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From Wife To Husband You're A Loving Father

I wrote this for my husband because he is such a great daddy to his two girls. Since I know from personal experience how devastating an absentee father can be to a daughter's heart, I wanted my husband to know how strong an impact he was having as a loving father to his daughters. I hope you enjoy it too!

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A Girl's Daddy


Published by Family Friend Poems March 2016 with permission of the Author.

There once was a daddy who had only girls.
He was very special indeed.
For as some daddies eternally yearn for a son,
This daddy could not see the need.

The love for his girls went beyond any love
That any daddy ever had before.
He loved his girls with all of his heart,
And their daddy his girls did adore.

Wrestling, singing, kisses, and hugs,
This daddy's love was true.
And when one of his girls stepped out of line,
He'd say, "Daddy will love and protect you."

Now I don't think this daddy truly understood
The impact he had on his doves.
For a girl's very future is shaped by the way
Her father shows her his love.

You see, a daughter learns compassion, confidence, and truth
When her daddy loves her so.
She will choose a husband of love and respect
Who will nurture her and help her to grow.

She will be gentle, confident, strong, and secure;
She'll show others her beauty inside.
She'll craft love from the love that she knew as a child;
And then one day this she'll confide:

"Thank you, Daddy, for loving me so,
For proving my dreams can come true.
You've shown me the path of an extraordinary life,
And Daddy, I'll always love you!"


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