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I wrote this poem in 2001 as a Christmas gift to my birth son. I am blessed as we have an open adoption where I can see him a couple times a year and watch him grow. It warms my heart knowing that even 10 years down the road, I still know I did the right thing for him. He's loved so much and very well taken care of. I know from the smile he wears. I dedicate this poem to my birth son, Carter. Love always, Sheila.

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Hi all and thanks for creating this page. First time mum at 31. I gave birth to twin girls 16/12/2017. I felt the happiest I had in years when seeing/holding them for the first time. Five...

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A Birth Mother's Promise


Published: December 2009

I promise from the first moment I knew you were there,
I would care for you with all my heart,
With our short time together we had to share.

I promise that I will provide you with all that is needed,
This means unconditional love, care, honesty, and prayer.

I promise when I made my final decision,
I knew what I had to do for you was right,
When our Lord blessed me with a mother's intuition.

I promise to pray that one day you will understand
It is because I love you so much
That I placed you in your new loving parents' hands.

I promise to watch over and love you for all of eternity,
And always remember that it's because of Jesus
We are given this opportunity.


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  • Dizzy Rach Campbell by Dizzy Rach Campbell, wales,United Kingdom
  • 1 year ago

Hi all and thanks for creating this page. First time mum at 31. I gave birth to twin girls 16/12/2017. I felt the happiest I had in years when seeing/holding them for the first time. Five days later, they were in foster care. I didn’t even get to bring my little girls home. Two reports of mishandling from midwives. 17/5/2019 was my last contact. I was breaking inside. I had to make the most of it for the girls. 27/5/2019 I had the opportunity to meet the people who adopted them. They were a young couple who seemed nice and genuine. They tried to conceive for 6 years. I know my girls will be very much loved and cared for and given a life I could only dream of. They’re together, so they will always have each other. It’s heartbreaking. I’m crying myself to sleep. It’s like a rollercoaster. I’m running myself into the ground to stay busy. Otherwise, I dwell on things, overthink stuff, and am very hard on myself. My mum died when I was 11, so I wish I had her to talk to. I bottle most of it up. I’m so isolated and have feelings of guilt. Being able to talk about it and read what others are going through is a weight off my shoulders. I don't feel as alone. I pine for my girls and miss them so much.

  • Kyrielle by Kyrielle
  • 1 year ago

I've never been through something like that, but I'm sorry you had to go through it. I wanted to let you know that God loves you and will always be there for you, no matter what.

  • Sasha Deeter by Sasha Deeter, Ottumwa Iowa
  • 6 years ago

I am a birthmother, I placed my daughter for adoption because I could not give her the things she needed nor the life I wanted for her! I think about her and her adoptive parents, I don't regret my decision! I will always love my little girl! If it weren't for her and my other two daughters I wouldn't be working on getting my life on track so that one day all 3 of my girls will look at me and say I'm proud of you mom! I am so thankful that god blessed my little Morgan with two amazing Christian parents and I am thankful he gave me the opportunity to meet them as well!!! I get updates on how the 3 of them are doing! It makes my heart sinks with great joy! I will always be forever grateful!!

  • Stephanie by Stephanie
  • 4 years ago

I know what you're going through. I gave up my four children. I feel like I have failed them, forgiving myself is a struggle but I know with God all things are possible.

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