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Poem About The Love Of A Mother

My poem came from me singing to my 9-month-old. I have two more children, ages 3-6. It's meant to tell a story of how a mother will always be there, even in death. Her love is undying. She doesn't ever want her children to be in despair.

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A Mother's Love


Published by Family Friend Poems November 2018 with permission of the Author.

Full of laughter
Never ending dreams
When the sky reaches out, you'll see me
When the night is full
No sound to be heard
Close your eyes
And you'll learn
I'll be by your side
Fighting off the monsters
Those sweet dreams
Will be forever

Play pretend
Such innocence
Beauty define
I can't believe they are mine
To the fighting, to laughing
To the crying, to happy
No one can take that away

Sweet dreams are made
When you're awake
When the world seems cold
And things gets old
Take a breath and you'll see
Right there I'll be

When you're in pain
Head down in shame
Feel defeated
Nothing seems to go right
I'll be your light

'Cause sweet dreams are made
When you're awake
I'll take the pain
I'll take the fears
For you my loves
I don't want you to despair

I'll guide you til the end
And then still be there to hold your hand
Just please promise me
To forever be young
'Cause these sweet dreams
I don't want to lose
With my last breath I'll still say...


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