STOP Suicide Poem

School Age Kids And Suicide

We all become "something" after we leave school, but what about the one who didn't make it past school?

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Jodi M. Kucera © more by Jodi M. Kucera

Published by Family Friend Poems September 2021 with permission of the Author.

He was the geeky kid, carrying all of his books,
That became a scientist who found the cure for the disease that overtook.

She was the quiet one, who was afraid no one would listen to what she had to say,
Who is now the author that writes her words for thousands to read on a page.

He was the naughty boy, whose antics were a cry for help,
That became a cop because he knows how it felt.

She was the nervous, anxious girl, who took on everyone's problems,
That wanted to help others and became a psychologist with a doctorate.

He was the kid that was always in a fight,
Who became a lawyer that wants wrong turned right.

He was the jock that was under pressure to win the game,
Who became a pastor that tells people they are more than what others say.

She was the quirky girl trying to break free from the mold,
That became the fashion designer who is known for being bold.

She was the mean girl with only ugly words to say,
Who is now an advocate for other victims in pain.

But he was the kid that faded into the background,
The one who felt alone even when there was a crowd.

The one who felt like he was gasping for air.
Even though he was drowning; people were unaware.

He was the one whose inner demon had a voice that was too loud,
That told him there was no other way out.

He's the kid I often think about,
The one whose silence should have been a reverberating volume of sound.

He is the one that we'll never know what he could have become,
Because he was the kid who found the gun.



Jodi M. Kucera lives on the eastern plains of Colorado in a farming community, and she loves it there. She is married to her best friend and is a mom to four amazing kids. Jodi is a long-distance runner (how could she not be with those views?). She also bakes and decorates custom cakes.

Jodi is the daughter of an Army Sergeant who...

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