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This poem is about my beloved rabbit, who I adopted in September of 2008. She can be very annoying at times, like when she puts her food bowl or stuffed animal in her water dish, or when she knocks the food out of my hand when I try to feed her. But it's all worth it when at night I read with her, book in hand and other arm wrapped around her.

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Cammy The Rabbit

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Published: January 2009

Cammy my rabbit, feminine but buff
no really, this isn't a bluff!
A rex with her ears proud and tall
truly the queen rabbit of all
They call you obese But I'd disagree
You binky around oh so perfectly
You weigh seven pounds or maybe above
But the more there is, the more to love!
She's only big
Not fat as you'd say
I'll hug her and squeeze her all the long day
Once you get to know her,
she's really quite petite!
Whit with a brown tail, ears and feet
I love her I do!
And so should you.



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