Father Child Poem

Dad And Hero Poem

A letter of love from daughter to father thanking him for being so good and reminding him that his job isn't over. She still needs him!

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Published: February 2006

You were one of the first I laid eyes on when I came into this world.
I didn't know you at first, but you were my daddy and later to become my hero.
You were one of the first I loved.
I chose you over my pink stuffed bear.
I loved how you'd pick my up and hug me; I'd feel so secure.
You'd lift me with one arm way above your head and play helicopter.
As I started to grow, you taught me to stand and walk.
You'd guide me so carefully so I wouldn't fall.
Once I began to walk on my own, you stood close by just in case I fell down.
If I did, you'd pick me up,
Wipe the tears off my face and kiss my pain away.
Once I got older, I didn't need your help walking, but I needed your love and time.
We'd play basketball; if I couldn't reach the basket, you'd lift me up so I could,
Making me feel like I was number one.
You taught me how to shoot a gun and to not be afraid.
You always helped me find a car in my price range that I liked.
You showed me how to change the oil in my car.
I'm the only one of my friends that knows how, which make me feel smart.
You'd do almost anything to see me happy.
You always encourage me to try my best and support me one hundred and ten percent.
I've come to realize that I'm a lot like you.
You help me realize common sense isn't that common.
You also taught me to be witty.
I follow in your steps of being a smart aleck.
You taught me how to deal with people and how to get what I want,
And whenever someone says,
"You're just like your dad," I can't help but smile and be proud.
You're not only my dad, but you're also my hero.
Dad, even though I'm growing up, I still need your loving bear hugs
And encouraging words of wisdom.
Don't forget I will always be your little baby girl,
And you will always be my loving father and hero.
I love you dad!

Love always Mindy


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