Grandmother Poem

Telling Brother About Nanna

I lost my nan at a very young age and I love her. I just want to tell her about my youngest brother since she never met him. When he asks about her, I just say everything in the poem beneath, so I know it by heart. The only memories of her are pleasant. She told me to follow my dreams, and my dream is to tell her story. Right before my brother goes to sleep I tell him the story.

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Bedtime Story From Nanna


Published: August 2016

She was a wonderful woman with a heart of gold,
Smiling with each note she sung.
"Be true to yourself. Be true to your heart.
Remember the good. Remember the bad.
Sing this song when life seem bad," she sang to me when I slept.

She lit up a room with her smile,
She danced in the moonlight.
Now she dances with the stars.
Every day I speak to her to tell her of the days so far.
My baby, she will be proud of you,
A cheeky little monkey I adore.

She smiles from above,
And every full moon is her watching over you.
She brightens the night as she whispers in the wind,
"I love you."



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