Poem about Teen Life

Poem About An Identity Crisis

Being a teenager is hard; you go through so many life-changing situations that change a lot about you. The whole time you go through these things you're trying to find who you really are. This explains how I felt trying to find myself and trying to escape everyone else's expectations.

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Who Am I?


Published: January 18, 2019

I try to be the good girl,
The girl who has it all together,
But I'm not.

I'm the girl crumbling into pieces trying to find herself,
The girl who isn't sure who she is but knows what she has to be,
But that isn't the real me.

The real me wants to escape from that trapped box of everyone's expectations.
It seems impossible.
I want to find me.

But it seems to be the hardest thing that can be.
Who I am is up to me, but you see,
No one seems understand that part of me.



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