Hey guys and girls...I have been battered and bruised by the guy who happens to be my dad (really hate that word). I have endured a variety of tortures from that man who happens to be my dad...

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  16. 16. Courage To Leave Abusive Relationship

    • By Misty Wildes
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2007

    Having the courage to leave an abusive relationship

    From the depths of despair when my world fell apart,
    I felt all alone and heavy in heart.
    My life had been shattered by a tight-fisted hand.
    Who could I turn to; who'd understand?
    So with no self-esteem and in a broken mess,
    I made a decision about my happiness.
    I took all my courage I could find
    To make a stand for myself and leave him behind.
    Those first few months were the loneliest I've been,
    But I knew it was worth it not to be hit again.
    Again in finding myself, I cried a river of tears,
    Learning to love me and facing my fears.

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    Thank you-
    I am finally away from the abusive relationship I was stuck in. He was charged formally by the state and took a plea deal for the two misdemeanors when he held me against my will...

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  17. 17. I Have A Secret

    • By Ciara Coper
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2007

    A Daughter shares her story of abuse at the hands of her Mother

    Mother is there when I get home from school,
    I'm happy there, hyper and playing the fool.
    But as I pull on the handle and turn the key,
    I feel a sense of dread and fear fill me.
    I have a secret, a dark one,
    A secret I've never told anyone.
    Everyday when I come home,
    Mother waits till I'm alone,
    Then she'll hit me with a spoon or shoe,
    Till I bleed, till I'm black and blue.
    Dad left us when I was three,
    Since then all she's done is blame it on me.
    I'm ugly, stupid, tarty, and fat,
    It was my fault he left us, "You hear that you brat?!",
    With a duck and a dive, I sometimes manage to swerve,
    But I know in the end I'm going to, "Get what I deserve".
    Hospital a few times, "I was playing with my brother",
    It's one lame excuse after another.
    One of these days, I'm going to break free,
    One of these days, I'll be truly happy.

    But until then I tell no one,
    I have a secret,
    I'm not telling anyone.

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    I can relate. My mother has done horrible things that made me end up in the hospital, but my dad never left, but he didn't know until I told, so now I'm living with him. Safe, I guess, but I...

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  18. 18. Tears, Tears Go Away

    • By Stephany Manfull
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2013

    I was beaten by my alcoholic father as a child and molested by my uncle. No one knows these things except for a few friends and my journal. I'm depressed, and I cut often to get the pain out. I'd hate to hurt my family, so I try my hardest to stay away from suicide, but I think of it daily...that is the story behind my tears.

    Poem About Reminders Of The Past

    Tears, tears go away.
    Why must you come back almost every day?
    You remind me of my pain.
    You remind me of my past.
    Why can't you go away?
    Just let this happiness last.

    Tears, tears flowing so fast,
    You're telling the story of a child in the past.
    She's stuck with the memory of what has just happened,
    Praying to God one day she won't be broken.

    The bruises, the scars,
    The ones that will never heal.
    She grew up thinking that's how you need to feel.

    This little girl,
    Not sure about life,
    Cut after cut
    Then took her life.

    Tears, tears come as she leaves this world
    "So young, so happy" for all they know.
    Beaten as a child,
    Not loved all her life,
    Backstabbing friends.

    Oh wait that's my life....

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    You're definitely not alone in your suffering. Like you, I was abused by my stepfather and an uncle and have struggled daily to deal with the pain. I was in the third grade when mine started...

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  19. 19. Dear Mr. Jesus

    • By Jessica Martin
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2008

    Asking Jesus to save her from a bad situation.

    It looks like I will see you soon!
    Mommy and Daddy are arguing.

    It started around June!
    Mommy hit me, when Daddy drove away!

    I went upstairs and hugged Mr. Fluffy
    And I prayed that everything is okay!

    Daddy came back,
    while Mommy was not there!

    He grabbed me by my wrists!
    and took my teddy bear!

    I saw him tear off Mr. Fluffy's head!
    Then he took off his belt and whipped me!

    But nothing could be said!
    Daddy hit me, when Mommy walked through the door

    I though she would stop him!
    But she added more!

    Mommy was drunk
    and Daddy was high!

    Mommy burnt me with her cigarette
    and yelled at Daddy goodbye!

    My eyes were black,
    and my stomach was bruised!

    I had 3 broken ribs
    and a loose tooth!

    I stopped going to school
    cause I didn't want to explain

    that my parents are so cruel
    and why I am going insane!

    I can't move my body,
    cause Daddy stabbed me in my spine!

    I would rather be dead!
    then live this life of mine!

    So..Dear Mr. Jesus!
    I will be with you tonight!

    I do love my Family!
    But I cannot win this fight!

    I know you will take care of me!
    As my spirit lifts away!

    and when I see you
    everything will be okay!

    I know I will be loved more up there!
    Because Mommy and Daddy hated me!

    and you have more love to share!

    The only thing they loved,
    was hurting me!

    They don't care about my heath,
    cause all I ate was dirt!

    So Mr. Jesus!
    I cant wait to see you!

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    Latest Shared Story

    Hi there
    I hope you have gathered enough strength to be able to see another day, saying I am sorry to you would not make any difference now. I admire your courage to share such a heart...

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  20. 20. Before I Sleep, I Cry

    • By Alison
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2008

    I don't like to sit upon your lap
    and cuddle close to you
    I don't like it when you touch me
    and do the things you do,
    I know I shouldn't do it,
    although I don't know why,
    but every time it happens,
    before I sleep, I cry.

    Don't tell me that its all my fault,
    or that I'm the one to blame,
    because I am just a little girl,
    and I can't share your shame,
    Don't smack me when I'm not naughty,
    and don't watch me get undressed,
    Don't let me see you without your clothes,
    And when it's time for bed PLEASE LET ME REST!!!

    Soon it will be time to go,
    And mum won't let you near me,
    Then when I give a cry for help,
    Someone will be there to hear me,
    I'll be glad when I don't have to stay here,
    Then you'll leave me alone,
    I'll be glad when I'm a big girl,
    and then I can take a bath on my own!!!!!!

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    I was sexually abused by my blood dad when I was just 12 years old. The coward not only sexually abused me but my older sister too. The sexual abuse went on for 2 years and I stood quiet. I...

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