Grandmother Poem

Poem About Taking Care Of Grandma

A granddaughter remembers her grandmother.

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Grandma's Pie


Published: May 2008

Apple pie reminds me of my Grandma
She always made me one for holidays
She knew it was my favorite, and hers
Was by far the best.
I was with her when she first got sick
Taking care of her, I wasn't ready to lose her yet.
Giving her a bath and curling
Her hair.
Always looking so beautiful and
Hiding her pain.
I wish I had been there
My life always so busy.
I was still hoping
For years not months.
I went to her in the night.
Holding her hand
And lying by her side.
Fighting back tears
When things got bad knowing for her this I had to do.
She didn't want tears; we had talked when she
First got sick.
Be strong she was going to the Lord.
She wasn't afraid to go.
She lived a life full of love.
She would
Tell me to remember our times together and that she would
Always be in my heart.
She will see me again when it was my turn.
I will never forget the last week with my grandma.
Taking care of her
And having memories to last me till I see her again.
We had such a
Special last day together.
Lots of hugs and kisses wishing this wouldn't end.
I wasn't there when she left.
I was only gone a week.
Trying not to feel guilty I wasn't there to hold her hand.
She would have not changed it.
Such a giving woman never thinking of herself.
My grandma is gone now.
I have to go through life now figuring it out by myself.
No more wisdom to give.
How shall I live without her?
The family just won't be the same.
I look at her pictures and see her smile.
I know she is looking down at me.
She does not hurt; she is with our loved ones.
I hope grandma will still send me pies from heaven.


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