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I was sat watching tv one evening and I was being bothered by a fly and that gave me the inspiration for the first two lines!

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An Annoying Fly


Published by Family Friend Poems March 29, 2024 with permission of the Author.

I'm buzzing around your room
I'm buzzing in the air
I know I'm really annoying
I prefer bald heads to hair

I'm flying around the light
I've landed in your drink
I paddle my dirty feet around
then off to the kitchen sink

I know you want to swat me
but I'm far too fast for you
Your cat stares in wonder
I know what it wants to do

To catch me in its claws
and devour me with a crunch
A winged chicken nugget
would do nicely for its lunch

But around and around I go
then on to the window frame
Painless head-banging
again and again and again

You wonder why I'm so energetic
after three days without food
But if you ate what I ate
you'd be in a happy mood

A dirty pan, a baked bean tin
are all good meals for me
Unattended dinners
or even your cup of tea

But outside I eat things
that are far oh far much worse
You really don't want to know
they're long overdue a hearse

But then my final day arrives
the day of my demise
I see you with a can of spray
that says for killing flies

You head towards me grinning
with your maniacal stare
So I dash for the window
and find it open, where

I reach for my freedom
and turn around to look
But fly into a spiders web
where I'm held fast and stuck

And the spider heads towards me
with its drooling fangs
I can see he's almost ready
to put an end to my days plans

But I have an ace to play
I won't be today's daily dine
So I engage my turbo boost
and make a high pitch whine

I manage to break free
and escape into the air
Then disappear into the blue
a fly without a care

But now I'm feeling hungry
I need to eat but cannot chew
So I'll find something revolting
and do what flies must do!


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