Sister Poem

Ending Relationship With Sister

When a sister does not return her love back...sometimes you just have to say goodbye to a relationship.

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Goodbye Sister

© more by Rebekah

Published: April 2008

I have always loved you
When we were younger
You would pretend I wasn't your sister
Why did you do that
I just tried to love you
I was always there for you
Or whenever you needed me
When they put you away
It was me who cried every night
'Cause I missed you
I didn't want you in there
I wanted you home where you belonged
I would always try and make you laugh
Whenever your eyes were full of tears
I would never hurt you like you're hurting me
I'm in such a dark place at the moment
I need you now
You're my sister, why can't you be there
I tried calling, but no answer, as usual
I turned to the blade, I tried not to
I reached out to you and mum
But of course you guys were too busy
I'm getting better now
It's hard sometimes
'Cause I just don't wanna live
I can't try anymore
I give up
You're my sister but no longer
You won't try or even care
So this is goodbye
I don't know why you don't love me
But that doesn't matter now
I'm sorry for anything I did
Or didn't do


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