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A father leaves his son for the noblest of reasons.

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Wow!!!!!! A beautiful poem :D I love it, it's so touching

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A Soldier's Reason


Published by Family Friend Poems May 2006 with permission of the Author.

I can remember the first time that I
saw your smiling face,
I held you close to my heart, you could
probably hear it race.
I changed your first diaper, and I know
it took a while.
You're daddy's baby boy, and you're the
perfect child.
It's been about two months now, and I
don't have much to give,
so daddy must leave for a while so that
you may live.
When I come back, son, I know you won't
remember me,
but we'll build a bond at the fishing
pond with unforgetable memories.
It's time for me to go now, son, to build
a soldier's legacy,
to fight a war in another land; someday
you will be proud of me.
Not so much for country, not so much
for pride.
But for you, my baby boy, for your
future I would die.


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  • Lebone by Lebone
  • 10 years ago

Wow!!!!!! A beautiful poem :D I love it, it's so touching

  • Mark Anyumba by Mark Anyumba
  • 10 years ago

This poem is so touching l just left my eight months daughter back home while returning to mission area she hardly had time to familiarize with me, she was born in my absence. I am always missing in action dad ....too bad for my little angel. Being a soldier!!! I am shedding tears as l read your poem great job .

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