Teen First Love Poem

Poem About The End Of A Relationship

I am 11 years old and I just wrote what I felt.

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Don't You Miss Me


Published by Family Friend Poems September 2008

I sit and cry on my bed at home
missing you it hurts
why did you have to go
go so far away, don't you miss me
I wonder if you're looking at the same star I am
and wishing we could be together
I will never hold a hand of another guy
why did you have to go
you knew I loved you, I thought you loved me too
you told me that all the time
I am small and the world big
surrounded by many things
your mom wonders why you left her too

yes we may have fought, but I did not know that it hurt you so much
we may look different but inside we are one
I'm giving up on everything
I was the one who was wrong
I miss you, I miss you so bad
I won't forget you
I hope you can here me
our relationship got worse every day, I should of seen it coming
I didn't get around to kiss you
I feel so bad

I wish I could see you again
my daddy really did not like you much,
but that has nothing to do with it
just the sound of your voice will make me smile
but you won't answer my calls or my cries
people have seen a change in me
I've been very quiet lately
always thinking about you, thinking us on a dance floor
and sharing our first kiss
yes, that's how I pictured it
I don't know about you and just saying this
if your reading this, I love you


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