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Coping With The Loss Of An Unborn Child Poem

In 1967, as a young soldier, I had just gotten engaged to a very beautiful and wonderful young lady. I knew our love was written in stone forever. She attended college, while I left to serve my country overseas. We had planned to get married upon my return. While overseas, I received the old "DEAR JOHN" letter. Forty years later my previous suspicions were confirmed by more than one mutual friend we both knew. That she had aborted my child. This poem has helped me deal with extreme depression.

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To Diane, Sorry it took me so long to respond. Your post just recently showed up on my poem response. First I want to thank you for your kind comment. But mainly I want to thank you for...

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A Father's Pain


Published by Family Friend Poems April 2011 with permission of the Author.

She aborted our unborn with a heart of hate
She stole two souls and could not wait
The love of a child was waiting to be born
As the soul of a Father could only mourn

Final revelation explained the pain
For what was missing, I couldn't explain
Her darkest secret was kept from me
For forty years I did not see

The cry of my baby haunting my mind
The dreaming hurt and pain intertwined
In the dark of night till early dawn
Its echos in the day made me withdrawn

A maddening sound of a baby's cry
Is loudly heard across the ocean and sky
Even across time did not end the cry
I could only pray as I looked in the sky

It was not the sound of a baby of glee
Where are you Daddy in my time of need?
For Daddy I need you, here for me
To stop Mom's hate, for her love I need

I could hear in my dreams, Oh Daddy why?
Make them stop, you can only try
I know you love me, but please don't cry
Only Mom knows the reason why

Please tell Mommy I love her so
I feel the pain, in the heart of my soul
Daddy should know, but was never told
Your worry is over, God take my soul

Daddy I know you would raise me well
Mommy wouldn't have me or love me still
For she had dreams but not the will
To include us both in her life of thrills

Daddy, don't worry, for God will know
Your hugs and smiles will always flow
I'm sorry, Mommy, for offending you
For your smiling face I'll never see glow

God sent me to you as a gift from above
To make your lives fulfilled with love
But now I'm an angel and I will wait
To hear God's decision on your fate

As I forgive you, he will too
For all I want is your loving touch
To be with you and Daddy too
To see your glow and feel your touch


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  • Billy L. Anstey by Billy L. Anstey Poet
  • 9 years ago

To Diane, Sorry it took me so long to respond. Your post just recently showed up on my poem response. First I want to thank you for your kind comment. But mainly I want to thank you for allowing your child to live. Your story had a positive and wonderful ending. God bless you and your child. Hopefully you can locate and see your child one day. My family biological traits will end with me forever. Because of one girl in my early life (age 19), and what she done. I'm the only child on my side of the immediately family. I never fathered a child. My wife of 40 years could never have any children because of medical reasons. I did adopt a wonderful daughter. Bottom line, abortion can emotionally hurt a man for life as well and should be made illegal. Again thank you for your response.

  • Diane by Diane
  • 10 years ago

To Bill Anstey. This is a beautiful poem, heart wrenching. I was the girl left behind pregnant while he went back to AZ to go in the service. I DID NOT kill my baby. I went thru my pregnancy and the shame of it back in the "60's". I have never seen her and to this day don't know where she is but by God she has life. I am so sorry your baby was killed.

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