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  1. 21. Story Of Her Wrists

    • By L. Ferguson
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2013

    This poem is about my best friend who confided in me recently. She told me she hated herself, her image, her body and her general life, which I did not understand because I thought she had the perfect life. She has a doting boyfriend, her family's amazing and her friends were always there. I was wrong. We talked for hours and I began to see behind the smiles and the laughs and saw the pain she was going through. I just wanted to write something to show I do understand her and I am there always.

    Poem About When A Friend Opens Up

    She smiled a pretty smile
    But it started to twist
    You see her smile told a story
    And so did her wrists
    Her life was simple
    Not exciting, nor fun
    Three brothers and a sister
    A dad and a mum
    Blonde hair to her rib cage
    Blue eyes to match the sea
    She had her goals and aims
    And she let them be
    She had holes in her body
    But no ink on her skin
    She hated her structure
    She wanted to be thin
    Her boyfriend loved her
    And her friends adored
    But her heart was bruised
    Swollen and sore
    She took an old razor
    And broke it into three
    Causing wounds on herself
    Letting blood flow free
    She smiled a sad smile
    On a constant twist
    You see that smile told a story
    About the scars on her wrists

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  2. 22. Fairytale Girl

    • By Annabel Lee Winters
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2016

    I thought of this poem after watching a romantic movie with my friends. I was making fun of it the whole time while they were intensely watching. I really love this poem; it's probably the best I've ever written.

    Being Secure With Who You Are

    I'm not that girl who's loved by all.
    Don't wear dresses or go to balls.
    I'm not the kind who likes to sing.
    Don't dream of wearing a diamond ring.

    I've watched the movies
    A hundred times.
    Promises of a tall, dark,
    And handsome
    Boy in disguise.

    But I know there's more out there
    Waiting for me.
    My dreams come in
    A different variety.

    My blue jeans,
    My sneakers,
    My hopes and dreams
    Have a fairytale ending
    Just for me.

    So goodbye Cinderella,
    'Cause I'm on a roll.
    Don't need a prince charming
    To have or to hold.

    The way I am is perfect,
    No doubt in my mind.
    I'm different, I guess,
    And I guess I don't mind.

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    Latest Shared Story

    I am like this. I do not want a prince charming in life. I am strong enough to take care of myself, and I will be independent as well. Super proud to be a girl!

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  3. 23. Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

    • By Madelyn F. Lanier
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 25, 2022

    This poem is about how girls are often taken for granted and corrected, regardless of how hard we try. This often stems into insecurity that sticks with us for the rest of our lives. Everything I mention in this poem is something most girls have thought about, some time or another. Everyone is perfect the way they are! Jesus loves you! Remember that you are a daughter of the King!

    A Poem About Unhealthy Expectations For Women

    Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
    I have an inquiry, it's not at all small

    Cinderella, tall and fair,
    Does she ever worry about her skin or her hair?

    Oh, Snow White, fairest in the land,
    Does she get insecure about her arms or her hands?

    Beautiful Aurora, sweet, yet not witty,
    Does she cringe when people say, "Well, at least you're pretty"?

    Kind and smart Belle, always stuck in a book,
    Does it hurt when they say, "Women should just clean and cook"?

    Elsa, the ice queen with a loving sister,
    Does she scoff when people say, "You need a mister"?

    Warrior Mulan, courageous and strong,
    Is she ever told, "Be more ladylike, you're sitting wrong"?

    Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair,
    Does she ever wonder if people even care?

    Do they ever find fault in their thighs or their hips?
    Do they ever critique their nose or their lips?

    I'm not a flawless princess, not a picture of perfection
    I'm a normal, modern girl left with criticism and correction.

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  4. 24. The Dark Man At The Door

    • By Kayla M. Callahan
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2017

    I wrote this poem because my dad is hard to live with and I have so much anger bottled up inside of me. I wish I didn´t have these feelings because he is still my dad and I love him regardless of how he treats me. Once in a while I do hear nice things from him, but mostly he has harsh words for me.

    Verbal And Emotional Abuse From Dad

    The man at the door,
    I fear his every word,
    For they pierce my heart
    Like he stabbed it with a sword.

    Staying calm
    Is such a joke.
    Staying quiet
    Will make me choke.

    The hate and screams
    Come with a price.
    The words that fly
    Have never been nice.

    I cry and cry,
    For my heart has been shattered.
    I feel broken and bruised,
    Beaten and battered.

    Wishing I could hear
    That I've done a good job.
    Instead I get told
    That I am a snob.

    A horrible child
    That gets put down.
    Each day ends with his
    Face in a frown.

    I´ll never be good enough
    To please him, I see.
    He will never stop
    Being so mean to me.

    I am scared and alone
    My spirit is poor,
    For I am always fearing
    The dark man at the door.

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  5. 25. She's Gone

    • By Sam
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2013

    I wrote this after I realized that me being the only girl wrestler really tore my family apart. I always was too happy and proud to see it. Now that my eyes have truly opened, I see what I have done. So truly like the girl in this poem, I guess I admit defeat. I finally have broken, and this poem concludes it.

    The girl who always smiled, frowned
    The girl who always laughed, cried
    The girl who was determined
    Finally gave up and died

    She went away
    One blue and grey old day
    She didn't sing
    She left her rings
    She didn't even
    Pack her things

    She slowly dragged
    Her eyes in bags
    Down the hallway
    Out the door
    To be forgotten
    Again once more

    She said nothing
    As she walked away
    She didn't even
    Last the day

    We watched her go
    And disappear
    Into thin air
    Far away from fear

    We never saw that girl again
    We never saw her pain that she thought she'd ever feel again
    It seems to me
    That the girl we knew
    Slowly got up
    With her words that she withdrew
    The girl we thought to never cry
    Finally gave up
    And finally died

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    Latest Shared Story

    I know a girl like this. Everybody thought she would always stay and then one day she left. I tried to help her, but she pushed me away and left, so this poem touched me.

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  6. 26. Standing Tall On My Knees

    • By Shaja
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2018

    I'm a 16 year old girl, and 4 years ago I became depressed. I struggled a lot, and my faith was shaken, but God saw my heart. He knew that I was fighting and that I was tired. I didn't see a solution, and I tried to commit suicide. But God didn't permit me to do this because He had chosen me before I even began to grow in my mother's womb. I'm grateful to Him, and I'm ready to be used by Him.

    Finding Your Strength In God

    I ask myself every day
    How much more must I sustain?

    Am I strong enough
    to go the extra mile
    or to even smile for a little while?

    You are my knight in shining armor.
    You heard my cries.
    I no longer have to be in disguise.

    You changed my name
    when I was able to finally give you my pain.
    I'll never be the same.

    Now I'm standing taller
    but on my knees,
    roaring louder
    than my insecurities.

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  7. 27. Untamed

    • By Caitlyn Collins
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2011

    I wrote this when I was sitting in my room and I got the feeling that I had to write it out instead of keeping it all inside me...

    Poem About Being Abused

    Sitting in a corner, so scared and afraid,
    He's standing there yelling at me,
    and he's the one to blame.
    Marks across my face,
    From where he had hit me.
    People always say that I've got it easy.
    Bruises on my back,
    The blood courses through my veins,
    In this dark old room,
    There is something untamed.
    Scared to say a word,
    Just one word to come out,
    For no one knows what happens when the beast has made his rounds.
    People always stare at me.
    I now know what they say,
    For all these scars left on my wrist,
    The past has been revealed.
    I do it one last time,
    So no blood runs through these veins.

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  8. 28. Perfection

    • By Michelle R. Kidd
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2016

    I have dealt with a lot of self-loathing over the past few years. This is my way to vent some frustration. I hope you enjoy.

    A Poem About Acceptance

    I watch as she falls again under the burden
    They placed on her.
    I watch as she fights, as she fails,
    As she begins to lose herself.
    I watch her fade.
    I watch her as she changes
    And becomes who they want her to be.
    I watch her hate herself.
    I watch her as she tries to become
    What they call "better."
    I wish I could tell her...
    To me she's perfect.
    Every curve,
    Every edge.
    Why can't she remember
    Her heart is more important than her hair?
    Why does no one tell her she is beautiful, gorgeous, perfect?
    All I can do is watch, wait for her
    To realize what I've known all along.
    Indescribable beauty.
    Flawed as she may be,
    Those flaws are what make her perfect.
    I can't watch as they crush her
    Until she fits in the mold they have made for her.
    I watch as she begins to change herself
    To be the "perfect girl."
    Doesn't she realize
    Those curves are what make her beautiful?
    I hope...
    I pray...
    I wait for her to see what I have seen all along:

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  9. 29. I'm Gay

    • By Cj Curtis
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2009

    I am 16 years old and live in Australia. My parents were bad people, so I was removed from them and placed in foster care. I've grown up my whole life taking one step forward, two steps back. But now with my realizations and friends, things are starting to pick up.

    Poem About Being Proud To Be Gay

    I once loved one man, he took my only heart
    and right there in front of me, he ripped it apart
    I know he didn't mean to, and the fault is mine to blame
    but the guilt and pain remains all the same
    but now I understand why he ran away
    now I understand why he didn't stay
    he was afraid to love and afraid to take a chance
    he was afraid to leave and make another stance
    he was afraid to make his mark on society's wall
    he was afraid to take a leap, as he could fall
    he would have rather stayed inside that rotting jail
    he rather stay with society, even though I paid bail
    he made his mind and stayed with society
    even though he had his chance to be free
    so now as I sit outside society's dream
    I linger like a nightmare, making people scream
    they say it's just a phase, that I'll get over it soon
    they say it's a disease, like the werewolf and the moon
    but deep down in my heart, I know it isn't so
    because I have to be strong, so I can show
    people like the one man who threw me in a bin
    that no matter how hard they try, we will never give in!
    'cause what's the point of hurting us? so we can feel bad?
    so we can understand what it's like to be sad?
    well, we already know just how it feels
    'cause it is so hard for us to reveal
    that we like the same sex, and who really gives a damn?
    'cause in the end we all still go all cold and clam
    so who cares if I'm gay? I am proud to be
    because in my world I take it as a victory
    that I can make a choice and stand from the rest
    be an individual and try my best
    and kids at school may laugh at me and call nasty names
    but you know what? it doesn't matter, it's all a game!
    'cause later on in life they will suddenly see
    that the reason I was gay was because it was me
    so go on and call out names and raise your heads so high
    but remember who I am, just before you die
    remember that I was strong and managed to pull through
    and remember that if I can do it, then so can you
    so today I stand and say that I am proud to be gay
    and if I had a choice... I'd have it no other way!

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    I am 43 years old now. When I first realized I was gay, I was around 16. Looking at all the boys in the locker room and how they sized each other, I realized that I was falling in love. Now...

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  10. 30. Another Long Night

    • By Ellie M. Lightman
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 19, 2021

    I have a hard time sleeping at night for a bunch of reasons, a few being I'm afraid of the dark, I hallucinate and have nightmares. I wrote this poem one night when I couldn't sleep instead of just laying in bed feeling trapped.

    The Fear Of Night

    In the night they come and go
    Making fun of all I know
    Twisting time and thoughts and matter
    And tell me I'm the Maddest Hatter

    Scared of clowns and dark and light
    Suppressing panicked fight or flight
    Painted faces on the wall
    And I don't feel myself at all

    Dripping smiles cold and fake
    Scarlet teardrops in their wake
    You're alone-will always be
    No one comes, you stay with me

    Day can't save you from the night
    We can chase away the light
    We can always corner you
    And we'll retell the tales you knew

    In the night we watch you sleep
    Watch you writhe in painful peace
    We call ourselves insanity
    And don't care for reality

    Now don't cry
    There's nothing wrong
    You're pathetic -
    Sing your song

    Monsters come and monsters go
    Dread the world you've come to know
    Dream or real, we'll never show
    Try and force your pulse to slow

    Sweetie you can't make them stay
    Cause your poison finds a way
    Infecting everyone you love -
    "Poison" fits you like a glove

    And now we go to catch our flight
    But we'll see you tomorrow night
    Pack the faces and the limbs
    That were singing hellish hymns

    We've become quite fond of you
    And we hope you'll miss us too
    Panic, anger, fear, and numb
    Call us and we'll always come

    Get some sleep, it's morning now
    I can't sleep; I don't know how
    I know you think I'm crazy right?
    No, I'm just fearful of the night.

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  11. 31. Who Am I?

    • By Bayley N. Pate
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2019

    Being a teenager is hard; you go through so many life-changing situations that change a lot about you. The whole time you go through these things you're trying to find who you really are. This explains how I felt trying to find myself and trying to escape everyone else's expectations.

    Poem About An Identity Crisis

    I try to be the good girl,
    The girl who has it all together,
    But I'm not.

    I'm the girl crumbling into pieces trying to find herself,
    The girl who isn't sure who she is but knows what she has to be,
    But that isn't the real me.

    The real me wants to escape from that trapped box of everyone's expectations.
    It seems impossible.
    I want to find me.

    But it seems to be the hardest thing that can be.
    Who I am is up to me, but you see,
    No one seems understand that part of me.

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    This poem is so relatable, at least to my life. Those expectations everybody has for us are so much bigger that in trying to achieve them we lose ourselves and then a time comes when we...

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  12. 32. Catch Me When I Fall

    • By Bella
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2011

    A 13-year-old girl writes about how she wants people to be there for her always.

    When tears fall
    And wet my cheeks...
    I want nothing more
    Than for a hand
    To be there to catch them.

    When something
    That makes me happy occurs,
    I want nothing more
    Than for a camera
    To catch the memory.

    When out of
    Spite I throw something
    I want nothing more
    Than for a friend
    To catch it.

    When I trip
    And fall,
    For anyone,
    I need nothing more
    Than for you
    To catch me.

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    Latest Shared Story

    I am 14 years old and my dad died when I was 2 months old and I still have a good mom and brothers. Plus there is this one girl that I love and she likes me to but she has a boyfriend.

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  13. 33. Life Is Worth A Try

    This is a poem I wrote about how trials are actually good for people here on Earth. I wrote this poem to give advice to those who are having a hard time in life. This was inspired by the many trials and afflictions that I face daily, and the content in the poem is what I tell myself constantly when I face them.

    Poem About The Necessity Of Trails

    Along this huge labyrinth
    That we call life,
    You will face great trials,
    Adversity, and strife.

    Now pay attention,
    Because life is tough.
    I have a few words
    To help you face bad stuff.

    My message is that
    When the going is rough,
    There is still a lot of hope,
    Even though life is tough.

    Follow your heart!
    Stay safe and secure,
    Because darkness can strike
    When you are unsure.

    Although the world's dark,
    There's still much light!
    Even though it may seem
    As though life's a huge fight.

    Amid all the trials,
    Life really is neat.
    You are here to learn,
    Which is quite a treat!

    You will go through hard times,
    As everyone should,
    Because without all the bad,
    How can we know good?

    If our lives were easy,
    If we couldn't fall,
    And without all the trials,
    Will we learn at all?

    The answer is no.
    The trials are there
    To help us grow stronger
    And to help us prepare

    For what glory we'll gain
    After we die.
    Though the trials are hard,
    Life is worth a try!

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  14. 34. Daisies

    • By Mia Bledsoe
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2015

    I live in Texas and am in the 8th grade. This is only the second poem I've ever written.

    Poem About Middle School And Change

    When I see daisies,
    Memories I recall
    Of a game I learned when
    I was oh so small.

    Plucking each petal one at a time.
    He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me,
    I sang every line.

    Happy, carefree in the midday sun.
    I felt engulfed in a world of joyous love,
    Falling asleep when the day was done.

    The world has changed,
    And so have I.
    As a teenager, I have become
    Somewhat shy.

    I wish I could wrap myself in a silk cocoon
    And escape this middle school drama
    Until early June.

    Emerge a butterfly into the summer sun,
    I would fly to the daisies
    And have fun, fun, fun.

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    Latest Shared Story

    I really liked the poem. It really throws you back to childhood. Makes me remember when I was smaller. Your writing transmits feelings of melancholy and nostalgia so well. Wishing to go back...

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  15. 35. This Is Who I Am

    • By Megan R. Bentz
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2016

    I wrote this poem for my history class, and it expresses who I am in a way but also gives the reader a chance to see who they think they are.

    Surviving A Difficult Time In Your Life

    This is who I am:
    I am a fighter.
    I have a lot of baggage from my past.
    I may have some experience and some wisdom,
    But I know there is a lot more to learn.
    I will continue rising from the ashes
    Until the end.
    Nothing can stop me
    From being who I am.
    So who are you?

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  16. 36. Decisions

    This poem expresses concerns and questions that have run around inside my head as I've been trying to decide what to do with my life. I still have questions, but I've remembered that I can always pour out my thoughts and feelings in prayer so that God can help me along my way. If you are in a situation where you don't know what to do, I encourage you to pray and ask in faith so you can understand God's plan for you and you can then know what to do.

    Deciding Your Path In Life

    What is my purpose?
    To sing a song,
    To play along?
    To write a poem,
    To go and show 'em?

    Do I forge my own path?
    Be something new,
    Not the ones who flew?
    Dust off myself,
    Not leave her on the shelf?

    Who do I share it with?
    Is he the one;
    Should my search be done?
    Am I too young
    To reach for this next rung?

    Why do I ask myself?
    Doesn't God know
    Just what seeds I'll sow?
    Why don't I pray
    So I don't have to stray?

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  17. 37. Scars From School

    • By Cherish Uzodinma
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2011

    I had to write a poem for my school about the year ending and I found it so hard to do.. so I just wrote with my heart and I hope it reaches out to people b'cos it means a lot to me

    I remember back in the days
    When I got scars in primary school
    Over the years they healed and faded
    But they helped me a lot
    So now you and I are over
    A separation process has begun
    And more scars will be formed
    When in retrospect you and I, us, we never existed.

    We've reached The Cross Roads of Life
    Now's our chance, we have to choose
    And we can continue going straight
    Continue running through life
    Making a mess of everything good in our lives
    And not even having the guts to admit it.
    Falling down and not getting back up
    Letting anything spread through our bodies
    Until we are completely unrecognizable.

    Or we can change direction
    Go left or right
    And instead of running through life we walk
    We meet people, kill time, and fall down
    But we get up and we dust ourselves off
    And tend to the scars and bruises
    Because they show is right from wrong
    Our scars change our lives.

    Those Scars are your friends
    But not them ones that you see in the corridor
    Who you pass with a polite smile
    That is what you dust off when you get up
    They won't leave a single impression on your life

    Scars are the friends that may fade
    But still made an impact on your life
    They help, guide, and protect you
    They are the best things that have happened to you life
    They are what make, your day
    And we can only thank God for them
    Because he gave us those scars
    So that they could change us and we could change them.

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  18. 38. Lost In The Mist

    • By Destiny.R
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2014

    I had felt lonely and not sure of myself. I fought depression and always said I was "fine," but one day I opened up to someone, and as the days progressed, I realized I was falling in love with him.
    He helped me through it, and I am forever grateful for that.

    Love Helping With Depression

    As the doors lock closed,
    with a juddering "click,"
    my tears come rushing down
    in a waterfall of sick.

    Trying to avoid the pain,
    the malice,
    the fear,
    but I'm feeling hazy, unclear.

    I'm running from something,
    and I try not to scream,
    but the arms enfold me,
    a knife slicing with a sheen,

    I cut,
    and I fall.
    I cry,
    and I bawl.

    In the embrace of darkness,
    I feel all alone.
    It's in my blackened veins,
    in my broken soul.

    Lost in the mist,
    with no way to see,
    as the frozen hand of death
    slowly enfolds me.

    Lost in the mist,
    with nowhere to go,
    wishing that something, anything,
    will show.

    And just as I felt myself
    slipping away,
    a face appeared out of the darkness
    to save the day.

    It shone brighter than sun,
    eyes that twinkled with stars.
    He came down and held me
    and unlocked the bars.

    He helped me get through,
    his voice soft and true.

    And at night,
    when the stars are shining,
    and the moon is too blinding,

    when the pain gets too much,
    he heals it with a touch,

    a whisper,

    a word,

    and I'm flying free,
    like a bird.

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  19. 39. At Last.. Happiness

    • By Bryttani Howard
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2011

    Life was rough and still is but I'm getting through it. I've been doing stupid stuff since I was 9 years old. It's about time I stop.

    Popping pills all the time,
    Even though I know it's not right,
    Cutting deep into my skin,
    Gripping my blade tight.

    Always trying to look my best,
    When I actually look my worst.
    I thought alcohol
    would refresh my thirst.

    I planned to have kids when I got older,
    I want good things to tell.
    But why I would I tell my children,
    that all I wanted was to go to hell?

    I had too many problems.
    physically abused and bashed.
    my arms, wrists, and legs,
    had been both bruised and gashed.

    I thought of myself,
    As a strong Girl.
    I wasn't strong at all..
    Than I hit reality and realized life was real.

    I had decided to stop,
    and do what's right to get my life on track.
    I realized so much had been wasted
    and I needed to change because I could never take it back.

    I'm a better person now.
    I'm about to turn 16.
    I can't believe how stupid and young I was,
    and how I was so keen.

    All the drugs and the alcohol,
    the cutting and pain.
    Have all disappeared,
    now I'm one step ahead in this game.

    I'm finally happy.

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  20. 40. Blank Paper

    • By Kym Nunn
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2014

    I am in my teens and had a very hard time at school in my younger years. My mother and counselor have helped me deal with it. All the kids I know have found their special talent but me. My English teacher gave us homework to write a poem. I have never written a poem in my life, but just maybe I have found my special thing. I've learned now when I'm sad or upset to sit down in quiet spot with a blank piece of paper and just write things down until I feel better.

    Poem About Writing Poetry

    A piece of colored paper,
    with no dialogue or animation,
    can strike a drawer's
    or writer's utter fascination.

    When an extra hand comes in contact,
    with a rectangle that is clear,
    as taping a pencil stresses,
    to think of an idea.

    With so many different options,
    that might all be the same,
    when they are all put together,
    it could just have a name.

    But if tried a little harder,
    to think of what to write,
    then just maybe the page,
    won't forever stay white.

    A page can hold secrets,
    that many try to find,
    though will never be found,
    unless you use your mind.

    It could have a certain type of meaning,
    that a teacher tries to test,
    with changes here and there,
    so the students have no rest.

    A page can be a canvas,
    to the drawers with a need,
    to take out their emotions,
    so their mind can be freed.

    But just one little mistake,
    just one little tear,
    ssrrcchh goes the canvas,
    one less picture for a fair.

    A page can be a story,
    for writer determination,
    to inspire many children,
    with great imagination.

    They can be about heroes,
    that have armor as shiny as the sun,
    that fight medieval dragons,
    until every deed is done.

    Many people have trouble,
    when they are given the chance,
    it's only for areas on,
    so your skills can be enhance.

    A blank sheet in front of you,
    is a great possible thing,
    if you just use your imagination,
    who knows what it will bring.

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