Death Poem by Teens

I'm 15 years old. This poem was wrote in memory of my father. He left this world just after I had turned 15. He always told me when he was gone that he'll always be watching over me. Writing this just releases some of the pain I feel everytime I think about him, or whenever I see another kid getting a hug or whenever I play football, and I look to the sideline and all I see is my mum. I'll never forget him.

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Feeling Empty After Fathers Death


Published: June 2011

The clock keeps ticking,
But time doesn't pass.
The sun rises and the sun sets,
But the shadows still remain.
When once there was sound,
Now there is silence.
What once was whole,
Now is shattered.
What once could be touched,
Now can only be remembered.
You left without a word,
Taking with you all that I had.



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