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  1. Blank Paper

    • By Kym Nunn
    • Published: March 2014
    Poem About Writing Poetry

    A piece of colored paper,
    with no dialogue or animation,
    can strike a drawer's
    or writer's utter fascination.

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    Life is full of regrets. Well lets say I was born to face all these horrible things and make all these mistakes but even today the question is why don't we get caution signs so we can know...

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  3. Missing Piece

    Doing The Right Thing

    You do what you're suppose to do,
    with no frown or fuss.
    Not because you want to,
    but because you must....

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    I have dreams,
    Dreams that only I can see,
    Dreams that no one understands.
    I want to be a singer.

  4. Trapped

    • By Glendian Robinson
    • Published: October 2013

    Lost in the confusion of my mind
    Looking for a way out
    Held captive by my own fears and insecurities
    Caught up in my emotions of love & lust, joy & pain...

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    Your poem is beautiful. In truth it's really sad, because even though we have different lives, this poem is exactly where I'm at. It's like growing up and seeing things you couldn't see as a...

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  6. How Hard Life Can Be Rap

    • By Maxwell Horwitz
    • Published: May 2014
    Advice from A Guy Poem

    Well I'm here to tell you about how hard life can be,
    It's a really challenging game as you can see,
    There are bullies and obstacles along the way,
    You even have to go to school every day,...

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  7. To Be Free

    Poem About Enjoying Life And New Beginnings


    At last I'm free from the cage.
    No longer am I filled with rage.

    I am free from all stress,

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  8. The Road Of Life

    • By Makayla Carter
    • Published: December 2013
    Poem About Life And The Struggles I Faced

    You are a strong individual, bright and talented.
    You just fell off and you need help getting up.
    But you are ashamed, ashamed to let people know you are scared.
    You crawl through the hate and pain so that no one will see you trying to pick yourself up....

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  10. I'm A Girl Too

    Poem By A Tomboy

    I'm a tomboy, that is true,
    But at the same time I am still a girl too.
    Just because I don't express my feelings,
    Doesn't mean I don't have any, because I do....

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    I have been a tomboy for a year. I also have like a million boys who are friends and just a couple girls. My sister wants me to be girly like her, but I just can't.

  11. The Rose

    • By Elizabeth Tucker
    • Published: March 2014

    Why do you say that you love me?
    I'm not very loveable.
    I'm like a rose.
    I may be pretty, smell nice, and seem innocent, but I've got many hurtful thorns....

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  12. My Bedroom

    My bedroom is my sanctuary,
    my place to be me

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    I really liked your poem! It was simple but I could get a lot out of it.

  13. Lies Can Change Us

    • By Kathryn Martin
    • Published: April 2015
    Poem About Hiding Who We Are With Lies

    Lies brush my lips,
    they tell stories,
    defend who I really am.
    Lies will never let me down.

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    I can relate to that.
    I do that to stay alive.
    Everyone knows me as a story but the real person of me is deep inside of me.
    Sometimes I wish they weren't lies but real.

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