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Two sister share an especially close and loving relationship.

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How sad, I am so sorry, you must not worry it was a mistake.

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You Are My Best Friend

default © more by Tara J. Barker

Published: February 2006

You are my guiding star.
You are my shining light.
You are my everything,
what helps me through the night.

You are my heart.
You are my soul.
You are my savoir,
what makes me feel whole.

You are more than my sister.
You are my best friend.
You are the one who will be there
when my heart needs to mend.

I love you, Sister,
more than you will ever know.
You are my other half.
With you, I am whole.



more by Tara J. Barker

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  • Sofia by Sofia
  • 1 year ago

Hi, my name is Sofia, and my sister is leaving to go live with my brother and his girlfriend. This poem is going to be her birthday present from me, her little sis. :(

  • Sam Hemmings by Sam Hemmings
  • 4 years ago

Hi I'm Sam and I found out I have cancer so I wrote this to my sister to show her how much she truly means to me and I'm sad but I fight each day to stay alive the doctors say I can live a long time and maybe my cancer will go away I love my sister so much.

  • Lily by Lily, Washington
  • 5 years ago

Hi my name is Lily from Washington and I did this at school for my little sis. I had my friend record it with his phone and text it to me so I could text it to my sister. She was so happy she cried. We both love the poem.

  • Ashley From Boyd Texas by Ashley From Boyd Texas
  • 5 years ago

Hi I'm Ashley. Me and my sister fight a lot. And one time we actually got into a real fist fight and we were mad at each other for a whole week. I didn't like her being mad at me so I read this poem to her and immediately we were back to playing around and having tons of fun.

  • Ana by Ana
  • 7 years ago

Hi my name is Ana and I live in San Ysidro CA.
And my family is going through a really bad time my baby sister is in jail and it looks like she can be in there for years. I'm in so much pain seeing that her kids need her so much. I cry myself to sleep every night and don't know what to tell her kids. I know people are thinking what did she do but yah she made a mistake and now will pay but I've seen real criminal get out fast. I pray that God helps her I know that she a good mother and the best sister.

  • C.O by C.O
  • 3 years ago

How sad, I am so sorry, you must not worry it was a mistake.

  • Jack by Jack
  • 8 years ago

Hi my name is jack I'm from United Arab Emirates and when from two days my sister was angry to me and when I send this poem to her she got happy I really love this. Thanks for helping me I really love my sister ..... thanks again

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