Dream Poem

Poem About Chasing Your Dreams And Embracing Life

You should always catch your dream and never let go because you choose your own path, your own destiny. No one can change the past, so make sure you choose wisely.

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Catch Your Dream


Published by Family Friend Poems June 28, 2023 with permission of the Author.

Catch your dream, don't let it go
'cause time is faster than you'll ever know.
No matter what, don't give up on what you believe.
When you give, you'll always receive.

You climb up the mountain, ride down the hills,
with so many adventures and so many thrills.
So many places that you can go,
there are so many things you still don't know.

You're looking out of the window, dreaming of things,
saying things like, "I wish I had wings."
Don't you give up just now; you still have more years to go.
Just keep walking on, don't walk too slow.

Take a look at the stars above.
Oh, look! There's a white dove.
It's chirping about and you don't understand,
So you just held it in your hand.

You look at the road, "Which path shall I take,"
and you look at the choices. "Which decision shall I make?"
Some birds don't fly so high,
but others can take to the sky.

There are lots of things you can be, a lot of things you can do,
so many mysteries without a clue.
Many trees without a forest, some birds without a flock,
some passengers without seats, some piers without a dock.

Who knows what the future holds.
Let's see how our lives can unfold.
We can't force stuff to stay the same,
we can't be the winners of every game.

A face is just a little part
of who we are deep in our hearts.
Do you know your door and its keys?
Did you find clues for the mystery?

Who knows what this world will be,
who knows what we can see?
Just keep wishing and dreaming, keep hoping and believing,
keep giving and receiving.

Catch your dream, don't let it go...will it come true? Only God knows.


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